Multi Stop Flights On Skyscanner-Hack To Travel Cheap! [2023]

Want to save money traveling? Try Multi Stop Flights On Skyscanner!

Unless you lived under a rock in the Himalaya mountains, there is no way you never heard of “Skyscanner”.

Skyscanner is a search engine that compares between flight deals (as well as hotels and car rentals). It helps you to find the cheapest flights that are currently in the market ! 

It also compares between Low Coast companies, and shows you the best deals you could find to the specific destination you are willing to visit.

99% of my flights I book through Skyscanner, because it is a convinient website, easy to use. You could check when it is the cheapest to travel to a specific destination, or when it is the cheapest to fly to a random destination. And obviosly, the number 1 reason I love Skyscanner, is because I find there the best and cheapest flights online ! after I booked a flight from Tel Aviv to Bucharest, Romania, for 140$. Or when I flew to New York from Israel for only 479$ !!! 

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So, let’s get to the point, how to use Skyscanner and how to book cheap flights ?

First of all, the more flexible you are, the more cheap flights you could find

Search options on the site:

* Search by a specific date and destination

* Search by a specific month and destination

* Search by the cheapest month to a specific destination

* Search by an unknown month and an unknown destionation

* Search a one way ticket

* Search flights for multiple destinations.

And now, the full guide on how to use Skyscanner and how to find cheap flight deals:

First of all, you should know that you can change the currency and the language on the site.

If you are interested in changing the currency/language/country, all you need to do is to click on the menu icon on the upper right side of the page. After, a new “window” opens, and on it’s lower side you have an option to change the language/currency. You just click on it and change it to what ever you want, and click SAVE.

Multi Stop Flights On Skyscanner


Search a flight by a specific date and destination:

Like in any flights booking site, you write in the search box the city/country you are flying from, and your destination. For example, I want to fly to Amsterdam from Tel Aviv. The dates I want to fly on are specific dates that I need to travel on them no matter what. And of course, don’t forget inserting the number of travelers. You also have an option to look through only direct flights, or just choose a flight from any type.

Multi Stop Flights On Skyscanner

After you clicked “Search Flights”, all of the flights to the destination in these specific dates will show up. 

Once you found the best flight for you, click “select” and it will show you all of the sites and airlines that are selling tickets to this specific flight. You could find Low Coast flights, direct flights, one stop flights/two stops flights and more. Just pick what ever you want.

Now, after you chosen the flight, selected the company/site you want to buy from, just take out your credit card and book your flight !

Search a flight by a specific month and destination:

Let’s say you want to visit Amsterdam in September. You don’t know to when, you only know you want to hop on a plane and land in Amsterdam in September. How will you know when it’s the cheapest to visit there during September?

We’ll start from clicking on the dates search box, and instead of choosing specific dates, we are going to click on the “whole month” option. And now, a list of the months is going to show up. Just choose the month you want:

Multi Stop Flights On Skyscanner

After you chose the month you are willing to go on your vacation, a new window will show up with a monthly calander and all of the dates that has flights to your destination in it. You will probably notice that the prices in these dates are colored. I’ll tell you what it means:

If the price is green – cheap flight

If the price is orange – the flight price isn’t expensive, but also not too cheap.

If the price is red – expensive flight.

And that’s it. You pick the dates you want, search, choose a specific flight, book it and thats it ! just like in the beginning.


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Search a flight by a specific destination and the cheapest month to fly there:

Like we did before, we click on the dates search box, click on the “whole month” option, but instead of choosing a specific month, you click on the “Cheapest Month” option. Now, it will show you the cheapest month to travel to the destination you wanted. In Amsterdam’s case, it’s December.

I just want to say, that most of the time the cheapest months to travel somwhere are months that are off season, usually when its winter in that country, and the weather isn’t the best.

Multi Stop Flights On Skyscanner

And like the other search options before, you pick the wanted dates, it leads you to the page with all of the flights departuring on these dates, you choose what ever you want and book your flight !


Search a flight by an unknown destination and an unknown date:

If you are completely flexible, and you just know you want to go somewhere, this is a great option that will expose you to so many cheap flights, because you are completely flexible.

So, how do you it ? when clicking on the destination’s search box, instead of inserting a destination, choose the “everywhere” option. 

If you don’t know where you want to go, but you do know on what month you want to travel on, instead of clicking on the “cheapest month” option, just pick the specific month you are willing to travel on. Same goes to specific dates. You don’t know where you want to go, but you do know you want to travel on some specific dates ? just insert the dates you want to travel on, and in the destination searchbox pick “anywhere”.

And back to our subject. After you chose the “everywhere” and “cheapest month” options, a list of destination, and when it is the cheapest to fly to them will show up, just pick the destination, the dates, and book your flight ! 

Multi Stop Flights On Skyscanner


How to buy a one-way ticket:

It’s too easy to do it actually. You just insert your destination, insert the date or month (or choose the cheapest month option), click on the One way option and boom ! that’s it. It’ll just show you the one way flights on that date and that’s it.


How to find plane tickets With Multi Stop Flights On Skyscanner:

You just click the “multi-city” option, choose the destination you are flying from, and build your trip like I did in the example below:

Now you just click “search flights” and it will show you all of the possible flights for the destinations you chose, in the specific dates you inserted (because there is no other dates option in the Multi-city option except for specific dates) and it will show you the price to all of the flights.

And that’s it ! this isΒ how you use Skyscanner and book multi stop flights on Skyscanner!, and how you can book cheap flights through this amazing site. I love this website, it is super easy to use, and I love booking my flights from here.

I hope you understood how to use this website, and if you have more questions you are more than welcome to comment here or DM me on myΒ InstagramΒ !

Multi Stop Flights On Skyscanner-Hack To Travel Cheap! [2023]

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