35 Travel Gifts For Kids! [They Will ActuallY Use!]

35 Travel Gifts For Kids They Will LOVE!

If you are struggling with finding the best Travel Gifts For Kids who love to travel, I got you covered!

Today, I am going to show you 35 Christmas travel gifts ideas for little young wanderlusters! In the blog post you will find travel gifts for both boys and girls.

Most kids have a lot of toys, so honestly, I think that buying them another doll they will probably lose in a month or so is nice for that month, but that’s it.

I think buying travel gifts for kids has a lot of thought behind it, and can make them so excited to travel with their parents!

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35 Travel Gifts For Kids They Will LOVE!

1. Travel Neck Pillow

Most parents want their flights with their kids to go peacefully and quietly. 

Help them sleep with these comfortable travel pillows (which are also pretty cute, kids will love them!)

2. Headphones

This is a must for a kid to a survive a flight.

With comfortable headphones they can listen to music from their Ipad, watch TV on the airplane without their ears hurting from the uncomfortable headphones airplanes provide.

And mainly, it just provides quiet to their parents during the flight.


3. A Carry-On

Most kids who love to travel, also love packing little toys to the flight and walking around with their cool little suitcase.

There are cool carry-on suitcases like you can see below.

I don’t think there is a kid that won’t love this gift!

4. Foldable Scooter

This is a great gift for kids! they can use it while traveling and when they’re not!

Kids love scooting around, parents these days love any outdoor activity their children can do. Also, because this is a foldable scooter,they can easily take it with them anywhere, even when traveling!

Scooters are perfect for road trips, they are also not heavy (around 5-7 lbs), so they can pack it in their checked-in luggage!

5. Beach Kite

Kids love beach kites!No matter what season it is, kids are always fascinated by kites.

Even though it is winter, if they are going this year to a warm destination, or just waiting for summer, or even if they life somewhere that it isn’t really winter there, this is a perfect gift!

6. Sleeping Mask

The same idea as before – we are all about making the kids the most comfortable as possible during the flight. 

A sleeping mask is a must, and perfect for a day flight. This way, the light won’t annoy them, and they will sleep peacefully.


7. Scratch Off World Map

For some reason, a scratch-off world map has been on my wishlist for years now, and I just never got around to buying it.

I love the idea! I think it’s so fun to get back from a trip and scratch off the country I’ve visited and see the map gets more and more colorful after every trip.

I also think that this is a great activity to excite the kids for their trip. 

You can make a huge deal out of it, all the family sits around the map and one of the kids scratches off the country you’ve visited!

8. Travel Journal

If they know how to write, a travel journal is a great gift for kids to write down their adventures and memories!

9. Games on The Go

The number one thing kids need when traveling is games on the go. This is a great way to keep them busy and to have a good time while traveling whether it’s in the car or a flight.

10. Ipad

An Ipad is a great present! first of all, they will love it.

Second, they will use it at home and while traveling – if it’s a road trip, flight, cruise – wherever they are going, an Ipad will always keep them busy.

They can take pictures during the trip, and play games on the go – which will give so much peace and quiet to their parents! 😉

11. Travel-Sized Board Games

Another way to keep the kids busy when traveling is a travel-sized board game.

12. Snorkel Set

Most kids are very interested in what’s going on underwater (and especially if Spongbob Square Pants exists and if they can see him in the bottom of the ocean).

Also, if they are going on a summer vacation this year, get them excited with a snorkel set that they can use to explore the ocean!

13. Travel  Books

Travel books are always a good idea. If you are traveling with kids, get them interested in where they are going, get them excited to see the world!

Also, books are a great way to keep them busy during the flight or drive!

14. Kids Camping Tent

Many kids love camping with their parents! If the kids you know (or your own) love camping and don’t have a kids tent, get them this cute camping tent for kids!

15. Sticker Book 

As a kid I loved sticker books I had a huge collection, and when I traveled with my family I liked buying a few packs of stickers before the flight, and then stick them to my sticker book during the flight.

This activity will make them excited for the flight (if their parents will continue buying them stickers before the flight and making a huge thing out of it), and they will also have a fun time collecting something!

16. World Globe

Make your kids curious about the world by buying them a world globe!

It’s also a nice decoration for their room, it can also help them in school, and will make them more curious about the world they are living in!

17. Travel Misting Cool Fan Mist

I used to love these when I was a kid!

Even though, beyond the fact being a kid and loving it, it is very useful as well.

You can cool yourself when hiking, or traveling in general with this misting fan mist!

18. A Swimsuit

Swimsuitsare always a nice gift idea that will come in handy during the summer, or if the family is going on a warm beach vacation on winter break!

There are many cute swimsuits for girls and swimsuits for boys you can find online.

19. Activity Books

One of the best ways to keep your kids busy during a road trip or a flight is by giving them an activity book! They can play with it for hours!

20. Coloring Books

Same like the previous gift, coloring books are also a great way to entertain your kids on a flight!

21. Pajamas!

Even though this gift isn’t too original, pajamas are always a good gift. 

They are useful everywhere and anywhere. And there are very cute pajamas for kids!

22. A Backpack

A backpackis a great and practical gift idea that can be used while traveling and during everyday life as well.

Get them a nice backpack they can take to the plane, walk around with while exploring a new destination, and use it as well in their everyday life!

23. Sketchbook

If you’ve read my “How to survive a long-haul flight” blog post, you probably know that I think that drawing during a flight can make time fly (if you like to draw of course).

Buy your kids a sketchbook and introduce them to art and drawing! Most kids love art, drawing, painting and almost every type of art, so a sketchbook will be a lovely gift.

24. Luggage Tags

I think this gift can be added to another big gift, or even as a stocking stuffer gift.

There are many cute luggage tags that can make a kid’s suitcase even cuter 🙂

25. Passport Cover

Another way to spice up your kids travel experience is giving them nice passport covers, that will make their passport pretty and them happy.

26. Lego Set

Playing with Lego is always a good idea to enjoy a flight or a long car drive! Also, it’s fun to play with at home too!

Here are little on-the-go mini Lego sets kids LOVE!

27. A Travel Experience

The best thing we can gift ourselves and others are good memories. If you or the kids you are buying a present to are traveling soon, buy them an experience in the destination they are visiting!

Getyourguide.com is a wonderful website that offers multiple discounts on attractions and tours all over the world. 

You can find there entery tickets, attractions passes, tours, and more!

CLICK HERE to check out Getyourguide.com!

28. Floaties!

Who doesn’t love cool floaties? Kids will love them even more! Get them a cool floatie that they can take with them to the beach, to a pool, or even when traveling to a tropical/beach vacation!

Also, if they have a pool at their home, this gift will be even better.

29. Exploration Kit

An exploration kit is a great gift for adventurous, curious kids. Also, they will especially love it if they are true nature lovers and love to explore.

30. Camping Hammock

No matter how uncomfortable they get overtime, they always seem so comfortable and fun at first. Hammocks are comfortable, fun, and a total must-have for camping lovers.

Kids especially love these, because you can swing yourself or make someone else swing you when you are relaxing on the hammock.


31. Water Bottle

A water bottle is always a must – if it’s while traveling, hiking, walking around, going to school – it’s the perfect gift that will always be used no matter when and where.

32. Ipad Cover

If you decided to buy an Ipad as your gift, or if they already have an Ipad, getting them an Ipad cover can be a nice extra gift that will complete an exciting gift.

There are many pretty Ipad cases, even though I recommend considering purchasing a shockproof cover.

Let’s be honest here, if you saw your kids dropping their Ipad by mistake three times in one hour, be sure they dropped it three more times when you didn’t look.

33. GoPro Camera

This gift can be perfect for older kids (10/12 years old and up) or as a family gift.

Kids can have so much fun with an extreme camera, taking pictures and videos under water, at the beach, in the pool, or even when hiking and traveling.

34. Regular Camera

I think a regular camera can make a great gift for kids, especially if they love photography.

Of course they don’t need a huge proffessional camera, but a small camera can work!

Their parents (or you if you are buying it to your own child) can make a nice photos album with the pictures their kids took during the trip and see their point of view of the trip!

35. Travel Stuffed Animal

Make your kids’ flight experience, especially if it’s their first time, a little more relaxing, and buy them a stuffed animal they can hug and snuggle through the flight!

Once again, if you are shopping last minute, make sure to check out the Amazon Prime 30-days FREE TRIAL!

And that’s it for today! These were 35 Christmas travel gifts for kids! Which one are you planning on getting? Let us know in the comments below!

35 Travel Gifts For Kids They Will Love!

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