How I Booked a $96 Flight To London?!

I love travel more than anything, really. It’s so hard that my favorite thing to do in the world can get so expensive! Who’s with me? 

But with that being said, who says that traveling needs to be SO EXPENSIVE? 

In today’s blog post I am going to show you how to travel the world on a budget! 

The average person travels between once-twice a year. But if you do it right, you can travel the world even five-six times a year!

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After blowing my mind with too many thoughts on how I can travel more for cheap, I came up with some amazing ideas and ways. 

For example, London is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world! right? 

Well, after booking a $96 flight from Tel Aviv to London (usually prices can be between $200-400$), and booking a cheap but amazing hotel, and coming back from London with extra change (I just said London is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world, so how did I get back home with change?!), I can definitely say I have some magical ways to travel the world for cheap! 

Also, I must mention once again, I’m a 20 years old travel lover, I don’t make too much money to be able to travel the world so much.

Where I Find Cheap Flights?

Skyscanner – this is my number one resource for finding cheap flights. 

If you don’t know Skyscanner, it’s an amazing flight searching engine that shows you all the best priced flights that are currently on the market! 

I found the cheapest flights through Skyscanner, and this website is a must-use for anyone who is looking for flights!

CLICK HERE to read a full guide on how to find cheap flights on Skyscanner! – I found my $96 flight to London on this website, and since then I kept looking on different flights and found some amazing deals!


Do you want to know all my favorite flight resources? 

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Where To Find Cheap Accommodations? – my all-time favorite hotels booking website! Hotelscombined combines all prices online to any hotel/apartment you are looking for! 

It is a referral website, same idea as Skyscanner but only for accommodations! 

CLICK HERE TO FIND YOUR NEXT CHEAP VACATION! – I found the cheapest & beautiful hotel in London which was an amazing boutique hotel through! 

Agoda has some amazing deals on multiple places, and sometimes they have sales on their lowered priced places!

Also, I must say that they have an amazing costumer service which is so helpful if you have any questions about anything or if you need help!

Airbnb – I love Airbnb apartments. It’s the best way to live like a local when traveling. Also, in many cities, Airbnb is the cheapest way to stay in a city!

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How To Save Money While Traveling?

Most people think that the flight and where you stay at is the most expensive part of your trip. Well, not necessarly. 

If you put together all the expenses you make during the trip, it can be much more than the price of the hotel and the flight together! 

This is the most important part of traveling on a budget – planning your trip and expenses and saving money where you can. 

When I tell you to save money where you can, I don’t mean save every penny you have, eat once a day, skip expensive attractions and don’t shop. 

You can actually live pretty good while traveling, without spending all your money. You just need to do it smart! 

Here are my top tips on saving money while traveling: – if you are not familiar with, well, you are definitely missing out! 

Get Your Guide is an amazing website that offers discount tickets to multiple attractions, tours, day-trips, entertainment places such as plays, shows, all over the world! 

I got a few tickets using this website, that after some calculations, I got them for around 30% off from! 

What I also love about the website, is that most of their tickets include a skip-the-line option which is such A HUGE time saver! 

So when you use, you save money and time! 

Attractions pass – I love attractions passes. They are truly the best way to save money on attractions! 

If you don’t know what is an attraction pass, it’s a card for which you pay a certain amount of money, and you get access to a variety of attractions in the city of your choice. 

The best part is that the price you paid for the ticket is much cheaper than buying an entrance ticket for each attraction separately. 

This card is such a money saver during the trip and I really recommend buying one for your next trip. 

When I visited London a month ago, we got the London Pass and it was such a money saver! 

After Calculating the prices, we discovered that the price of the card really was much cheaper than purchasing every entry ticket individually!

Pro’s Tip: If you decide to buy an attractions pass, purchase it through, this way you get an extra discount on the already discounted attractions passes!

The Secrets To Traveling Like A Pro

I want to introduce you to an amazing ebook I created a while ago! 

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I share all my best tips for traveling the world multiple times a year as a 20 years old travel lover that doesn’t make too much money to travel the world so much. 

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What’s inside? 

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  • The best travel resources 
  • Travel planning templates H
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Who is this ebook for? 

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  • To people who want to know how to truly plan a great trip! 

So, I’ll see you in The Secrets To Traveling Like A Pro?

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