How To Save Money While Traveling ?

Over the past few years I have been traveling more than the average traveler, I have been exposed to a lot of ways to lower costs while traveling, and to get to a point where I can travel more and pay less ! 

Today I am going to present to you 8 tips to save money while traveling, and travel more around the world, and pay MUCH less !

Sounds dreamy doesn’t it? Well, you’re definitely right. It is dreamy, but totally possible.

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# 1 When is the Cheapest & best time to Book plane tickets ?

First of all, I’m pretty sure I’ve already mentioned this, but I love to book flights through Skyscanner. Because I find there the best deals online ! 

I won’t talk about Skyscanner any longer here, because I’ve already done a whole blog post on how to find cheap flights through Skyscanner. And you are more than welcome to read it !

Beyond the question of where to find and book cheap flights, there is an even more significant question – when should you book flights in order to find the best and cheapest prices?

Let me tell you πŸ™‚

There is a myth going around, that last minute flights are the cheapest. That’s true, but partially.

This week I returned from a week-long vacation in Montenegro, after searching every site online, for about 2-3 months, I did not find any flight deal that was good enough, so me and my family decided to wait to a specific date and book a last minute flight. We found cheap tickets to Montenegro (just like I wanted!!) much cheaper than I have seen during the time I was searching for flights. On the other hand, we also found last minute plane tickets to Slovakia, but they weren’t too cheap as regular plane tickets.

The point is that last minute flights are not necessarily the cheapest, and sometimes it is better to buy tickets in advance and find more worthwhile deals.

There are two options that are the considered the best time to book a flight:

1. Booking your flight as early as possible – probably 6-8 months before. 

2. Two- two and half months before the flight.

I can tell you from my personal experience, that these are the best times to book flights, and I got some great deals booking during these times.

– The best days to book airline tickets, and the best days to fly

From my personal experience, the cheapest days to book airline tickets are Tuesday and Wednesday.  These are the best days to book flights before the weekend arrives and prices rise to the sky to a height that even an airplane fails to reach. 

Sunday is not a cheap day in the flights market, because in most countrys Sunday is a part of the weekend,. Also, it is the last day of the weekend, and people aren’t too excited about starting a new week and going back to work, so it is a potential day for people to book flights. So, even if you can’t hold yourself and you just want to extend the weekend and book a flight, hold yourself and book it on Monday.

From Monday, plane ticket prices start to fall, and Tuesday and Wednesday are the days when ticket prices are the cheapest, and it’s best to book plane tickets these days. And again, to complete the week – from Thursday, prices go back for the rest of the weekend.

In terms of flight days, when it is the best to travel, I noticed that to the United States I found the best flights on Saturdays and Sundays. In contrast, to Europe, the cheapest flights I found were on Mondays-Wednesdays.

#2 Travel with a trolley suitcase

If you are traveling to a destination that is pretty close to you, or even far from you, but you know you won’t go shopping at and the weight will stay the same, I recommened you flying with a trolley suitcase and skip the huge suitcase that checks in to the airplane. 

Why fly with a small 8-pound suitcase with almost no liquid, and give up a large, comfortable suitcase?

A. Time saving – if you check in for a flight from home, and come with a trolley suitcase, you don’t need to wait at the huge line in the airport with all of the people that didn’t checked in at home, or did but have a suitcase they need to send to the plane. You just pass the line, and continue to the next step at the airport. And this my friends, is one big tip to save 30-60 minutes of your life, and a huge headache !

B. Money Saving If the flight you booked includes a big suitcase for an extra charge, but offers a trolley and a small handbag for free, you’ve got it! 

usually, the prices of a big suitcase reaches a minimum of 35$ for one direction, so it is around 70$ for both directions of the flight, and it only includes one suitcase, so if you are traveling with your kids, kind of heavy on your pocket isn’t it ?  I know, it is quite frustrating. So, why pay more than these 70$ when you could just pack less, in a small suitcase, buy your liquids in the destination you are going to (because in most airlines you are not allowed to bring liquids with you on the plane), and it will still be cheaper than buying a suitcase option !

# 3 Saving money when booking an hotels/apartment

Two great sites to lower your lodging costs:

– – a hotel’s booking site, highly recommended. It compares hotel prices that are currently on the market and shows you where to book the hotel you want for the cheapest price. I always check hotel prices in this site first. I love this site, saved me a lot of money in some of my trips. Totally recommend you take a peek!

– – Another option I personally really love. Airbnb is an apartment rental company all over the world. You can find really great prices for apartments in the city center. When I flew to Prague this year, and even to Bucharest, I rented an Airbnb apartment that was located in the heart of the city and costs less than 420$ for a couple, for a WHOLE WEEK ! And did I mention that the apartment was located right in the middle of the city? totally worth it. I really recommend you thinking of an Airbnb apartment as an option for your next trip!

#4 One restaurtant a day

One of the biggest things we waste money on while traveling is good (obviosly). But, more than spending money on food, we probably spend the most money in restaurants.

While traveling, I like to do the “one restaurant a day law”. Because this way I don’t miss out on trying local food and restaurants,  or on the restaurant aboard experience, but also don’t spend half of my money on eating three times a day in restaurants (still not rich ;))

What I like to do is eat at a restaurant once a day, usually lunch/dinner, and for the rest of the meals, go to a supermarket and make myself food. This way I enjoy “both worlds” and also keep track of what I am eating, and maintain a healthy lifestyle abroad !

If you rented an apartment, or a hotel room with a kitchen in an apartment hotel, you can cook in the apartment, which is also very nice. Even if you’re in a regular hotel room, there’s always a mini fridge where you can store the food you’ve bought and eat lighter meals if you don’t really want to cook anything.

Also, street food is also a great way to try local food, and also not spending a lot of money on food. It is a fun way to try local food, and I love doing it while visiting a new place. I feel like it is another way to get to know a new place ! You could find then in different markets, or even in food carts around the city (like in New York City for example).


# 5 Buy an attractions pass

This is one of the most important tips in this post that can significantly help you save money in your trip!

An attraction pass is a card for which you pay a certain amount of money, and you get access to a variety of attractions in the city of your choice. The best part is that the price you paid for the ticket is much cheaper than buying an entrance ticket for each attraction separately. This card is such a money saver during the trip and I really recommend buying one for your next trip.

 How Does It Work ?

You buy a pass that includes entrances to a variety of attractions around the city. The attraction card has two options:

First option – Choosing a certain number of attractions you want to visit (2/3/4/5/6/7/10 or 12 attractions from the list). The pass is valid for 30 days from purchase, so you can buy it in advance from home, and saving unnecessary hassles while on vacation.

Second option – Choosing a number of days (1/2/3/4/5/6/7 or 10 days) where you have an unlimited number of attractions!

A good thing you would like to know, there are cities that gives you unlimited tourists bus rides, or even free public transport in the city, while buying this option, which is another huge money saver, since public transport takes us quite a lot of cash.

Recommended attractions passes:

1. The NYC Sightseeing FLEX pass

2. The Paris Pass

3. The Barcelona Pass

4. London Explorer Pass

5. Los Angeles Ultimate Attractions Pass

6. The Berlin Pass

7.Best Of Rome All Access Pass

– For more attractions passes click here


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#6 Buy a six water bottels pack

A water bottel in Europe usually costs 1.5 Euro. It’s nothing, only 1.5 right ? well…

Think about it – during the day you may have bought a water bottel for 1.5 Euros, then you went out for Lunch, and bought a nother water bottel at the restaurtant you ate in, and paid for it 3 Euros (because in restaurtants any kind of drink will cost more). After Lunch you finished your 3 Euros water bottel, walked around, got thirsty, and bought at the market another water bottel for 1.5 Euros. This day you spent 5.5 Euros on small water bottels. 5.5 Euors could be the cost of a meal in a restaurant. 

Beyond harming the environment, it’s a waste on the money isn’t it? With that money you could’be bought a new shirt at one of the shops, or maybe go to an attraction, or even eat something at the restaurant. Therefore, buying a pack of six water bottels, or even two packs, which is convenient for you, can save you money.

In addition, there are countries where the water is not 100% good for drinking, so even there I recommend buying a pack of six large bottle of water, storing them in your hotel / apartment / even in the car if you rented one, and so you do not have to buy anywhere, and do not get involved with the country’s drinking water issues.

# 7 Book an UBER from the airport to your hotel / apartment

I  am pretty sure I said a few times in my blog how much I hate using taxis, and what I think about UBER. I love this company and use it all the time while traveling. The price has already been set in advance through the app, most often paid through your credit card from the app, so there won’t be any situation of a driver asking you for a higher price than what the drive should really cost. 

Plus, the prices really aren’t too expensive. So, I highly recommend booking an UBER when you land at the airport, it is the cheapest way for you to arrive at your hotel/apartment.

# 8 Buying a Local Sim Card

The truth is that on my last trip to Montenegro, I was “exposed” to the idea of buying a global sim card. I did knew about the possibility, but I just hate flying somewhere and start looking everywhere for a sim card and where to buy it and just go after it. 

But, much more worthwhile.

On my trip to Montenegro, I bought a local sim of 500 GB for only 5 Euros! Whether it’s really 500 GB or not, I have no idea. But for a week I was there, listening to music, watching videos, being on Instagram and not saving too much on the internet.

Buying a local sim is a big money saver! Instead of buying an internet package for too much money, you could buy a global sim card for a few Euros/Dollars and get a better deal on the price and GB’s.


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These are my 8 tips to saving money during traveling ! If you have any tips I didn’t talk about here, you are more than welcome to share them in the comments !

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