The Best Attractions in Paris You Must Visit!

Best Things to do in Paris

This blog post is about the best things to do in Paris!

If you are visiting Paris for the first time, and looking for the best attractions in Paris and best things to do in Paris – I got you covered!

First of all, before we begin, make sure to check out this best one week in Paris itinerary for first time visitors!

It’s the ultimate Paris travel guide with all of the best Paris attractions and sightseeing places to visit in this beautiful city!

Anyways, let’s get started with the best things to do in Paris!

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best things to do in paris


Before we discuss the best things to do in Paris, I wanted to share with you my favorite hotel in Paris!

Hotel Vivienne is the perfect hotel to stay at to travel Paris on a budget. 

It is a beautiful boutique hotel located in the best location in the city. It’s only a few blocks away from the Louvre, a two minutes walk from the nearest Metro station, and is on the corner of a beautiful street that has many shops and delicious restaurants.

Even though it is located near a busy street, you can’t here any noise from the hotel, which is really great.

Beyond the perfect location of this hotel, they also serve a nice breakfast and offer a free parking spot if you decide to rent a car.



Visit Le Jardin des Tuileries

The Tuileries Gardens are the oldest and most important gardens in Paris. They are located between Concorde Square and the Louvre Museum.

These gardens are filled with beautiful flowers, trees, lawns, and there are many places for you to sit and relax. To take a break from the busy city.

Also, in the area of the Louvre Museum, in the Tuileries Gardens, you will find a 70 meters high ferris wheel.

From the ferris wheel, you will see a beautiful, breathtaking view of the whole city! You can see the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and even Montmartre!

Watch The Sunset at The Seine River

One of the best things to do in Paris is to watch the sunset at the seine river! Grab some fruits and snacks, and have a little sunset picnic at the famous river in France!

I recommend choosing a spot where you can also see the Eiffel Tower, it’s the best spot to take breathtaking photos of the Eiffel Tower and the sunset.

Don’t Miss a Visit at The Musee du Louvre

The Louvre Museum isn’t only the most famous museum in France, it’s also one of the most famous and best art museums in the world.

Whether you are an art lover or not, and even if you are not a huge fan of museums, you can’t skip this museum!


In the museum you can find beautiful paintings, and even the famous Mona Lisa painting!

Walk Around The Champs-Élysées

The Champs-Élysées is the most famous street in Paris, in France, and is also one of the most famous streets in the world. It is one of Paris’s bold symbols!

The Champs-Élysées is located at the luxurious 8th quarter of Paris, it begins at the Concorde Square and ends at the Arc de Triomphe.

Visit The Arc de Triomphe

The famous Arc de Triomphe is one of Paris’s symbols, and is a place that attracts many tourists.

It is located on the Charles de Gaulle Square, and from the Arc de Triomphe’s roof, you can see all twelve routs that are exiting from the square.

When you are visiting, you can go up to the roof through one leg of the Arc de Triomphe, and go back down through the other leg.


Go on a Seine River Cruise

Another one of the best things to do in Paris, is to go on a Seine River cruise!

The Seine River flows through the heart of Paris. In fact, it flows through ten out of twenty neighborhoods in the city, and contains 32 bridges.

On the banks of the river, you can see many people walking, riding banks, running, tanning, eating. It’s a lovely way to see a living city.

Also, on the Seine River you can find floating restaurants, bars, and many places to sit down, relax, watch the sunset (as mentioned earlier), and take a break from the busy city.

But one of my favorite things to do at the Seine River, is to go on a cruise tour/ lunch cruise/dinner cruise!

The regular cruise tour takes a rotating tour of the Eiffel Tower, a river drop in the direction of the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame, Botanical Gardens, and back up to the D’Orsay Museum area.

As I said, there are also nice dinner cruises and lunch cruises which are such a fun way to spend 1-2 hours in Paris.

I haven’t went to one of them, I’ve only been on the regular cruise, but I heard they are delicious and totally worth the experience!

Visit The Symbol of Paris – Tour Eiffel!

I am going to start off this obvious recommendation with a fun fact – not many people know this, but the Eiffel Tower’s building license only granted him 20 years.

It was supposed to be completely dismantled in 1909. HOWEVER, after two decades, the French government decided to leave the tower, due to it’s contribution to the media.

And as for today, we all already know what happened – it became the number one attraction in Paris, and the ultimate Paris symbol.

Some people decide to skip going up the Eiffel Tower. In my opinion they are totally missing out, and I highly recommend going up the Eiffel Tower.

Also, I recommend climbing the Eiffel Tower by the stairs, and not going up with the elevator.

It’s a hell of a workout, it’s hard, but totally worth it!

First of all, you really get the full experience, and at the end, you will know that you ACTUALLY climbed the Eiffel Tower, and didn’t just went up the Eiffel Tower for 3 minutes with an elevator.

With that being said, whatever way you decide to choose to go up the Eiffel Tower, make sure to buy tickets online in advance.

I did the mistake of coming there without tickets, and I waited two hours in line to buy the tickets, and then 30 minutes to go up the Eiffel Tower!

I highly recommend getting Eiffel Tower skip the line tickets in advance, to make sure you are not wasting precious time in waiting in line for hours.


Here’s a part of the beautiful panoramic view from the Eiffel Tower!

Check Out The Grevin Museum

The Grevin Museum is the Parisian wax museum, which is located in the second quarter of the city (in fact, it’s only a 3 minutes walk from the Hotel Vivienne I recommended earlier).

It is one of the most popular museums in Paris, and is highly recommended to spend an hour at in Paris!

The museum has a collection of no less than 500 life-size wax figures that are accurately sculpted to resemble the original.

The exhibitions include intellectuals, culture, music, TV stars, and more! Also, you can find here wax figures from the French history like the famous kings of France of recent generations.


Visit Centre Pompidu

The Pompidou Center is an urban cultural center in Paris, which serves as a public library, and a primarily as a museum of modern art.

And I can tell you, this is the best modern art museum I’ve ever been to!

Also, it’s the largest modern and contemporary art museum in Europe!

The architectural structure was chosen after a great competition among many architects. 

The building is designed so that all its systems and piping are exposed and hanging outside. 

The ventilation, water, electricity, sewer and gas systems, as well as the staircases, hang on the exterior walls and are not enclosed within the walls as is customary. 

The upper floors of the building are exposed to the scenery of beautiful Paris. You can see the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Sacra-Kerr. 

The design of the building sparked widespread public debate, and many residents opposed it and called it “The Paris Refinery”. 

The museum has more than 70,000 artworks, and it displays masterpieces of some of the most famous figures in modern art such as Picasso, Kandinsky, Dali and more. 

The Pompidou Center also hosts about 25 contemporary exhibitions by contemporary artists, including a rich program of activities – cinema, theater, dance performances, concerts, conferences, restaurants, libraries, shops and more. 


Walk Around The Marché aux Fleurs 

Fun fact, I’m a huge markets fan. I love visiting local markets, and in fact almost any type of market there is.

Not many people know the Marché aux Fleurs in Paris, and I can tell you that it’s definitely one of Paris’s hidden gems.

Marché aux Fleurs is a flower market located at the corner of Rue de De Lutèce and Rue Lois Lépine.

It is a lovely market that sells flowers and outdoor decor. It’s a pretty magical place.

Also, I’ve heard that on Sunday’s it includes a birds market as well. Haven’t seen it because I wasn’t there on a Sunday. But feel free to check it out!

Visit The Nôtre D’âme Chatedral

The Nôtre D’âme Chatedral is another one of Paris’s most famous symbols. 

Even though there was a huge fire in the Nôtre D’âme Chatedral in 2019, the outside of the building wasn’t hurt and still looks beautiful, and is highly worth a visit.

It is closed, and you can’t go inside, but as I said – don’t skip an outside look!

Visit The Crypt de Archeology

One of Paris’s hidden gems is the Crypt de Archeology. It is located under the Nôtre D’âme Chatedral, and is one of the most interesting places!

It was converted in 1980 under the Nôtre D’âme Chatedral, and has archaeological remains discovered during excavations from 1965 to 1972.

Île de la Cité, is the historical heart of old Paris. You can travel back in time, to over than 2000 years ago, and discover an historical city from ancient times, walk through ancient ruins.

Cross The Pont des Arts

The Pont de Arts is one of the most famous bridges in Paris, and is also known as the Paris love lock bridge!

The locks tradition started, where couples hang on the bridge a lock with their names written on it, and throw the key to the river as a symbol to their love and commitment.

The bridge also serves as venue for art exhibitions that are open to the public, and at it’s end you can find booths, artisans, and fun street shows.

Spend a Few Hours in Montmartre

Montmartre is one of Paris’s historical and fascinating areas. It is located on a hill in the 18th quarter of Paris, and on the top of the hill, you can find the Basilica of The Sacred Heart is located.

During the 19th century, artists started moving to the area and making it their home. The artists’ community in Montmartre grew bigger, and multiple artists that lived there became famous, such as Salvador Dali, Picasso, and more.

Nowadays, Montmartre became a super trendy, fun, night life spot for tourists and locals to hang out at.

You can walk around this beautiful neighborhood, visit the interesting stores and galleries, eat at the delicious restaurants, drink at bars, and have a great time!

And that’s it! This blog post was all about the best things to do in Paris!


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