23 Winter Airport Outfits (Chic and Affordable) 2023

Looking for the best winter airport outfits? 

As a passionate traveller, I’ve done my fair share of kilometres in airport outfits! 

I’ve put together a list for you of my go-to’s that I keep coming back to time and time again.

It can be hard deciding what to wear, especially if you’re travelling to a different climate, you don’t want to roll up in the tropics dressed like an Eskimo!

 There’s also the packing space, room on the plane and carrying the extra weight of bulky winter clothes. 

Here’s my list of must-have winter airport outfits to make deciding easy! Get ready for comfort, warmth, and something you feel good in. 

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winter airport outfits

Importance Of Selecting The Right Winter Airport Outfits

Choosing the right winter airport look will make your travels a lot easier.

 We need to consider comfort, as well as packing space and room on the plane. It’s handy for saving packing space to wear your bulky items at the airport, but you also need to think about room and flight comfort.

If there are airport delays, there will be a lot of waiting around, and potential changes to plans and the weather or temperature.  There’s a lot to think about; the weight of your luggage, the bulk of winter items, changes in climate, layering, and practicality. Phew!

With all that said, let’s take away the stress of declining what to wear, and dive into the best cute winter airport outfits!

In A Hurry? Here Are The Top Three Options

I love all the airport winter outfits I’ve put together for you, they’ve served me well! If I had to choose, I’d go with these as my top airport outfits for women:

The Best Quality

Wearing good quality shoes at the airport can save you from a sore back and legs. These are supportive, have a lot of cushion, will look after your feet and they look great! They also go with almost anything. From jeans to leggings to dresses.

winter airport outfits

The Happy Compromise

If you love classy airport outfits in winter, a high-quality yet affordable jacket like this one will elevate any winter airport style outfit, while keeping you warm and keeping your essentials within easy reach with its handy pockets.

winter airport outfits

The Most Affordable

This affordable hat is a great addition to cute comfy airport outfits. It’s soft and comfortable, protects you from the rain, and makes for a no-fuss hairstyle option when you’re in a hurry or on a plane for long periods. Just throw on and go!

winter airport outfits

The Number One Hack For Winter Airport Outfits: Layering

The number one factor for winter airport fashion is layering. Winter travel temperatures can vary. There may be transitional weather between destinations, it could be freezing outside with heaters on indoors, and then air conditioning on the plane. Laying is the perfect solution.  

Below we explore how to dress for the airport in winter with a range of different looks to complement any cute winter fashion outfits you have in mind.

Whether you prefer to dress for ultimate comfort, or to dress up for a classy look, you’ll find several options below. I hope this helps when organizing your next winter travel adventure!

The Ultimate Airport Clothes Basics For Layering And Comfort

Basics Set To Mix And Match

A set of basics like this are great for mixing and matching, providing a super comfortable base to pair with other airport travel clothes. E.g. you can wear the pants and top with a long coat, puffer jacket or denim jacket.

winter airport outfits

Simple Black Long-Sleeve Top

You can’t go past a well fitting classic black seater when it comes to curating the perfect airport look for women. It’s comfortable, soft and the ultimate piece for layering.

winter airport outfits

Compression Socks

When considering winter outfits ideas, don’t forget a good pair of socks! These are compression socks, so not only are they comfy and warm, but they’ll also prevent your legs and ankles from swelling, and prevent blood clots during long fights. 

winter airport outfits

Look 1: The Up-styled Lounger

The Look:

If you’re looking for the best winter comfy airport outfits where comfort is number one, this is the look for you. This airport winter look is essentially loungewear that is still cute and stylish, providing ultimate comfort.

Top Loungewear Sets

Cute Comfy Tracksuit Set

This matching set would have to be one of the top most comfy airport outfits for winter. So soft, warm and cosy for your long flights or if you have to spend long hours waiting at the airport. Style it up with a long coat and sneakers.

winter airport outfits

Off-The-Shoulder Set

This is a slightly more up-styled version of the above outfit for the airport. It is soft, cosy, comfortable and stylish. I also love this set in classic black, and you can wear it with winter boots and a coat, or with sneakers and a puffer jacket.

winter airport outfits

The Publically Acceptable PJs

Pyjamas that you can dress up to not look like pyjamas are one of the best winter airplane outfits. They can be worn with sneakers, or dressed up with heeled boots and a winter blazer coat for a classy look.

winter airport outfits

Oversized Half Zip Sweater

Another favorite addition to my comfy airport outfits is this cosy oversized sweater. I love the fresh light grey with black zips, it’s perfect to wear over leggings or jeans to complete your airport look in winter.

winter airport outfits

Look 2: The Active Jet-Setter

The Look:

A popular look you’ll find with airport fashion in winter is activewear. It’s a classic, comfortable and practical option that can be dressed up or down. Think leggings, a sweatshirt, and sneakers. Dress this style up with a coat or denim jacket.

Top Activewear Outfits

Long Sleeve Matching Set

These long sleeve sets are stylish, stretchy and comfortable; the perfect comfortable airport outfits for winter. They’re excellent for layering, pair them with a winter coat, denim jacket, or a puffer jacket.

winter airport outfits

The Most Comfortable Joggers

These joggers are cute and extremely comfortable, perfect for flying. They also have pockets to keep your belongings close, and they go well with most airport wear clothes. Pair them back with a long cardi, puffer jacket or winter coat.

winter airport outfits

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Ribbed Matching Activewear Set

If you’re looking for some comfy airport clothing ideas, this soft and stretchy activewear set is a great option. It’s perfect for layering with a cute oversized jumper and coat, size up for the most comfortable fit.

winter airport outfits

Look 3: The Flowy Free Spirit 

The Look:

If you love an airport look female winter outfit that’s flowy and feminine and puts you into holiday mode, this look is for you. With maxi boho dresses, skirts, or flowy pants, they’re a great option when travelling from a cold destination to warm one.

Top Loose Flowy Airport Outfits

Beautiful Boho Dress

This is a great addition to add to your winter travel outfits. Perfect for transitional weather between destinations. In the cold weather, pair with boots and a jacket. You could even wear tights underneath for extra layering and warmth.

winter airport outfits

Maxi Skirt With Pockets

Similar to the maxi dresses, you can keep warm with tights underneath and pair them with some cute boots for winter. The loose flowy design is extra comfy for long travels and the pockets are super convenient! 

winter airport outfits

Elastic Waist Wide Leg Pants

With their wide comfortable waistband and wide-leg design, these pants are great for airport traveling outfits. They are very comfortable and will keep you covered up while being light enough for winter travel transitions either to or from a hot climate.

winter airport outfits

Look 4: The Casual Chic 

The Look:

Classy but comfy. With this airport attire, there’s no need to get changed after travel, jump straight into your busy day ahead! The trick with jeans is to find comfortable options, they’ll have you looking stylish straight off the plane. A great option for short flights, too. 

Top Casual Chic Outfits

Relaxed Jeans

If you’re after cute airport outfits for winter, a comfy pair of relaxed jeans are a great option. They’re one of the best airport outfits if you want to be comfortable while still looking put together. Look for a relaxed fit that aren’t too tight around the waist.

winter airport outfits

Chic White Shirt

A white linen shirt is another versatile piece. It looks fresh and classic while being a great layering piece for all the weather changes that can be experienced during winter travel. This is an airport outfit essential for both summer and winter travel.

winter airport outfits

Winter Coat

A classic winter coat is always a classy-looking option when putting together your airport look in winter. It goes well with jeans or pants but is versatile to even dress up an activewear outfit. 

winter airport outfits

Best Airport Shoes For Winter

Shoes are an important consideration when selecting your airport travel outfits for winter. They need to be comfortable, and to save packing space, they also need to be what you’ll wear day-to-day during your holidays.

Top Shoe Options For Winter Airport Outfits

White Sneakers

A white pair of sneakers are cute, comfortable and go with everything. They’re the perfect addition to traveling outfits in winter. Make sure they have good support and cushioning to protect your legs and back while walking on the hard airport floors.

winter airport outfits

Black Runners

Similar to white sneakers, a pair of black sneakers go with everything, so you’re more likely to wear them with your day-to-day outfits during your holiday. Sneakers are comfortable on hard surfaces; great for airport outfits in winter.

winter airport outfits


For classy travel outfits in winter, consider some winter boots. These boots will keep your feet warm and dry during the airport hustle and bustle. The heel is small for optimal comfort and practicality, while still looking dressed up. 

winter airport outfits

Winter Airport Outfit FAQs:

How Should I Dress For The Airport In Winter?

Airport Outfits For Winter

  1. Large winter coat 
  2. Thick pants or jeans
  3. Neutral lightweight shirt
  4. A hoodie or jumper
  5. A cute beanie
  6. Comfortable shoes that are waterproof
  7. Winter gloves
  8. Warm scarf

What Is The Best Outfit To Wear To The Airport?

The best outfit to wear to the airport is loose clothing. Loose dresses and pants are an excellent option if you’re travelling to a warm destination, and a loose sweater over jeans or leggings will keep you comfortable, especially for delays.

What Should You Not Wear To The Airport?

  • You Should Never Wear These 8 Things At The Airport:
  • Shoes That Have Multiple Buckles, Ties and Straps, Or That Are Difficult to Take Off Which Will Slow You Down At Airport Security
  • High Heels Or Flip Flops
  • Strong Perfume
  • Avoid Jewelry
  • Metal Hair Clips Or Bobby Pins
  • Pants That Are Too Tight
  • Short Dresses
  • Uncomfortable Sweaters

What Do You Wear On A Plane From Cold To Warm?

Lightweight fleece, warm socks and a warm pashmina are great to wear on a flight. A hat and pair of fleece gloves also help for transitional flying. Some other winter airport outfit options are a scarf, and wide loose travel pants or zip leg pants.


These options allow for some different looks, without compromising on comfort or style. What is your travel style? There is something here for everyone!

I hope this has been helpful in reducing any overwhelm (and overpacking!) so that you can begin your next adventure in comfort, warmth and style. What are your favorite go-to winter airport outfits? I would love to hear in the comments below.

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