Manhattan’s TOP 10 Attractions you MUST visit!

New York is definitely one of my favorite cities in the world. I visited New York so many time, if its during the time I lived in Philadelphia and visited New York a lot, or if it’s on the many trips I went on to this beautiful city. This city never gets old, or boring, even after all these times I visited, everytime I discover new places, more attractions and things that I didn’t knew existed. 

New York is the most populous city in the United States. There are 8 milion citizens in this city. Also, it has been described as the cultrual, financial, and media capital of the world. 

New York City consists of five boroughs, each of which is a separate county of the State of New York. The five boroughs are: Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx and Staten Island – were consolidated into a single city in 1898.

Today we are going to talk about Manhattan and the TOP 10 attractions you must visit while you are in the city. But before we get started, I have a really good tip for if you are visiting NYC. 

One of the best ways to save money on your trip, is to buy an attractions pass. What am I talking about ? An attraction pass is basically a ticket that includes enteries to multiple attractions around the city. It is a huge money saver, because you pay a specific price, that costs cheaper than buying a seperate ticket to each attraction. 

On these attractions pass you have two options; the first one is to choose a specific number of attractions you are willing the visit (you could pick 2/3/4/5/6/7/10/12 attractions from their list), and then your ticket is valid for 30 days. The second option is choosing 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/10 days of unlimited attractions that you can enter, as well as a hop on-hop off bus for every single day your pass is valid. which is AMAZING. I love hop on-hop of buses, it is one of my favorite ways to explore a city. 

 Check out for more information about this pass and make sure to order it before your visit !

1. Times Square

Times Square is the most famous square in Manhattan, and one of the most famous squares in the  whole world. Once you walk closer to the square, you could see bright neon lights and tall building with bright signs on them. It warms my heart to see it everytime, I just love this city. Times Square is called over the magazine “New York Times”, which relocated to Times Square in 1905. The square is located between Broadway Street and the Seven Avenue, and contains 12,500 hotel rooms, and 26 milion tourists a year stays at these hotel rooms. Also, this area contains more than 250 resturants and 1500 different business ! 

Special stores in Times Square:

1. Forever 21 – the Forever21’s store in Times Square is a huge store with 4 levels ! I don’t really recommend shopping in New York because of New York’s high taxes, but I do recommend checking the store out, and even buying something you like.2. Disney Store – there is no age to stop getting excited and enjoying the Disney Store. The Times Square’s Disney store is the best Disney store I have ever been to. I love walking around the store, looking at all the characters I grew up on as real toys. And the design of this store – wowwwwwww. I love the vibes at this store, it’s so magical and fun, no matter how old you are ! 3. M&M’s Store – the M&M’s store is crazy ! so many types of different M&M chocolate. There is a huge wall filled with all the M&M’s colors of chocolate, and it is definitely a dream being there.  

2. Central Park

Central Park is one of the most prettiest and peaceful places New York has to offer. It has different concerts, a bunch of fun activities and pretty viewpoints around the park. 

The park is 4 kilometers long – from the 50th street to the 110 street, and is 800 meters long – from the 5th avenue to the 8th. While walking through the park you’ll see so many tourists and citizens minding their own business, running, having a picnic, reading a book. 

If you want a quite place to sit down and relax, no worries, you could find multiple spots.

Central Park’s attractions you have to do while visiting:

1. Bike tour – there is no such thing as visiting central park and not having a bike tour!

You could rent yourself a bike and bike around the park, or you can join a group guided bike tour. When renting the bike you also recieve a helmet, a map, a lock and a little basket. You could rent the bike from multiple spots around Manhattan, or rent it at Central Park at the columbus circle and streets 57-59, you’ll see their a bunch of bike renting companies – just pick one πŸ˜‰

Great tip – buy your bike rental tickets online. It saves you all of the running around looking for different renting companies, comparing the prices between them and all of that annoying stuff. Buy your online tickets here for cheaper !

The group guided bike tours offers you three different roads:

– A general road that reaches the most beautiful and photoganic spots at the park. This way you could be sure to reach all of the prettiest spots in the park and also you will hear interesting facts and stories at every stop.

– A road that explores all of the different architecture sites, bridges, classic building and the history behind them. If you are a architecture, arts and history lover – this road is definitely for you !

– A road following TV shows and movies that were filmed at Central Park (Spiderman, When Harry Met Sally, Sex In The City, etc). If you are film lover, you can’t miss it !

2. Have a picnic – Having a picnic at the park, or just relaxing and taking a break from the big and busy city, is a great idea that you will 100% enjoy !

It is so magical and relaxing taking a break from the city and sitting and enjoying yourself in such a peaceful and quite park that is literally located in the middle of the city, and you can’t even feel it !

You could buy some fruits, or buy a milkshake or some coffee and just sit down, eat what you want, drink, and just enjoy yourself at this beautiful park.

3. Rent a boat or a gondola – if you are looking for something romantic to do with your partner, or even if you are looking for an attraction that is not so usual with your mom or friend, renting a boat at Central Park is a great idea !

At the Loeb Boathouse Central Park you could rent a boat for 15$ an hour ! you could paddle to the middle of the lake, stop the boat and just relax and enjoy the clear water, the weather, the nature around you and the the view of the buildings of this busy city above the trees. It is a beautiful view, trust me.

Also, you could rent a gondola, just like in Venice, Italy, but in the middle of Manhattan ! the gondola is 45$ for an hour.  

4. Statue Of Liberty

The Statue Of Liberty is New York’s symbol, even the U.S’s symbol ! The statue was given to the States as a gift from France and Inaugurated at 1886.

How to get to the statue:

– The ferryboat to Staten Island – This ferryboat departures from South Ferry, which is close to Battery Park. The ferryboat ride takes 22 minutes and is for free. You don’t get to Liberty Island but you could see the statue from the boat and even take nice pictures of it.

– The ferryboat to Liberty Island – this ferryboat gets to the Liberty Island, which is where the statue is located at. You could walk on the island, take pictures of the statue and of Manhattan’s view from the island and go up the statue !

The ferryboat to Liberty Island’s ticket containes an audio tour with intersting content about the statue and the island. There is also a souvenirs shop on the island. I recommend buying the tickets online, so you could save your time and not wait huge lines.

5. Ground Zero

Ground Zero is the name that was given to the previous World Trade Center that was destroyed at the terror attack at the 9/11, 2001. The Ground Zero is basically the ground level of the place where the twin towers where standing. Today at the area there is a new World Trade Center, but around it there is a few memorials. 

At  the 9/11, 2011, the mark of 10 years to the terror attack, the 9/11 memorial was Inaugurated. It is consists of two pools that are surrounded with water falls. The pools are placed where the twin towers where located.  400 oak trees where planted around the memorial, and every pool is surrounded by bronze boards that the victims names are engraved on them. 

The entree to the memorial is free, and there is also a 45 minutes guide tour in English for 15$ for a person. You need to order the ticket to the guided tour from their website.

Also, next to the memorial there is the 9/11 museum which was build around the remains of the ruined Trade Center. At the museum you could also see the original staircase which the survivors escaped through from the building. The 9/11 events are illustrated in a chronological way through audiovisual exhibits, life stories of the victims and an interesting collection of items. You should definitely visit the museum, and you must buy tickets online before the visit, because the lines are HUGE. Buy a skip-the-line ticket. Trust me, been there, done that, and totally regretted it. Don’t do my mistake. 


6. Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is a MUST attraction in New York that you have to visit while staying in New York City !

The Empire State Building is 103 levels tall, and was the highest building in the world until 1972. After the terror attack at the Twin Towers, the Empire State Building became the tallest building in New York City.

The building is a tourist attraction, especially because you have an amazing view on the whole city from it. The quick elevator in the building brings you to two balconys – the first one is the 86 floor, that has a closed balcony for the winter days. The second balcony is in the 102 floor, that to get to this level you need to buy a special ticket at the place.

I recommend buying tickets online in advance, because most of the time there are long lines, and it is always good to be organized before your trip, and to travel with a clear mind, not thinking about anything you need to get done while you are already on your trip. 

So, here is a skip-the-line ticket to the top of the Empire State Building !

7. Chelsea

The Chelsea neighborhood is located between the 14-34 streets and the 6-11 Avenue. In the neighborhood their is the Meat Packing District, which no longer has anything to do with meat, but it did became a pretty boho area with a bunch of art galleries, museums and street artists.

Pier 63 Hudson River Park became a popular place for running, biking and taking a small break from the city. The promenade is located on the Hudson River park and is a amazing, relaxing, peaceful place !

8. The High-Line 

 The highline is a promenade that was build over the remains of the railway that worked between 1934-1980. 

The Highline serves as an example of the contemporary rend of a green world and preservation of the environment. The New York City municipality decided instead of destroying a long massive train, to preserve and restore the tracks and turn it into a public park, thereby preventing unnecessary wate and pollution.

The park is 1.6 kilometers long, but is planning on growing to 2.33 kilometers. The park is located near the Hudson River as a long promenade with  Vegetation and flowers on the side. Through the promenade there are a few viewpoints to the 10th Avenue, it’s like a half “view from above”. I highly recommend visiting the HighLine during sunset time – it’s the prettiest time to be there !

9. RockFeller Center

RockFeller center is a commercial center that was build between 1929-1940 by John D.RockFeller the son. Rockfeller Center has over than 100 stores and 40 resturants and coffee shops. Also, during the winter there is a huge ice skating surface – highly recommend ! 

Top Of The Rock – one of the best viewpoints of the city ! the viewpoint is 260 meters high, 70 levels ! 

This balcony contains a 360 degrees, panoramic view of Manhattan. From the viewpoint you coulf see from Central Park and even the Empire State Building. The viewpoint spreads on three levels, when every level contains the 360 degrees view. I recommend checking the weather before visiting this viewpoint.

The lines are huge, and trust me, it really sucks wasting your time in Manhattan on huge lines when you could buy your entery tickets in advance, and especially buy a skip-the-line ticket and not wait at all !

Here is a skip-the-line entery ticket to the top of the rock πŸ™‚ 

10. Bronx Zoo

The bronx is the northen quarter of the five quarters of New York. At the end of the 19th century, the neighborhoods that today constitute the Bronx were a collection of towns that drew immigrants from Germany and Ireland. The immigrants were looking for green places to remind them of their homeland they had left behind.

The Bronx Zoo is one of the largest and most diverse urban zoos in the world, that offers  visitors an opportunity to see more than 4,000 different animals. The expert staff will make your visit fun and interesting with a verity of shows and activities. The Bronx zoo is recommended to every age, and is one of the United State’s most famous zoos !

So, these are the TOP 10 attractions in Manhattan that you must visit !

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