The Ultimate List of Camping Essentials For Campers in 2021!

The Ultimate List of Camping Essentials

In this blog post you will find the ultimate list of camping essentials!

If you are looking for a good camping essentials list, I’m here to share one with you.

In this blog post I share with you the best camping essentials to enjoy the perfect camping trip. Let’s get started!

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list of camping essentials

A Tent!

Let’s start with the most obvious product – a tent! This is the ultimate must-have camping essential, and it is pretty obvious why.

I found this nice 4-persons tent from Target for a great price and great quality!

list of camping essentials

Camping Sleeping Bag

I also like bringing blankets when I go camping, but I always pack a sleeping bag with me!

When I go camping, I like sleeping inside the sleeping bag, and above the sleeping bag covering myself with an extra blanket.

I actually have this specific sleeping bag from Amazon, and I highly recommend it! It’s made out of great material, high quality, and the price is great as well.

camping essentials list

Compact Folding Camping Chair

Another obvious must-have is bringing camping chairs! I like this camping chair from Target because it comes with a side shelf you can use to place drinks/food when you eat.

camping essentials

Waterproof Camping Tarp

Having a waterproof camping tarp is a great idea to beat unexpected situations like rain, and keep your stuff dry and safe.

Also, besides rain, having a “roof” for your camping area is great to block the sunlight. This way you won’t wake up at 6 am from the sunrise.

list of camping essentials

Portable Cooler

Continuing with our list of camping essentials, bringing a portable cooler with you is pretty obvious.

I found this cute portable cooler from Target for a great price!

camping essentials packing checklist

Air Mattress

Every time I don’t bring an air mattress with me when I go camping, I completely regret it.

If you really want to sleep well at night while camping, an air mattress is definitely a must-have since it’s the best way to sleep comfortably and not break your back while sleeping on the floor.

camping essentials list

Picnic Blanket

Bringing a picnic blanket when going camping is always a plus! This way you have more space to sit down and eat or relax.

I love this picnic blanket from Target! It’s so pretty and also comes with a bag to fold it inside.

list of camping essentials

Hiking Backpack

Packing your camping essentials and personal belongings in a large hiking backpack is better than carrying around a suitcase in nature.

This hiking backpack from Amazon is 90L, is very high quality, and can fit inside almost everything you’ll need!

camping essentials packing checklist

Cooler Backpack

If you want an extra cooler for your drinks, I highly recommend this cooler backpack from Target.

It’s great for keeping your drinks cold and fresh, including any other food you want to cool.

camping essentials list


Having a flashlight while going camping is always important to have for the night!

list of camping essentials

Portable Kitchen Cookware Set

Instead of bringing the same utensils and cookware, you use at home, having portable kitchen cookware set for camping is always a great idea since you are not putting at risk of losing the utensils you have at home.

Also, it’s nice having everything in one place, like in this bag that this set comes with.

In this portable kitchen cookware set from Amazon you will receive; cooking utensils, kitchen cloth, a cutting board, an oven glove, and more!

camping essentials list

Camping Hammock

I already talked about this camping hammock in my Road Trip Essentials blog post, but in case you didn’t read it, I, first of all, suggest you do, and second of all – I’ll tell you a little bit about this cool product!

Basically, you can take this camping hammock when you go camping, hang it between two trees, and relax!

It’s a fun product to add to your camping experience. This camping hammock is made out of great quality, and is also very affordable!

camping packing checklist

First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit on a camping trip is super important, if not the most! You never know what can happen, who will get hurt, or what can come.

That’s why it is very important to be prepared in advance and have a first aid kit near you.

camping essentials list

2-Burner Propane Stove

If you are planning on making your own food, and you want to eat better things than dry food, you can get this 2-burner propane stove to take on the good and cook delicious things during your camping trip!

list of camping essentials

Coghlan’s Two Burner Non-Stick Camp Griddle

Once you get the 2-burner propane stove, you should also get this two-burner non-stick camp griddle to cook!

camping essentials packing checklist

Insect Repellent

Bringing a insect repellent to a camping trip is very important! It’s pretty self-explanatory why, but this insect repellent is especially for spraying clothing, gear, and your tent.

camping essentials list

Portable Power Station Explorer

Having a portable power station explorer on your trip can come in very handy! You can charge with it your phone, use it to plug lights, and use it for any electricity backup you may need during your trip.

camping essentials

Portable Camping Shower Bag

If you are camping for more than one night, and you are not staying at an organized place that has showers, this portable camping shower bag is a perfect solution for showering during your trip.

This is one of the best camping essentials hacks to stay clean and shower during long camping trips.

list of camping essentials

Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock

Having an inflatable lounger air sofa hammock to chill on during your trip is super fun! I don’t think it’s comfortable to sleep on, but it’s definitely fun to chill and relax on.

list of camping essentials

Sandfree Beach Blanket

This sandfree beach blanket is perfect for both camping on the beach, and for any beach visit if you don’t like sand getting all over your stuff.

What I like about this beach blanket is that it is sand resistant, water-resistant, and is made out of a dry-quick material. Which makes this perfect for beach picnics, camping trips, and more!

camping essentials packing checklist

Marshmallow Roasting Stick

What’s a fun camping trip without roasting marshmallows?! Keep your trip eco-friendly and get this marshmallow roasting stick set from Amazon!

This set comes with 10 marshmallow roasting sticks and is perfect for eating delicious roasted marshmallows!

list of camping essentials

Salt & Pepper Set

If you are cooking your own food during the trip, don’t forget to pack a salt & pepper set!

camping essentials list

Portable Solar Battery Charger

Next on our list of camping essentials is a portable solar battery charger! This is super important for charging your phone/flashlights/etc, during your trip!

list of camping essentials

Portable Elastic Travel Clothesline

This portable elastic travel clothesline is perfect for long camping trips. You can do laundry during your trip, or dry your wet swimsuits on this portable elastic travel clothesline.

It is easy to hang up, it’s strong enough to hold all of your clothes, and you can also find it for a great price!

list of camping essentials

Emergency Camping Blanket

If it’s getting too cold, or you forgot an extra blanket, having an emergency camping blanket in your car can always come in handy!

You can use it to cover yourself at night, place it in your tent/above the tent/use it for any purpose you might need.

camping essentials list

Bluetooth Speaker

I love listening to music, and it’s fun to spice up your trip by listening to music with your trip partners in nature.

I highly recommend the JBL Bluetooth speaker. I love the quality, the fact that it’s small yet very loud, its battery life is great and the quality is incredible.

I always take this speaker with me on any trip!

list of camping essentials

Solar Camping Lantern

Camping lanterns are an absolute camping essentials must-haves.

You can probably guess why – it gets dark at night, you need light to see things, and these solar camping lanterns from Amazon are one of the best finds!

list of travel essentials

Portable Eating Utensils Set

If you’ve read my other blog posts, you know that traveling eco-friendly is very important to me.

That’s why I think that having a portable eating utensils set during your camping trip is much better than getting disposable utensils.

I found this nice set of two sets of utensils for two people. It also comes in a nice box and is made out of great quality.

camping essentials list

Dog’s Travel Set

Don’t forget about your furry friend! If your dog is joining your camping trip, I highly recommend this dog’s travel set! 

It’s a full bag that comes with space for food, a water bowl, space for toys/other dog essentials, and also has space for a water bottle.

This dog’s travel set is perfect for packing all of your furry friend’s essentials in one place.
list of travel essentials

And that’s it for today! This was the ultimate list of camping essentials you can’t forget when going camping!

What camping essentials do you always take on your trip? Let us know in the comments below!

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