Must-Have Travel Essentials For Women

Travel Essentials For Women

Today I am going to share with you the ultimate travel essentials for women list for traveling in 2021! 

Especially after 2020 (what a hell of a year, right?), the travel world has changed a bit, and now there are a few extra travel essentials we shouldn’t forget while traveling. 

So, here’s my ultimate travel essentials for women list!

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travel essentials for women

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Travel Neck Pillow 

I don’t know about you, but I can’t fall asleep during the flight without a comfortable neck pillow. 

Airplanes are not comfortable in general, so investing in a few travel essentials that can make your flight a bit more comfortable, can very help you to fall asleep or just to stay sane on the flight ;) 

travel essentials for women


Travel Money Belt

Not many people use travel money belts, and that’s honestly a shame because they are so helpful! 

It’s scary walking around the airport or during your day in a new destination (or any destination honestly) with a big chunk of money and all of your important documents (such as your passport, ID, etc). 

I personally feel uncomfortable walking with all of it in a regular bag. This travel money belt is honestly a lifesaver. 

It’s under your shirt, and no one can grab it except you! 

Hand Sanitizer 

Well, here’s the travel essentials upgrades after 2020 ;) A hand sanitizer is honestly a must-have after 2020. 

I recommend getting a pack of small hand sanitizers that you can easily hang on your bag and that don’t weigh a lot. 

travel essentials for women

Portable Hand Sanitizer Holder 

We talked about hand sanitizers. But these hand sanitizer holders are important too. You just easily hang them on your bag and grab them whenever you need them.

travel essentials    

Hand Cream 

If you didn’t know, hand sanitizers dry your skin since hand sanitizers are alcohol. 

So if you want to make sure that your hands won’t get dry from the hand sanitizer, good hand cream is definitely a must-have! 

Hanging Toiletry Bag 

I highly recommend this hanging toiletry bag because it’s big, has many pockets, and a lot of space to put all of your belongings together in one place! 

travel essentials for women

Face Masks 

The newest addition, and an ultimate must-have for leaving your house (in most countries) in general. 

From small research, I did a while ago, face masks that are made out of fabric are the best ones. 

Also, these types of face masks are reusable, which is so much better for the environment than using disposable face masks that you use once or twice and then throw away. 

Don’t forget the environment when you travel and try traveling eco-friendly as much as you can!

travel essentials for women

On The Go Deodorant 

If you want to save space in your toiletry bag, or just to throw a small deodorant in your carry-on, these travel-sized deodorants can perfect for you!

Travel Sized Razor 

This travel-sized razor is so cute! And honestly, such a space-saver in your bag. It’s tiny and barely takes space in your bag. 

Also, it’s a high-quality razor that can survive with you throughout your whole trip! 

travel essentials for women

Jewelry Case 

This is such an amazing product! Do you know how annoying it is to pack all of your jewelry, and when you unpack when you arrive (or get back from the vacation), all of your jewelry is tangled up together? 

Well, this jewelry case makes sure it won’t happen! It has three pockets inside, so you can easily separate your jewelry when you pack. 

travel essentials

Disposable Paper Toilet Seat Covers 

I think it is self-explanatory why you would want this product. 

Think about all of the restrooms you use during your trip, and how many people sat there before. 

I always use these disposable paper toilet seat covers when I travel, and it honestly makes me feel less disgusted and cleaner when I use public restrooms. 

Travel Sized Bottles 

Instead of packing your big bottled shampoo and conditioner, you can simply pour them into these travel-sized bottles and save so much space! 

You can use these bottles for your shampoo, conditioner, soap, body lotion, hair cream, hair spray – anything you need. 

travel essentials for women

Travel Sized Makeup Remover 

Same as before, instead of packing a huge box fo makeup remover, you can get this small pack of travel-sized makeup remover wipes, pack one makeover remover wipes pack, and that’s it. 

travel essentials

Makeup Bag 

Having an organized makeup bag can really help you out every morning when you get ready. 

Think about it, all of your makeup in one place, organized with dividers, everything is in its place and nothing should spill or get messy inside. 

Also, you can easily find things when you get ready in the morning and save some extra time by using this makeup bag!

travel essentials for women

Sleeping Mask 

We’ve talked about how uncomfortable airplanes are, and how important it is to make sure that you are the most comfortable you can be during your flight. 

I recommend bringing a sleeping mask with you to the flight and use it when you sleep. 

There are a lot of people on the plane, some of them will open their windows while you sleep and you don’t want to wake up every 5 minutes because of that. 

So, make it pitch black for yourself by sleeping with a sleeping mask on you! 

I wanted to show you this cool gel sleeping mask that helps reduce puffiness under your eyes, so you won’t have a sleepy “I just woke up” face when you land!

travel essentials for women 

And that’s it! These were my TOP 15 travel essentials for women while traveling in 2021! If you have any more ideas or travel tips, feel free to share them with us in the comments below!