37 Comfy Airport Outfits [Chic And Affordable!]

37 Comfy Airport Outfit Ideas

Looking for all the best comfy airport outfits that are super chic but also affordable? Look no further!

Based on personal, experience I am going to share all the different comfortable airport outfits I’ve tried and tested to get the perfect flight outfit!

I am Maya, and I’ve travelled to over 47 countries, Dubai, Pairs, Ireland, you name it! But I never compromised on style or comfort!

If you don’t know what to wear on a flight, and what to wear to the airport, you are going to get all of your answers TODAY πŸ˜‰

In this blog post, I share with you the best summer airport outfit ideas and cozy winter airport outfit ideas, so you are covered with airplane outfit ideas all year-round!

Let’s get started!

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comfy airport outfit ideas

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Comfy Airplane Outfit Tops Ideas:

Basic White Cami 

You can never go wrong with the classy white top look, its one of the perfect comfy airport outfits

This basic white cami isn’t only super comfortable, it’s made out of organic cotton and is perfect top to pair with any outfit! 

Ps; I also LOVE the fact that it has soft built in shelf bra so you can keep your girls comfortable and take off that damn restrictive bra if you need to!

If you don’t want to , it just gives a nice discreet lift πŸ˜‰

One Shoulder Top

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to comfy airport outfits, but I LOVE one shoulder tops! They are super trendy, very flattering, and they can also be very comfortable as well.

This one-shoulder top has stretchy material, which is high quality, soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. The best part is you can get it here for a super cheap price!

Ruched Crop Top

Ruched tops/skirts/clothing never go out of fashion and they are at the top of the list of comfy airport outfits! They always look super cute!

This ruched crop top is great quality, it’s trendy, comfortable, and perfect for spicing up a basic airplane outfit.

Cropped Hoodie

If there is another piece of clothing you can never go wrong with comfy airport outfits, is a cropped hoodie.

This cropped hoodie  it is very soft and made out of great quality!

I love wearing hoodies to flights, it’s so comfortable and cozy.

The best part? If you get hot, just take it off! Especially if you are wearing a light cami underneath!

Long Sleeve Sweatshirt and Sweatpants Sweatsuit

This women set daily lounging wear includes a comfortable and chic sleeve turtleneck pullover sweatshirt top and high waist cropped long pant. This two piece airport outfit will get you upgraded to first class!

The sleeves are slightly poufy around the wrists which makes you look slimmer and its super warm and comfy!

Soft Sweater

If you love being cozy and comfortable on a flight, you should definitely consider wearing a soft sweater!

I found this beautiful croped soft sweater. It comes in a few colors, and it’s perfect for wearing to a flight to keep yourself warm and comfortable, yet stylish!

Comfy Airplane Outfit Bottoms Ideas:

Comfortable Sweatpants

If you are looking for casual airport outfit ideas, a comfortable pair of sweatpants is definitely essential.

I love this pair of sweatpants as they are super affordable, they come in white , black and this beautiful tan color that can match with almost any top. It’s one of the best airport pants you will find.

Wide Leg Pants

If you are looking for a more classy, trendy outfit idea that is still comfortable, I highly recommend these wide-leg pants , that come in almost any colour you want!

The reason I love these pants so much is that they are very flattering, and are super comfortable!

Black Leggings

Wearing black leggings to the airport is usually the most comfortable and go-to outfit stylish women wear.

These black leggings come in a pack of 4, are buttery soft they are very cheap and are made out of great quality! 

I have a few pairs of these leggings at home and I highly recommend them as they make your butt look super cute! #hotbuns

Ripped Skinny Jeans

I love skinny jeans in general, but if you want to spice your airport outfit a bit, wearing ripped skinny jeans is a great way to upgrade your look!

I found these beautiful ripped skinny jeans which are super stretchy and comfortable! They come in three colors and are super affordable.

Jean Shorts

If you are traveling in the summer, and you are visiting a warm destination , wearing jean shorts in advance is perfect to prepare yourself for the destination’s weather!

Jean shorts aren’t always the comfiest during flights, but you can dress them up with a light comfy top and socks to make it super comfy and stylish too!

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Running Shorts

Talking about comfy shorts, wearing running shorts to your flight is a great idea to be prepared for the warm weather and to feel extra comfortable during the flight!

I like these double layered running shorts  I like that they are double layered, they have pockets and I am OBSSESED with their range of beautiful colours ! Ps; They dry super quick too!

Comfy Airplane Outfit Two-Piece Sets Ideas:

Ribbed Legging Set

I love wearing two-piece sets, since there isn’t much thinking to do when you get in the morning πŸ˜‰

But beyond the convenience of saving time in the morning, wearing a legging set to the airport is one of the most comfortable things to do!

I highly recommend this ribbed legging set because it has a  4-way stretch material to promote both soft and compression and the knit ribbed material has strong sweat absorption capacity, which helps your skin get rid of stickiness

Their legging sets and all of their clothing are made out of great material and are very high quality and comfortable.

Lounge Set Women’s Sweatsuit

If you are not into leggings, another great option is getting a Lounge Set Women Sweatsuits Two Piece Outfit

This Lounge Set is super chic and comes in various colors!

This set is perfect for a trendy airport outfit!

Leggings Airport Outfit

Black Legging Set

Another super classy and comfy airport outfit idea is a black legging set! 

This black legging set is very flattering, made out of great quality, comfortable, and is perfect for a long (or short) flight.

Comfy Airplane Outfit Rompers Ideas:

High Waist Romper

I love rompers/jumpsuits! Yes, also because you don’t need to choose what to wear, you have a complete outfit in one minute, but also because rompers are just super comfortable and look great!

This super cute romper is definitely a unique and trendy outfit you can wear to the airport and style it up with some nice accessories. 

Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

How nice is this wide-leg jumpsuit .I love wearing jumpsuits to the airport because they are so comfortable.

This is a simple  wide-leg jumpsuit you can wear to your flight and feel the most comfortable ever!

Comfy Airplane Outfit Cardigans Ideas:

Rib Cropped Cardigan

I love wearing cardigans on flights. They are super comfy and soft, and are perfect to feel cozy during a flight.

I love this ribbed cardigan. It is super cozy, made out of great quality, it comes in multiple colors, and the price is so cheap!

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Polka Dot Cardigan

If you want to upgrade your look a bit and upgrade the basic airplane look, getting a patterned cardigan is a great idea!

This polka dot cardigan is so cute and cozy, comes in a few colors (I also love the lilac purple color it comes in), and the price is even better!

Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan

I love oversized cardigans! They are so cozy and you can cuddle in them during the flight.

This oversized boyfriend cardigan is one of my favorites. 

It is super soft, comes in many beautiful colors, it’s cozy and made out of great quality, and – IT HAS POCKETS!

Cute Airport Outfits

Comfy Airport Outfits for Summer

Comfy Airport Outfits For Winter

What about airport travel outfit ideas in the winter? You need something with soft layers, like this beautiful knitwear! This is one of the best airport outfits for cold weather.

This comfy winter coat will keep you warm and chic on and off the plane!

Cozy Earth Airplane Outfit

If you are looking for one of the best cozy airport outfits, Cozy Earth is really the best ! Light, super soft and silky – what more could you want?!

Comfy Airplane Outfit Shoes Ideas:

Basic White Sneakers

Airport comfy outfits are not complete without comfy shoes! I love wearing sneakers to flights because they are very comfortable and are perfect for a long journey.

If you are looking for a pair of white sneakers that will match any outfit, I highly recommend these basic white sneakers.

These white sneakers are pretty comfortable, and their price is amazing!


During the summer, I love traveling in sandalsIt’s comfortable and is perfect for a warm destination.

These cute sandals are made of quality elastic bands and soft PU leather, and have 6 colors!

Unique Sneakers

I love upgrading outfits with unique shoes! I also told you that I love wearing sneakers to the airport, so these beautiful Juicy Couture sneakersare perfect for upgrading any airport outfit!

And that’s it for today!I hope you got airport outfit inspo for your next trip. These were the best comfy airport outfit ideas!

What do you like wearing to the airport? Where are you going on your next vacation? Let me know in the comments below and whether you tried any of these cute comfy airport outfits!