What To Wear To The Airport In The Summer:Cute, Comfy, Tested

Wondering what to wear to the airport in the summer?

After many summers spent travelling, one thing I know is that you want to be comfortable and feel good in what you’re wearing. 

There can be a bit to consider when choosing what to wear; what to wear on a long flight? Where are you headed and what’s the climate like there? 

Are there cultural considerations? 

Is it cold when you’re leaving? Is your outfit comfortable and practical? 

I’ve put together a list of my top picks when it comes to what to wear to the airport in the summer that will withstand the plane ride, long airport waits, and a day of adventure. More hot girl summer, less sweating like a monkey!

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What to wear to the airport in the summer

Importance Of Choosing The Right Summer Airport Outfit

Knowing what to wear to the airport in summer will save you time and hassle. The biggest factor for me is comfort and practicality! 

Other important things to note are safety (e.g. wearing appropriate shoes to avoid any pre-travel injuries), cultural and conservative considerations, changes in the weather or in temperatures between the plane and the airport, as well as any unexpected events.

In A Hurry? The Best Outfit Overall

There are so many decisions to make and things to consider when travelling. 

If you want ‘what to wear to the airport in the summer to be one less decision to make, you can’t go wrong with these comfortable airport outfits:

Best Base Layer

What to wear to the airport in the summer

This tank is soft and extremely comfortable, you won’t have to worry about slipping straps or that constricting feeling. It’s moisture-wicking and breathable, keeping you cool, dry, and odor free, even when the leisurely transit turns into a mad-rush situation. 

Best Summer Travel Top

What to wear to the airport in the summer

A plain white tee sounds boring, but this piece literally goes with everything! It’s nice and loose for comfort while still looking cute. The longer sleeves also make for a super flattering fit. Pair with shorts, jeans, a skirt, or layer over a long dress.

Best Summer Travel Bottom

What to wear to the airport in the summer

This skirt is flowy and lightweight for ultimate comfort. It has an elastic waistband, so you don’t have to worry about buttons digging in while you’re sitting down for long periods of time. Also, this skirt has pockets! ‘Nuff said. 

Best Outer Layer

What to wear to the airport in the summer

You can wear this jacket with almost anything. It’s not too bulky and goes well with cute summer dresses. It’s lightweight, versatile, and has pockets. (Can you tell I love pockets?). 

Best Shoes

What to wear to the airport in the summer

Okay. Slippers that you can wear in public? Sign me up! These slides are the perfect blend of comfort and style. They’re non-slip and have 1.5 inches of compression. No blisters or sore legs to see here.

What To Wear To The Airport During Summer – The Ultimate Guide

The foundation of every great en-route ensemble is simple layering. I’ve listed my favorites below to make it easy. From the melting tarmac to the arctic air conditioning, you’ll always be prepared!

Cute Airport Outfit Tops

Tankeno Half-Sleeve Cropped Tee

A simple white tee is a staple when it comes to airport clothes. It looks fresh and effortlessly cool. The cropped length means you don’t have bulky excess material you have to tuck in or knot. It’s not too short, providing just the right amount of coverage.

What to wear to the airport in the summer

SOLY Hux Oversized Tee

This oversized beauty offers next level-comfort, it is a top choice airport look for women. It is super soft and stretchy and great to wear over leggings. Add this to your list when wondering what to wear to the airport in summer.

What to wear to the airport in the summer

SheIn Sleeveless Tank And Shorts Set

If being comfortable and chic is your thing, you can’t go past these classic matching sets. They’re affordable but feel expensive, they’re high quality and look great! 

The set makes it easy, no more worrying about how to dress at the airport.

What to wear to the airport in the summer

Comfy Airport Outfit Bottoms

Kingfen Women’s Casual Shorts

These shorts are so comfortable, perfect for travelling. They have a flat, drawstring waistband and are breathable. I prefer to size up in these.

What to wear to the airport in the summer

Judy Blue Relaxed Boyfriend Jeans

Stylish and comfortable with a relaxed fit, these Jeans are perfect airport attire.

What to wear to the airport in the summer

Happy Sailed Women’s Boho Skirt

Flowy and feminine, this skirt will put you in holiday mode. Its loose elastic waist, pockets, and length make it comfortable and practical, saving you from airconditioning, sticking to seats and weather transitions during travel. 

What to wear to the airport in the summer

The Outer Layers

Women’s Soft Sweater

What to wear on an airplane in summer? This sweater would be perfect. It is sooo soft and comfy, and even better, it comes in a set. It’s lightweight and perfect for laying, just what you want in summer airport outfits. 

What to wear to the airport in the summer

Ekouaer Lightweight Cardi

If you’re wondering what to wear on long international flights, this is another item that’s part of a comfortable set. This set has the comfort of pyjamas, except you can wear them in public.

What to wear to the airport in the summer

Women’s Denim Shirt

This is another lightweight cover-up piece that goes perfectly with leggings, dresses or shorts. With its buttery soft, velvety feel material, you’ll be comfortable no matter how long your flight is.

Best Airport Shoes

White Sneakers

These white sneakers go well with all summer outfits, from flowy dresses and skirts, to jeans or leggings. They are practical, comfortable and lightweight. 

What to wear to the airport in the summer


Sandals are not always practical, but these ones are comfortable with their cushioned soles. They pair perfectly with shorts, jeans, summer dresses and skirts.


These slides truly stand up to their name, with their cloud-like comfort. They’re also non-slip, slightly elevated and come in cute color options. Wondering what to wear at airport summer? These are a great option.

What to wear to the airport in the summer

Versatile Additions For Summer Travel

Wondering what to wear on an international flight? 

Looking for tips on an airport outfit for summer? Well versatility is perfect for travel; you can use things in multiple ways and save room and weight in your suitcase. More room for shopping! 

Activewear With Shorts

A comfy and practical airport outfits summer option, these are soft and stretchy. Wear them with an oversized tee or a long shirt cover-up for extra comfort while traveling.

What to wear to the airport in the summer

Activewear With Pants

Comfy airport outfits in summer are the way to go. And when comfort and style come together, you get this! Pair back this set with a lightweight jacket or shirt and sneakers and you’re good to go.

What to wear to the airport in the summer

Lightweight Midlength Dress 

Loose, lightweight, comfortable and classy, you can’t go wrong with a dress like this when aiming for airport style in summer. 

What to wear to the airport in the summer

Casual Maxi Dress

For plane outfits in summer, look for comfort, loose fitting, and length if you are sensitive to the cold. This dress gives off casual boho vibes. Its long, flowy and relaxed fit makes it perfect for travel. It can be dressed up or down, and of course, it has pockets! 

What to wear to the airport in the summer

Boho Skirt

When planning what to wear at the airport summer, think comfy and loose clothing. This flowy boho-style skirt will take you from the airport to your summer brunch in style and comfort.

What to wear to the airport in the summer

Elastic Waist Skirt

This fun and flirty option is really comfortable. It’s flowy and has an elastic waist that can be worn either mid to high waist, depending on your comfort. 

What to wear to the airport in the summer

Beach Pants With Pockets

If you’re wondering what to wear on a plane from cold to warm, pants like these are a great option. Similar to a long skirt, these lightweight pants are perfect for summer travel. They have pockets, a wide leg fit and elastic waistband for a comfy relaxed fit.

What to wear to the airport in the summer

Lightweight Joggers

What is airport fashion? I say it’s comfort in style. These pants are as comfortable as wearing sweatpants, but with their style and cute designs, they are acceptable to wear in public. They are perfect for the airport dash, early morning starts and long flights.

What to wear to the airport in the summer

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White Linen Shirt

The classic and classy white linen shirt is a fresh and versatile piece that will go with all your cute summer airport outfits. It can be worn as a shirt, a cover up or as a lightweight summer jacket. It is so light and folds up small for travel.

What to wear to the airport in the summer

For A Pop Of Summery Colour

If you love a pop of colour in your airport wear clothes, this set is for you. It’s light, bright and breathable, for a comfy and stylish look.

What to wear to the airport in the summer

Summer Travel Scarf

This gorgeous scarf is a perfect addition to your summer airport outfits. It is versatile and keep you warm if you have an early flight, or if the airport air conditioning is blasting. It can also be used as a cover-up, sarong or travel pillow.

What to wear to the airport in the summer


When considering clothes for hot weather travel, a hat is a must-have accessory. It’ll make getting ready easy by hiding any travel frazzled hair. It’s stylish and will protect you from the rays when you land at your summery destination.

What to wear to the airport in the summer

What To Wear To The Airport Summer – Other Considerations

Other things to think about when planning your cute airport outfits for summer: 

  • Colours are important. Avoid darker colors that tend to absorb the heat, and remember that neutral colours match everything, so you can build multiple outfits with less clothes. 
  • Wearing bulky items saves space in luggage.
  • Travel clothing for hot weather needs to be comfortable and practical. Having pockets in clothes makes for easy access to your phone, wallet and passport while moving through the airport. 
  • Jumpsuits may be a tempting option since they are so comfortable, but they can be a pain while travelling when toilet stops are needed. I would avoid these on travel days.
What to wear to the airport in the summer

What To Wear To The Airport In The Summer FAQs

What Not to Wear At The Airport?

What not to wear at the airport are cargo pants or cargo shorts. These have so many different pockets that can set off alarms with their buttons or if we leave something in one of them. 

What Should I Wear To The Airport In Summer 2023?

What I should wear to the airport in summer 2023 is a pair of high-waisted leggings, a chic sports top and trainers is the number 1 choice for the ultimate summer airport outfit. You can also style up an activewear outfit like this with a denim jacket and an over-the-shoulder bag.

What Is The Best Outfit To Wear To The Airport?

What is the best outfit to wear to the airport is one that has loose clothing like sweaters, paired with leggings or jeans makes for a perfect summer airport outfit. They’re practical, versatile and comfortable. Loose-fitting pants and dresses are also a great choice.

What Should I Wear To Fly In 2023?

What should I wear to fly in 2023 is look for clothing made with natural fabrics that are breathable, comfortable and moisture-wicking, like cotton, silk, wool or linen. This is what to wear to the airport in summer.

What To Wear On A Plane To A Hot Country

What to wear on a plane to a hot country is slides or sandals. A tip on what to wear on a plane in summer: If you wear sandals or slides, don’t forget to pack socks in your carry-on for the plane. Planes can get freezing cold! Make your airplane outfits for summer comfortable and lightweight.

What to wear to the airport in the summer

What Is Appropriate Airport Attire?

What is appropriate airport attire is loose clothing. If you’re waiting at the airport for hours, loose sweaters will keep you feeling cosy and comfortable, and they go well with leggings, jeans or shorts. Other great choices for flying are loose-fitting dresses or pants.


There you have it! You’re booked, you’re packed, you know how to dress for the airport, and now you have the perfect travel outfit,  all that’s left is to relax, enjoy the sunshine, good food and make memories! 

I hope this makes your life a little easier and inspires you with what to wear to the airport in the summer. 

What is your jet-setting summer style? I would love to know! 

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