10 tips for staying healthy and not gaining weight during your vacation!

One of the most thought about thought before an exciting trip, is how the hell do I eat what ever I want not gain weight ?

It isn’t a thing to be embarrassed of, or feel bad talking about. It is the humanity’s dream to eat what ever we want and not gain any weight ! unfortunately, this dream didn’t came true yet. So, how are we suppose to go on a vacation, eat what ever we want but not gain weight and stay in shape ?


We all know how much sleep is important for our health and body. During flights and vacation, having a good night sleep is one of the most important things you should do.

Our body goes through a lot during flights. From the airport, to carring heavy bags and suitcases, walking around a lot, crossing different time zones, getting a jet lag, continuing walking a lot – all of those things dosen’t help our body too much, and we need to have a good sleep after long days of traveling and exploring.

2. Walk as much as possible

Try walking as much as you can. This way your will stay in shape, keep your daily work out routine, and also get to know the destination you are staying at in the deepest and funnest way there is !

Like I said, there is no better way to explore and get to know the city you are staying at rather than walking around like a real local. Even if you need to get to the train station, skip the taxi/bus or even the Metro, and just walk there !

Also, try walking down/up the staires in public places instead of waiting for the elevator.

3. Have a 10-15 minutes workout session every night

Try having a small 10-15 minutes workout session before going to sleep. If you have the time and will, go out for a short run outside. This way you’ll keep your body active during the vacation and burn those unwanted calories !

Beyond how good exercise is for your body, it always helps you to clear your mind and keep your mind and soul care free. Totaly recommended during a vacation.


Water, water and more water ! always walk around with a water bottel in your bag. Drink a lot, even though it is annoying to look for public bathrooms instead of exploring more. Your body is your temple, treat it like one and don’t let it dry. Your body will totaly thank you !

5. Balance

Everything is balance in life. You didn’t go on your vacation to not eat any local food, or any hamburger you were thinking about for a while, it’s your time ! don’t give up on food you love or want to taste. But in the same breath, don’t go all over the place, it is important to keep the balance. Don’t eat too much, don’t eat too many junkfood in one meal, don’t eat a piece of candy every hour.

6. Don’t give up on food you want to try

Like I said earlier, you are on your vacation, you are out of your comfort zone and daily routine, try new food, eat what ever you desire. When will be your next chance to eat new and different meals from that country at your daily routine ?

7. Instead of a snack for the day, pack some fruits and vegtables !

When you are going on different and far adventures, that contains long drives, or a full day outside the hotel/apartment, try replacing the unhealthy snack with some fruits and vegtables. Beyond the calories, the snacks will just make you full, and than you won’t be able to try and eat new things, because your stomach will be full !

Also, fruits and vegtables are more light, and they won’t make you heavy and tired during your adventures.

8. Combine some excerises during your stay

Even though not everyone are interested in working out, or doing some exersises in their vacation, try combining a few fun activities during your stay.

You could check if there is a yoga class in your hotel/city, there is some hotels that has special activities in their pool, try the hotel’s gym and check if there is any extreme parks or attractions in your area.

9. Try eating only three meals a day

This is a very useful tip for not gaining weight – eat only three good meals a day. Try not eating snacks and other stuff between the meals, try getting used to only three meals.

10. Plan an “eating plan”

This year when I flew to New York, I was very afraid of gaining weight. There is nothing coarse in saying it, I just really didn’t want to gain more weight. I liked how my body looked, I felt good with my self, especially after achiving my “weight goal”. I love mac&cheese, raspberries, italian food, and american candys. But I decided to plan a basic “eating plan”. It wasen’t written anywhere, I just though about it before every meal during the trip.

I decided I will eat only three meals a day, raspebrries and blueberries (I am obsessed) I will eat only at breakfeast, and if I didn’t eat too much, I can also have a bit at dinner. Snacks and candys – once a day, and even every other day. For the food itself, I decided that once a day or every other day I will eat a “junk food” meal if I would want to.

This basic eating plan I had planned in my head was a great idea ! I didn’t give up on meals/food that I wanted to taste, I was in a healthhy eating routine. So, I defenitly recommend planning one for your own trip.

These are the tips and hacks I do when I travel, if you have different tips for staying healthy during traveling that I didn’t write hear, make sure to share them with us in the comment section down bellow ! πŸ™‚