How To Survive A Long-Haul Flight

How to Survive a Long-Haul Flight

I see online a lot of people asking for tips on how to survive a long-haul flight.

Traveling is fun, discovering new places is literarly my passion, but let’s be honest, we all (or most of us) hate the flight journey!

It’s boring and uncomfortable and it can be VERY LONG.

So, today I wanted to share my top 10 long flights travel tips on how to survive a long-haul flight!

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How To Survive

Set your phone to your destination’s time

I’ll tell you why I like to do this – when I travel to a different time zone, I don’t like to waste my time going through a hard jetlag. 

My main tip to avoiding a jet-lag is to change your phone’s time to the destinations time and try to sleep on the plane only when it is night time or very very early in the morning at the destination.

This is what I did on my last few flights to New York from Israel, and I didn’t have a jet-lag at all.

Don’t forget to pack in your carry-on entertainment products

This is the most important tip I can give you. If you won’t have anything to do on the plane except for the TV most airplanes have, you will be bored to death, but also will fall asleep as much as you can to waste some time.

And if you sleep through most of the flight, you’ve already hurt our first tip to a long-haul flight.

What should you bring in your carry-on for entertainment?

1. Your laptop

2. Or your Ipad

3. Your favorite book

4. If you like to draw/paint, pack a coloring book and bring some colored pencils and markers.

5. Headphones!!!

Things to do During a Long-Haul Flight:

So after I gave you a few ideas on what you can bring to the plane, here are some ideas on what to do during the flight:

1. Watch movies and TV shows you can do this by watching movies through the airplane’s TV, or you can download movies to your computer/Ipad.

Also, big tip I like to do myself – if you have a Netflix account, you can download movies/TV shows to the Netflix app on your device, and watch everything you downloaded without WiFi!

2. Read a book reading a book can really pass your time through the flight. There are many interesting books out there, and they sure do pass your time on the flight!

Also, I want to introduce you to Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

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In Kindle Unlimited you can find any ebooks, books, even calssics like Harry Potter, The Hobbit, and much more. 

Also, you can read magazines or listen to thousands of audiobooks while driving, working, or even when taking your dog on a walk.

If you are a book warmer, a Kindle Unlimted subscription is definitely for you. 

What Will You Get?

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* Using the Kindle app on your tablet/Ipad, phone or computer. This way you can enjoy reading everywhere!

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3. Do some goal-setting or journaling I’m sure not everyone does this, but I have a notebook where I write almost everything down. Any ideas, life goals, weekly to-do lists, etc.

Sometimes when I’m bored through the flight I like to open my notebook and write things down.

4. Use the time to get things done on your computer/Ipad if you are student and you have some unfinished school work to do, or if you are not a student but you have some things to do, JUST DO IT!

Use the fact that you are stuck on this long flight to get some things done!

5. Listen to music or to a podcast before your flight, download some podcasts you’ve been wanting to listen to for a while and enjoy them!

Strech Often

This may sound weird, but think how long you are sitting and not moving during your flight. It’s also very unhealthy to sit down and not move for such a long time.

Stay Hydrated During The Flight

This is one of the most important tips. It is so important to stay hydrated during the flight. The air is dry during the flight, and it’s just not healthy for your body.

What I recommend doing is bringing a collapsible foldable water bottle. This way, you can just fold it and it will take 0 space in your bag, and you can also fill it up whenever you need to!


Also, don’t forget a lip balm. The dry air on the plane makes your lips dry, and beyond it being uncomfortable, it is also not good for your lips. So, always bring a lip balm with you!

CLICK HERE to purchase my all-time favorite lip balms!

Sleep With a Sleeping Mask During The Flight

A sleeping mask during a flight is a life saver. Especially if you are flying on a day flight. 

I’m pretty sure you know what a sleeping mask, but I will tell you that it is perfect to sleep peacfully at any time during the flight.

CLICK HERE to get your own sleeping mask!

Use a Neck Pillow

Another great sleeping hack is to use a neck pillow during the flight. You will sleep much better, your neck and head won’t hurt.

I recommend buying a high-quality pillow. Don’t take chances with your neck, and the better the pillow is the better you’ll sleep and the better you’ll wake up ๐Ÿ˜‰


Wear Comfortable Clothes!

Wearing uncomfortable clothes to a flight is one of the main things that can completely destroy your flight experience. 

Honestly, wearing comfortable clothing during your long flight is the most important thing you need to do.

My “long flight outfit” is usually leggings, a short-sleeve shirt and a hoodie on top, because most flights are just freezing. 

And of course, wear some fuzzy socks and comfortable shoes!

Bring a Portable Charger

Even though we are in 2021 already, most airplanes still don’t have outlets at every seat, especialy when flying in enconomy.

A portable charger is a life saver during long flights. This way your phone’s/laptop’s/Ipad’s battery won’t die during the flight!

Pack Some Snacks!

Let’s stop ignoring it, airplane’s meals aren’t the best. I personaly hate most of them. The only airplane meal I was close to liking is when I flew with Alitalia and they had pasta.

What I like to do on long flights is to pack some snacks that are allowed on the plane, even a sandwich that I will eat at the begining of the flight.


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