The Ultimate Christmas in Paris Travel Guide

Christmas is getting closer and closer, and this is the time to plan your holiday vacation! 

Paris, and France in general, is a perfect Christmas destination to celebrate the holidays! 

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or anything else, Paris during Christmas is one of the best destinations to celebrate winter and the holidays.

Now, just to be clear, it’s cold in the city. Temperature will be around 5-10 Celsius degrees, and you’ll probably have some rainy days as well. 

With that being said, Christmas in Paris is one of the best times in the city! Everything is decorated so beautifully, and there are so many festive attractions to do in the city!

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Christmas Markets In Paris

I love going to Christmas markets on Christmas trips. 

I’m obssesed with the festive vibes, the beautiful decorations, the smell of the local food they usually sell at the markets.

Paris has some beautiful Christmas markets, where you can find lovely handmade presents, accessories, local food, and gorgeous Christmas decorations if you celebrate Christmas. 

Before I show you the best Christmas markets in Paris, I’ll just mention the most important thing – 

when do Christmas markets open in Paris? Usually from November 15th until a few days after New Year’s Eve. 

Best Christmas markets in Paris: 

1. Champs Elysee Christmas Market – This is the biggest Christmas market in the city! in the market you can find EVERYTHING!

Starting from bags to watches, hair styling tools, jewelry, Christmas decorations, homemade presents, local food and A LOT of Christmas music!

2. Tuileries Gardens Christmas Market – this Christmas market is a must! in this market you’ll find holiday booths that will sell handmade items and decorations, that was most likely made in France, delicious local food, an ice skating area, you can also go up the Tuileries Garden’s Ferris wheel and see the lighted city from above!  

 *Highly recommended doing that when it’s dark, amazing view!* 

This market will be open through 11.15.19-1.5.20 


3.Les Halles Indoor Christmas Market – if it’s just too cold for you outside, or if it rains outside but you don’t want to miss out on Christmas markets, this indoor market is for you! the market is located inside a huge mall that was built in the past few years and will give you a full crazy and festive shopping experience. 

This Christmas market will be open through 11.14-12.29

4.Montmartre’s Christmas Market – this market offers many French artist’s work from all around Frace. 

In the market, you can find many kinds of special meat, special cheeses, different types of chocolates, a lot of wine and cyders, and don’t forget the beautiful homemade presents and decorations! 

5.The Notre Dame Christmas Market – even though this beautiful Cathedral had a huge fire last year, there will still be a Christmas market in this beautiful area. 

But this time, it’ll be in Rene Viviani, which is right near the Notre Dame, and is also a part of the most romantic places in Paris. 

The market will be open between 12.14.19-12.23.19

6.Passage du Choiseul Christmas Market – a very special Christmas market. If you want to experience a different kind of Christmas, this Japanese Christmas market is very unique and definitely for you! 

The market will be open for a short time, through 12.4.19-12.7.19

What I love the most about visiting a city during Christmas, is the beautifully decorated and lighted streets! 

Honestly, I just love walking around the city, looking around and taking pictures of the gorgeous decorations and Christmas lights. 

I’ll give you a big spoiler, the best-decorated street at Christmas is no other than the Champs Elysee, which is the most famous area in Paris. 

But the Champs Elysee isn’t everything. Here are the best decorated and lighted streets in Paris: 

  • Les Passages 
  • Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore 
  • Vivienne Gallery 
  • Bercy Village 
  • Place Vendome 
  • Boulevard Haussmann – highly recommend visiting this street. This year, the street has gone high-tech, and you can change the colors and patterns of the lights in the street using a smartphone app! 

This cool activity will start from December 1st. How Cool????

Festive Activities To Do In Paris

1. Skate on top of the Eiffel Tower – did you know that during the winter you can skate on top of the Eiffel Tower?! Skating and looking at the beautiful panoramic view of Paris – can it get any better? 

2. Christmas Concerts – Paris hosts some very nice festive concerts around Christmas. There are classic concerts in the churches – Saint-Ephrem-le-Syriaque, Saint-Germain des Pres, and more. 

Also, there is a big Christmas concert inside the Eiffel Tower on Christmas Eve!

3. Drink some Vin Chaud – this drink is French festive staple. Vin=wine, Chaud=hot, this is a dry red wine mixed with sugar, orange, cinnamon, star anise, cardamom and cloves, to make yourself warmer. 

Usually around Christmas time bars and cafes across the city will have it on sale. Also, you can find it in every Christmas Market you’ll visit. 

4. Visit Disneyland Paris – between 11.11.19-1.5.20, Disneyland is all about the festive vibes! Disneyland Paris is just outside Paris, and during the holidays season hosts many Christmas shows, parades, and even Christmas markets! 

Also, there are beautiful light shows and Disneyland is all covered with amazing Christmas decorations.


5. Go to a Christmas Eve Lido Cabaret Show – You can’t visit Paris without watching a Cabaret show. On Christmas Eve there are amazing Cabaret Shows that you canno’t miss!

What you’ll receive in the show:
  • A Christmas show
  • 4-course menu (if option selected)
  • 1/2 bottle of Champagne or wine per person (if dinner option selected)
  • Mineral water
  • Coffee

6. Have your Christmas Eve dinner on a Seine River cruise – why have a regular Christmas dinner abroad when you can have an unforgetable one?! 

Join the Seine river Christmas dinner cruise and have an unforgetable Christmas Eve!

Cruise’s highlights:

  • Journey through the heart of Paris in a glass-covered boat 
  • See monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame illuminated for the night 
  • Enjoy an all-inclusive 5-course menu with sophisticated dishes cooked on board 
  • Be entertained by live music for a festive atmosphere

What the cruise includes:

  • Appetizer, starter, main, dessert and petits fours 
  • Drinks as mentioned earlier 
  • Live music entertainment

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Paris’s Christmas Tours:

If all of this wasn’t enough, there are also amazing Christmas tours you can take in the city!

1. Holiday Lights and Christmas Market Walking Tour – make the most out of your Paris winter vacation with this 2.5 hour smal-group Christmas decorations walking tour!

The tour’s highlights:
  • 2.5-hour small group tour in all of the best Christmas decorated areas and markets.
  • Discover how the “city of lights” is even more glorious during the holidays
  • Admire the biggest indoor Christmas tree in Paris
  • Have a famous French winter drink in a festive Christmas market!

2. Christmas Lights Night Bus Tour of Paris – one of the best ways to explore a city is through a tourist bus. But the BEST way to get to know a city, especially around Christmas, is going on a Christmas lights night bus tour of the city!

Get festive on a 1.5 hour open-top night bus tour of Paris and its famous Christmas lights. 

Enjoy the ride through the Champs Elysees and the Eiffel Towe lit-up at night. And of course, learn paris’s history from your audio guide! 

The tour’s highlights:
  • Explore Paris’s sparkling lights and beautiful Christmas decorations on this 1.5 hour evening bus tour of the city!
  • Drive through the most famous sights in Paris, including the Champs Elysee, the Eiffel Tower, and even the Louvre Museum.
  • Get happy and festive with the Christmas songs on your personal audio guide which you can listen to during the tour and make your experience even more festive!
  • Snuggle with a warm Christmas drink as you tour Paris!


3.  Covered Passages Christmas Scavenger Hunt – do you want to do something extra special with your family this Christmas? Go on a Christmas scavenger hunt with your kids in the Covered Passages of Paris.  Your private, kid-friendly guide will lead you through the passages as you solve this holiday mystery to obtain a special treat. 

The tour’s highlights:

  • It is not a regular city tour. On this tour you can explore Paris’s hidden gems, which you may have never heard about! 
  • Exploring the Covered Passages will entertain your children with an amusing scavenger hunt and a captivating kid-friendly guide 
  • Marvel at the Christmas lights and decorations in the already glamorous passages 
  • Finish your scavenger hunt with a warm drink in a typical Parisian café


4. Christmas Gourmet Tour of St-Germain-des-Prés – Paris offers many delicious food options. This special winter food tour will take you to delicious gourmet shops, patisseries, chocolate makers and boulangeries.  In this fun and delicious tour, you’ll taste a variety of regional specialties at market stalls and enjoy delicious food and hot drinks! 

The tour includes:

  • A hot drink Chocolate tasting 
  • Several delicious cakes including the log-shaped cake (bûche de Noël), gingerbread, candied fruits, marrons glacés (sugared chestnuts) and nougat 
  • Hot spiced wine Special Christmas tea.

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