20 Cheap Travel Destinations To Visit !

As you guys know, I love traveling as much as possible, while paying as less as I can. 

This year I have been exposed to several countries and places that are really cheap to travel to ! so, I decided to share this information – and, here we are !

Here are the cheapest destinations around the world you can travel to !


1. Romania

I think Romania is the cheapest country I have ever been to. If you are looking for traveling on a budget, you should definitely consider visiting Romania. 

Last December I visited Bucharest. Me and my boyfriend went there for five days.

 The trip to Romania was probably the cheapest trip i’ve ever paid for – the flight was so cheap (140$), the airbnb we rented was cheap and beautiful, and the living cost in the city (food, transportation, attractions) were cheap as well !

Accommodation – You can either stay at an hostel, which usually runs 10$-15$ per night, or at a nice hotel for pretty cheap. As well as renting an Air bnb like we did !

Food – groceries and restaurants are cheap in Romania. We bought groceries from the supermarket, and ate lunch outside. Suprisingly, Pizza Hut in Romania is amazing ! they sell amazing pizzas, as well as meat meals, mac&cheese, and a huge varitey of delicious and cheap food !

Attractions – there are many attractions in Bucharest, and in Romania and general. I will post a full travel guide to Bucharest soon, but there are also many day trips and tours you can take in the city and outside of it.

Photo By: Adrian Dascal

2. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic was surprisingly cheaper than I thought. Well, I did know it was a cheap destination, and that was one of the reasons we chose to go there, but I didn’t know everything was THAT CHEAP !

Prague is known for being so cheap, as well as selling beer that is litterly cheaper than water ! 

Accommodation – Prague has a big variety of hotels, apartments, hostels and air bnb apartments. There are some really nice hotels/apartments you can stay at for pretty cheap. 

Food – Groceries are cheap as well, most restaurants we visited weren’t expensive either, places we went to (attractions/museums) weren’t too cheap, but we got good deals while using the Prague City Pass

Transportation – public transportation is pretty cheap. We actually didn’t use it too much, but when we did it was very cheap. Even shopping, they have great prices and deals !

If you visit other cities besides Prague, prices will go down even more. 

3. Croatia

This is the perfect destination for the sunshine, parties, turquoise water lovers. Also, it is a lovely destination to visit if you are traveling on a budget. 

You can have a luxurious vacation in Croatia, but you can also go on a budget trip and have an amazing vacation for cheap !

Accommodation – Hotels/apartments/hostels can cost from 20$-45$ per night depending on where you are staying at. 

Food – Meals can range from 5$-15$ if you try a nice restaurant in a tourist area. Also, Croatia sells the cheapest coffee in Europe – price range will go between 0.60$-1.70$.

Transportation – using public transportation between cities will be as cheap as 3.50$ if you travel by bus. 

What is important to know, if you are into traveling in Croatia on a budget, try traveling in the shoulder season, and not in mid-season (July&August).

Another travel tip I would like to mention, is buying discount tickets to multiple attractions, places and day trips ! such a money saver, you get discounts on multiple attraction, and also you are totally prepared for your trip, because you’ve got everything set up ! 

Photo by: Cody Black

4. Serbia

This is a lovely, interesting and cheap destination to visit. 50$ in Serbia can give you A LOT. 

Accommodation – You can find really good prices on hostels, hotels, apartments and even air bnb apartments. A taxi would cost you less then 4$, museum entrees are 5$ maximum, and there are so many free activities to do in Blegrade.

Food – street food, groceries, and baked goodies will cost you less than 10$ a day ! if you do want splurge a bit on yourself, nice mid-level restaurants will cost around 20$

Attractions – like in any country, I highly recommened purchasing online your attractions tickets/book any activity you are planning on doing.

I must point out that renting a car in Serbia isn’t the cheapest, so if you are into traveling on a budget, and saving money, I would pass the car rental and relay on public transportation.

Photo by: Erdin Akcinar

5. Ukraine

If you didn’t know, Ukraine is one of the cheapest destinations on Earth. It is quite a challenge to travel in, due to the language barrier. But, if you are an adventures addict, it could turn out to be quite interesting to get along and travel there.

Like I said, Ukraine is cheap, and so affordable to travel in. 1 USD = 27 UAH. Crazy right ?! Food, attractions, transportation and activities are so cheap comparing this European country to other destinations in Europe.

Accommodation – hotels and apartments are cheap as well, a night in a hostel can litterly cost you 6$-10$ ! 

Food – meals will cost you around 6$-8$ in a lovely restaurant.

Transportation – a full day of train rides will cost you only 1$-3$!

Photo by: Iurie Ciala


6. Thailand

Definitely a dream of mine, and I am actually starting to plan my trip to this dreamy place !

Despite the fact that Thailand is one of the most prettiest countries in the world, and has crazy views and amazing nature and beaches, it is also perfect for traveling on a budget because it is SO CHEAP.

Accommodation – you can litterly go to an amazing 4-5 stars hotel and pay a funny amount of money, because it’s THAT CHEAP

Food – also pretty cheap. You can have a full meal for around 1.50$-3$. Or again, If you want to splurge on yourself, you can eat at a very nice restaurant and pay about 8$-10$ for a meal.

Attractions – it all depends where you are staying at in Thailand, and what you are planning to do, but in this amazing country, attractions and tours are cheap as well ! especially if you order discount tickets online.

Overall, a budget of around 60$ per day should give you a good experience. I’ve actually read somewhere that a month in Thailand can cost you only 1550$ ! 

Photo by: Marcin Kalinski

7. The Philippines

Another destination I can wait to visit, and am planning to visit soon.

Asia in general has a lot of cheap countries to travel to, or even live in. The Philippines is an incredible country. It offers almost everything – cities, beautiful beaches, mountains and breathtaking views. 

Accommodation – Hotels can cost between 50$-150$ (or more if you go to a 5-stars hotel) per night. Apartments can cost from 15$-90$ or more, again, it all depends on what property you are staying at. There are nice apartments, luxury ones, even villas.

Food – Meals in local restaurants can cost around 2$ per person ! You can pay even less if you are renting an Air-bnb apartment and cook your own food. 

Transportation – there are boat trips that can start at 10$ per way. Even though there are smaller boats that can take you to another island for a cheap price, starting at 0.40$. Local budget airline will cost as low as 40$ for a round-trip ticket.

Like I said earlier, this country offers so many interesting and fun activities, they are cheap, but will be cheaper if you order the tickets online.

Photo by: Cris Tagupa

8. Vietnam

Mainly known as an amazing budget friendly destination. It is just important to point out that Vietnam requiers a tourist visa in order to enter the country. Don’t let it scare you, even if you pay a little bit for it, everything in the country is much cheaper.

Accommodation – A hostel can cost around 10$ per night. You also have some nice hotels/apartments to stay at for not that expensive either. 

Food – Street and local food is pretty cheap and can cost less than 2$. Beer can cost as little as 20 cents. 

Transportation – prices will depend on the distance, but the price range for a inter-city bus/train ticket will go between 5$-35$.

This is a beautiful country that offers so many interesting things to do in. Starting for beautiful nature, trekking options, boat rides, cultural, and much more !

Photo by: Ammie Ngo-Vcu

9. Indonesia

It is known that Indonesia can be really cheap, or very expensive. Apperantly it depends on one thing – transportation. Traveling between different islands can be a bit expensive. So in order to save money, try sticking with a region or two. 

Accommodation – isn’t that expensive either, a night in a hostel can cost between 5$-10$. But also, Indonesia has some crazy fancy hotels that aren’t that expensive if you think of the price for a 4-5 stars hotel ! prices can be between 50$-150$ dollars per night. And again, it depends on how luxurious the hotel is.

Food –  meals and drinks are cheap throughout the whole country, and are pretty delicious as well. 

Transportation – one of the biggest money saving tips, is to use local transportation while traveling around. a motorbike for a day can cost around 8$-15$.

Attractions – In Indonesia you can find amazing nature, beautiful beaches and breathtaking views. There is a big variety of tours, scuba diving trips, and all kinds of extreme activities. Order here discount tickets to many tours and attractions.

Photo by: Artem Beliaikin

10. India

An incredible country as well. It is a great destination for backpackers and tourists. India is considered one of the cheapest destinations in the world. 

What is good about India is that you can stay there for a long time while traveling on a minimum budget. Also, it is important to say, that India isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, you either love it or hate it.

Where to stay –  staying at a guest house can cost between 4$-20$ per night. Also hotels and apartments are pretty cheap as well. 

Food – super cheap. You can find different tasty dishes for just a few dollars. At restaurants, price range goes between 1.50$ for a meal, to a 100$, it really depends where you eat and how close it is to a tourists area, or if it is next to a 5-star hotel.

Transportation – the country has a good rail network, you can choose from different classes. The price depends on which class you choose. If you travel in second class, the price will be 9$ for 200 km.

India is an incredible country. You really need to be open minded to visit and enjoy staying there. There are a lot of interesting tours and attractions to see in thie incredible country.

Photo by: koushik Chowdavarapu


11. Colombia

This is another amazing country located in South America. And what you would like to hear, that it is great for traveling in a budget, because everything is so cheap.

In Colombia you can find the world’s largets palm trees, tropical beaches, colonial towns, amazing mountains and nature, historical culture, museums, and more !

Accommodation – a night in a hotel can cost around 20-35$ per night, and a hostel can cost between 8$-12$ per night. AMAZING.

Food – meals can cost around 10$-15$, and there are some hostels/hotels that offers breakfast as well. 

Transportation – public transportation is really cheap as well, 1$-3$ for a full day of bus rides.

Attractions –  There are amazing cheap and free activities to do in Colombia, which really helps exploring the country and also sticking to a budget. And also a bunch of cheap and fun activities and tours you can take, and they get cheaper if you order tickets online.

Photo by: Ricardo Gomez

12. Bolivia

This destination isn’t everyones cup of tea as well, but if you are interested – well, lucky you ! it is also one of the cheapest countries in the world !

Bolivia is mainly a place for adventures lovers. The adventures in this country are endless. There is the Salt Flats, the Dead Road bicycle trip, and so many other crazy activities you can do and explore.

Accommodation – it will be cheaper to stay at guesthouses/hostels that will cost around 8$-12$ pwe night.

Food – in order to remain cheap, you’ll need to stick to a local’s lifestyle. A meal can cost you less than 2$ at a local restaurant.

 Transportation – will be cheaper if you take local buses, it’ll cost between 1$-2$ for a full day of local bus rides. Train ride will cost around 8$-15$.

Attractions – you can find at this website, all of the tours and attractions that Bolivia offers for cheap !

Photo by: Loic Mermilliod

13. Guatemala

This destination is perfect for a Central American adventure ! The country is filled with lush jungles, volcanos, ancient ruins. You also have beautiful beaches and outdoor sports, and its colonial cities are stunning.  

Accommodation – a hostel can cost around 10$-15$ per night, an hotel/apartment will obviously be more expensive, but still pretty cheap for a hotel (between 60$-130$ per night).

Food – local food will cost you about 3$ for a full meal. 

Trasnportation – while local transportation can be very cheap, but sometimes also risky and pretty confusing. Locals use the chicken buses, ehich are converted school buses from North America, and are the cheapest way to get around. Buses do not have specific spots, or even a board with rides prices on it. A handful day of chicken bus rides will cost you 1$-3$.

So, how do they catch a bus ? they wave the buses down, and pay the collector money. You just need to watch how much the locals are paying and do the same.

Attractions – like i’ve said, there is so much to do in Guatemala. There are many interesting tours to the mountains, lakes, even to the volcano, and also tours in Guatemala’s beautiful cities.

Photo by: Clovis Castaneda

14. Mexico

 I love Mexico, it is too high on my bucket list, and I just need to go there already !

This country fits for anyones budget. You can be just find there with a backpacker budget, and also as a luxury traveler (and also as an inbetween traveler).

Accommodation – a hostel will cost between 8$-14$ per night. Even though personally I won’t want to miss the fancy, huge pools on the beach hotels Mexico has to offer for not too expensive (depends on the hotel obviously). Book a place to stay at in Mexico here !

Food – meals aren’t that expensive in Mexico, it just depends where you eat, and if it is located right in the middle of a tourist area or not. As most countries, local food is cheaper. 

Transportation – quite cheap, buses from the airport will be around 10$-20$, depends on the distance. 

Attractions – Mexico is an amazing country ! from having some of the best, beautiful beaches in the world, to epic day trips to hiking around the amazing nature this country has to offer, to crazy parties, hotels, food and people. And there are so many interesting tours and attractions like cruising around, cooking classes, hiking, touring around different cities (Mexico City for example). And also, in this website you can find discount tickets for everything.

Photo by: David Emrich

15. Cuba

“Havana, ooh na-na, Half of my heart is in Havana, ooh-na-na”

Okay, now to the point – Cuba is a “going back in time” destination. It has stunning places, interesting cultrual and historical places. And the best thing about Cuba, is that it is one of the most cheapest destinations in America ! 

Exploring Havana can take about 2-3 full days. You can explore Old Havana, take a classic car tour, walk around, learn about Havana’s history and visit some museums. All of this, and you still don’t have to break the bank !

Accommodation – an hotel will cost you around 50$ and above per night. What you do need to know, is that a 4+ stars hotel in Cuba, will be a 3-star hotel in North America. Air bnb’s are quite affordable, between 25$-30$ and above per night.

Food –  Pretty cheap as well ! you can have an entire meal with a drink, dessert and a main course for 6$!!

Ice creams and mojitos will cost around 3$-4$. 

Attractions – sightseeing is pretty cheap. Most of them are actually FREE ! Also, the most iconic thing to do in Havana – taking a classic car ride, will cost you around 20$ for 4-5 hours. INSANE.

You can have a classic car tour, or just rent one for yourself for a couple hours like I said. There are many tour options around the city and many activities you can do. Check everything and buy yourself tickets to multiple attractions and places in advance, and save money with the discounts!

Photo by: Augustin de-montesquiou


16. Egypt

 I can’t wait to visit Egypt one day. It is funny to say so, because I live in Israel, and Egypt is litterly my neighbor. I am thinking on going there, I can’t go through life and die without seeing a peramide in my own eyes. But I am still checking all of the safter information for Israeli’s there (even though we are in peace), so I am kind of low key planning my trip, and because I have an american passport, I might sneak in and just go there already πŸ˜‰

Apperantly Eygpt is budget friendly:

Accommodation – an hotel room will cost 30$-40$ a night, and a hostel will cost only 15$ a night. 

Food –  you can eat a good local meal for around 8$-10$ PER DAY. 

Transportation – isn’t the cheapest, depends on the distance.

Attractions – Egypt’s attractions aren’t the cheapest as well. But you can find good deals in this website. Access to the pyramids of Giza grounds will cost around 10$ + 20$ if you want to enter inside the Great pyramid. Not that cheap, but totally worth it. 

Photo by: Fynn Schmidt

17. Tanzania

Wow, Tanzania is an amazing country. The nature, the safaris, and of course – ZANZIBAR.

Zanzibar isn’t an expensive place as it might see:

Accommodation – You can get great deals on 4-5-stars hotels. You just need to search good and keep your eyes on the deals ! Hotels in Zanzibar will cost between 40$-120$ per night. Even less, or more. Like I said, it all depends on where you are staying at.

There are many things to do in Tanzania and in Zanzibar as well – amazing nature and hiking, huge safaris with so many amazing animals ! as well as beautiful white sanded, turquoise water beaches, and a bunch of fun outdoor activities to do !

Attractions – Tanzania’s attractions (and also in Zanzibar) aren’t that expensive, especially if you book them online. Though you do need to know that in Tanzania (and in Zanzibar especially) you need to pay a tip for almost everyone – from the workers at the hotel, to a taxi driver, to a waitress, the bell boy, the guides – everyone. So, just keep that in mind.

Photo by: Med J-Y

18. Ethiopia

This is one of the cheapest countries in the whole world. It is an amazing country that has so much to offer – culture, food, history, nature and of coure – wildlife. 

Accommodation –  you can find hotel rooms for 10$ a night, and meals will cost you less than 5$.

Attractions – There is a lot of hiking, nature activities and wildlife to see in Ethiopia. As well as engaging with the local community. 

Photo by: Trevor Cole

19. Kenya

This country is filled with national parks, great museums, wildlife – Kenya can’t disappoint at all.

Accommodation –  Hotels can cost from 20$-250$ per night. It all depends on where you are staying at. Kenya does have some crazy luxury hotels. Hostels/apartments could cost between 30$-90$ per night.

Food – Kenya has some delicious food, and some of the country’s best culinary experiences are located in the capital city.

Attractions – there are many thing to see in Kenya. From touring the amazing nature, to exploring wild safaris, and hiking around. You can find discount tickets to multiple attractions and tours at this website

Photo by: Harshil Gudka

20. Morocco

Traveling Morocco can cost around 50$ per day. It is an interesting photogenic country, which can be very affordable. 

Food – a meal can cost between a 1$ for simple street food/sandwhich to around 4$-5$ for a whole meal in a non-touristic location restaurant. Fancier dinners can cost around 20$+. Alcohol isn’t illegal in Morocco, but it isn’t commonly sold. And when you do find some drinks, they won’t be cheap.

Accommodation –  Morocco offers a variety of places to stay at. A really nice hotel can cost between 50$-105$ per night. Regular hotels will cost less than 50$ per night. And a nice & comfortable riad for two will cost around 20$ per night.

Transportation – can be a bit more expensive. A multi-hour bus, train, or grand taxi between cities will be around 20$-40$ at least. The fancier the company is, or the nicer your class ticket is, the price will rise. 

Attractions – Morocco offers amazing tours and attractions. Also, their prices are good and not expensive at all. There is a 3 day tour in the Sahara Desert, that costs around 40$ per day per person or less.

Photo by: Vince gx

These were 20 cheap destinations around the world ! I hope you liked this post and found it useful. If you have any other countries I didn’t mention here (and I assure you I didn’t mention all of the cheap countries in the world) you are more than welcomed to share a few (or more) in the comments bellow !

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  2. I didn’t realize many of these destinations were cheap. I have heard so much about how beautiful Croatia is, but not that it was cheap. I assumed otherwise. I will look into that immediately.

  3. I absolutely adored our trip to Tanzania. The flight to get there cost an arm and a leg (as did all the gear and fees associated with climbing Mt Kilimanjaro), but you’re right, the rest of the trip was super cost effective.

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