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So, as you guys know i’m twenty years-old, and I don’t have kids. But, the lovely Lois from “Conffesions Of A Travel Addict”, those have kids, and wrote this amazing and helpful “Traveling with kids” guide for my blog ! So, make sure to check out her blog on and give her some love !

I cannot begin to tell you the amount of times friends, family and even strangers tell us they won’t be flying with their children until much older. Or just flying long-haul. 

It always seems odd to me that people will wait so long…I can’t go my entire year without an international trip. Mama needs a break! Well…a change of scenery, who we kidding; break?!  Believe me, I can see the appeal of waiting until they’re older and perhaps it is less stressful.

I just feel that it’s best to break them in while they’re still young.  Our three are brilliant flyers. They all just accept we are going to be sat on this metal flying tube for a while and suck it up. Distraction is key! 

Over the years I have become a much lighter holiday packer – I just throw everything in we might need and if I’ve forgotten something…not to worry! I’ll just buy it at our destination.  

The one thing I do plan and organise before flying is the children’s carry on luggage. Long haul we always have a cabin suitcase full of activities to keep them occupied, a rucksack full of essentials.

Then they all have their own small rucksack, which they can put in a couple toys / books of their choosing.


  • Change of clothes and underwear
  • Nappies/ diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Nappy / Diaper Bags – Great for all rubbish
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Empty drinking water cups
  • Sweets / Lollies / Mints – Lollies for takeoff and landing for the ears
  • Anti-Sickness Medication
  • Tissues
  • Lip Balm
  • Snacks – Mini boxes of Cereal, Fruit & Vegetable pots (bought airside). Crisps / Pretzels, Cereal Bars, Dried Fruit, Smoothie Pouches.
*Flying Long-Haul most airlines have a snack cupboard / area where you can help yourself to chocolate bars / crisps etc throughout the flight.

Kids Carry-On Bags

  • One Blanket and Neck Pillow
  • One Teddy
  • Two Favourite Books
  • Couple Small Figure Toys
  • Headphones

We bought the Snug Play+ Kids Headphones Volume Limiting and Music Share Port . Features a sharing port on every set – Connect one side of these kids headphones to your media device then connect the other side to a second set of headphones to allow a daisy chain of kids to all listen at once!

Being able to share the same sound throughout all the kids headphones was brilliant for us.

 Even though everyone has their own TV with their seat…they always want to watch / listen to what their Sister / Brother the same time! Definitely put out some arguments before they could begin.


Colouring books:

You can’t go wrong with a classic colouring book – I’ve even found myself colouring on a flight. Always best to go with a theme they love – Frozen, Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol etc. 

If you are worried about colouring something they shouldn’t. The Water Wow Colouring books are great – there’s no ink…simply fill the pen cartridge with water. 

Just have a few tissues ready to wipe the water off. If you think they are likely to still get water everywhere another favourite is the Crayola Mess Free Packs.

Stickers and window gel clings:

Who doesn’t love stickers? I pop into our local Pound Shop and grab a few sticker books / Sticker Packs. Gel Peels are also great – there are so many options to choose from.

Keeps the children busy for hours setting up different scenes on the window – Aquariums, Zoos, Planes and more.

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Magnet & White Boards:

I would recommend these magnet/white boards for older children as there are a lot of little pieces. This may not be completely independent activity. We have bought our three each one of these for travel. Our older girls love to play Schools, so these are perfect!

Quiet/Busy Books:

These are amazing! I cannot rate them enough. They have something different on every page to keep little ones busy. 

Not only are they fun…they are great for little minds. Using their Fine Motor Skills, Hand Eye Coordination, Shape / Colour Matching and much more! 

Whether it’s Zipping, Buttoning, Counting, Lacing and every other little thing you can think of. They can keep coming back to the book and do each activity over and over again.


Play Dough:

Yup it sends shivers down my spine! At home I have banned play-dough as much as you tell them to not let it leave the table…I’m always finding little bits crushed into the carpet. 

Now this one is probably a split minority on whether you think it’s a good decision or not for travel. I buy them each a small tub and a few tools for the flight. Anything more and this is when the mess starts.

 If you do want some quiet time and willing to let it slide for a few hours, then this is absolutely for you.

Fussy Felts And Pipe Cleaners:

This is a classic but a goody! Bringing it back old school and what we had to keep us busy during childhood. I love making little stage set ups with the Fussy Felts. It’s a great chance to see your little ones imagination. 

Create stories together – really does help the time pass.  Using your mini box of cereal – pull out the cheerios and feed the Pipe Cleaners through. Keeps little fingers busy.

Travel Sized Games:

We enjoy playing the Orchard Games at home together, so these are a must for travel. Not only are they fun they provide an educational value too.

I buy a couple of Zip Lock Bags to store each game in to keep down the space in our bags.  *Remember you still have their chosen books and a few toys / figures in their personal rucksacks to play with. If all else fails…make sure your phone / iPad is loaded with their favourite Netflix shows.  And keep throwing snacks their way!

Here are just some of the activities I prepare for travel with little ones. I hope they can be some help to you too. I’d love to hear your MUST haves in your Travel Bags down in the comments as I’d love to give them a try!

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