Must-Have Travel Essentials for Travelers!

Must-Have Travel Essentials For Travelers!

Having good quality travel essentials can really help you make your trip go smooth and problem-free.

In this blog post, I share with you the best travel essentials you don’t always think of before going on a trip!

These are affordable travel essentials that can help you out during your trip!

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Travel Luggage Packing Cubes

Let’s be honest. When we travel, it is very hard to keep our suitcase organized and not messy. It’s hard to keep your clothes from being all over the place.

These travel luggage packing cubes are definitely the solution to this problem!

For an affordable price, you will receive 6 luggage packing cubes that you can easily fit inside your suitcase.

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Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

This product is such a lifesaver, and definitely a must-have travel essential.

When you scale your suitcase at home before the flight, you can use a regular scale and do it with different methods.Â

B let’s be real, you won’t pack your heavy scale from home, right?Â

Though you do need to scale your suitcase before your flight back home, it’s important to make sure that your suitcase isn’t overweight and that you won’t need to pay extra money because of that.

This small hanging digital luggage scale is perfect for scaling your luggage! It is small, light weighted, you just simply throw it in your bag and use it when you need to!

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Collapsible Water Bottle

This water bottle is definitely one of my favorite travel essentials. The collapsible water bottle is perfect for traveling!Â

And I’ll tell you why;

When you go on the airplane, usually, you can’t travel with liquids, and in the luggage check, they usually make you throw your water bottle or empty it.

If you are using a collapsible water bottle instead of a regular plastic bottle, you simply close the bottle (as seen in the picture below) and throw it in your bag!

And that’s it! The bottle doesn’t take any space in your bag, and once you get off the plane you can refill it.

Bras & Underwear Travel Storage Box

The bras & underwear travel storage box is a multi-use bag, you can use it for underwear and bras, makeup, electronics, or anything you can think of!

Throwing your bras inside the suitcase can get them smushed, which really sucks. That’s why I think this bras & underwear travel bag is perfect for any kind of travel.

You simply store in the bag’s first level your bras, and in the other pockets, you put your underwear!

Also, I think this storage box can be a big space saver in your suitcase and can really help you be organized.

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Travel Laptop Backpack

Beyond the fact that I love the colors of this bag, I think it can be very useful for travelers as well.

If you are traveling with a laptop, and you want to have a comfortable bag to put your laptop in, this is the perfect solution.

This is a trendy bag, it is comfortable, and even if you don’t have a laptop it’s a nice bag for everyday life, and also when you walk around and explore new places.

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Pastel Jewelry Roll Pouch

Everytime I pack for a trip, I always think for hours what to do with my jewelry and how to prevent them from getting messed up with each other.

I think this jewelry roll pouch is the perfect solution for this problem.Â

I love this product because my necklaces don’t get tangled up with eachother, everything is in one palce, my rings don’t fall in my suitcase.

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Clear Waterproof Bag

If you are going on a beach vacation, or any trip that includes water, beach, nature, hikes, etc – I highly recommend getting this waterproof bag to protect your phone and important belongings.

This small waterproof bag is perfect for keeping your most important belongings (such as your phone, money, car keys), safe from getting wet or dirty.

Also, this is a nice essential for going to the local pool, local beach, etc.


Midnight Black Leather Travel Bag

This fake leather carry-on bag is perfect for traveling.Â

If you are not interested in a trolly suitcase as your carry-on, and you want something smaller, this is the perfect find for you!Â

This bag isn’t too big, yet not too small either. It has a separate “secret” shoe compartment, has good quality bag handles, and has many other nice features for you to enjoy!Â

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Travel Neck Pillow

I forgot to bring my neck pillow on my last flight. And what I’ve learned on that flight, without a neck pillow – this is a must-have travel essential.

I feel like people underestimate about being comfortable in flights, especially about sleeping well during flights.

Let’s face it, sleeping during flights is one of the most uncomfortable things we do in life as humans.Â

So that’s why it is super important to make sure you are the most comfortable you can during the flight and to bring with you a travel neck pillow!

Travel Seat Foot Pad

As I said earlier in this post, it is very important to keep yourself the most comfortable you can during the flight if you want to sleep well.Â

This seat foot pad is very convenient and is perfect for both long and short flights (also long car/train/bus rides).Â

It is super easy to use this seat footpad. All you need to do is to hang it on the bracket of the tray table and put your feet in it!Â

The seat footpad also comes with a flexible belt and is made from high-quality material that makes it very comfortable.Â

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6 Sizes Polyester Mesh Laundry Bag

I always pack at least one laundry bag with me when I travel. I think it is one of the most important travel essentials to take with you.

I like to separate my laundry from my clean clothes in the suitcase, and using these laundry bags is the best way to do so.Â

This pack of laundry bags contains all of the laundry bag sizes that are perfect to take with you. You can even take one bag for your clothes, and one little bag for underwear.Â

Or, you can take two bags and separate white laundry and colorful laundry – what ever you decide to do, this pack is definitely useful!Â

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Practical Travel Wallet

This wallet is perfect for traveling! It’s thin, small, and barely takes any place in your bag!Â

Let’s be honest, there is no real reason to carry your whole regular wallet with a bunch of cards and stuff inside that you don’t necessarily use when you travel abroad.

That’s why this travel wallet is perfect, it can hold exactly what you need – your passport, cards, cash, etc.

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Sleeping Mask

I think a sleeping mask is definitely one of the most important travel essentials needed as well.Â

When you are on a flight, you are sharing that airplane with many other people. Some of them are sleeping, some of them aren’t.Â

Also, some of them decides to randomly look through the window and wake everyone else with the sunlight coming in.

Anyways, a sleeping mask is a perfect solution to sleep through to flight and to sleep well as possible during the flight!


Invisble Travel Waist Pouch

I don’t know about you, but to me, it sounds terrifying to just throw in your purse/backpack a big chunk of money, important documents, and randomly throwing my passport or wallet inside.

That’s why I ALWAYS, but ALWAYS, travel with an invisible travel waist pouch under my shirt.

I put there my money (especially if it’s cash), my passport, and important documents/cards I am not willing to lose or to have stolen.

You just put the travel waist pouch under your shirt, and you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing your stuff or for you to drop/lose anything super important!

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These were my top must-have travel essentials that I believe every traveler needs to have on their trip! If you have any other ideas or tips, feel free to share them with us in the comments section below!


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