15 Practical Gift Ideas For Bloggers


Black Friday is right around the corner, the holidays are coming up and it’s time to prepare yourself! today I wanted to share 15 practical gift ideas for bloggers.

It dosen’t matter if they are beginners, in the middle of their journey or total pros – these 15 practical gift ideas will make every blogger happy!

 if you are reading this post last minute before Christmas, and want to purchase one of these gifts before Christmas (or even if you are not reading this last minute before the holiday, and want to receive the items quick), I highly recommend joining Amazon Prime. 

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1. Web Hosting

This is one of the most useful gifts you can buy your blogger friend/family member.

Hosting is the biggest blogging essential a blogger needs, If they are blogging for free, or just started blogging, help them grow their blog, make their dream come true, help them make their hobby to a career, level their game up, and buy them a paid subscription plan with Bluehost.

I’m using Bluehost, and I love them!

Why you should choose Bluehost:

1. Installation is fast and simple.

2. 24/7 customer support. They have the most amazing support team I have every experienced. 

They are so helpful and nice, and do everything they can to help you when you need.

When I started my blog I didn’t know much about blogging and working on a website, and they helped me so much, and they were so patient – HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

3. You get a FREE domain name (which saves you around 15.00$).

4. They are 100% reliable.

5. You get a FREE email.

6. If you signed up for Bluehost and decided that you’re not happy with it, you can get your money back within 30 days.

2. Blogging Ebooks

There isn’t such thing as “learning to much”, especially in blogging. Things are always changing, updating, and there is always too much to learn in order to get better and upgrade your blog, making it a business.

I have a completed blog post about my favorite ebooks/online courses that helped me increase my blog’s traffic and income. Check it out here!

But I’ll still point out my top 3 favorite ebooks that helped me the most as a blogger and I highly recommend them:

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing

In the course Michelle shows all of her strategies to making more than 50,000$ a month only from affiliate marketing! IT’S INSANE.

She goes through everything you need to know about affiliate marketing! 

The course is perfect both for beginners and not. If you really want to help your blogger friend to rock affiliate marketing, and earn a good amount of money from it, you should definitely purchase this course for them!

Amazon Affiliate Affluence

If your blogger friend joined Amazon’s affiliate program, and isn’t seeing even a cent from it, or even just a few dollars a month from it, this ebook is for them.

Dale shows her exact strategies for earning 2.5$ a month from Amazon, to making more than 1000$ a month from Amazon only!


From Zero To Super Hero Affiliate Marketing Training Bundle

I can promise you this affiliate marketing training bundle is one of the best things you can give to your blogger friend.

What inside the bundle?

* The She Approach To Making Your First Affiliate Sale Ebook – the book includes all the information and secrets to affiliate marketing a beginner should know – affiliate marketing terms, advice on how to find and pick the right affiliate programs, tips on where to insert affiliate links and drive traffic to them, as well as the legal implications of affiliate marketing and much more! 

* The Affiliate Programs Masterlist – a collection of 500+ affiliate programs, categorized by niche, that will help find the right affiliate programs for his/her blog. And as a bonus, there is also a free tracking spreadsheet to mark the ones you join and to keep track of your affiliate links. 

* Short Video Tutorials – a short library of step-by-step approach video tutorials to navigating affiliate dashboard, finding affiliate links and inserting them on his/her blog. There’s also tutorials on Amazon Associates, AWIN, Share A Sale, SendOwl. 

* Affiliate Marketing Case Studies – an insight into Ana’s (thesheapproach.com) strategy to see what worked and what didn’t, what steps she took and their order. They will get a full breakdown of how she made 1000$ by promoting a 25$ product, as well as how she made 2500$ in one week with a small email list! 

* Private Facebook Community – and if all of this wasn’t enough, they will also receive an invitation to join a private facebook community! It is perfect to receive advice, social accountability, exclusive insights into Ana’s affiliate strategy and getting to know more bloggers.

3. A Laptop

A computer is a must-have for any blogger, but if you want to help your blogger friend/family member to upgrade their game, a laptop is the perfect gift.

The best thing about being a blogger is the freedom that comes with the job. You can work from any place on Earth!

BUT…. that only works with a laptop. You or they can’t work from any place on Earth if they have a desktop computer. Help them level up their game, and enjoy the freedom that comes with blogging!


This way they can blog and work no matter where they are on Earth! 

They can work on the go, have everything organized in their laptop, and work from anywhere!

* Click the pictures for more information about the product*


4. A Blog Planner

I didn’t know how important a blog planner was until I got really into blogging and started making lists and blog calendars in every place I can possibly think of.

Honestly, It was a mess.

You can either buy them a digital planner, printable planner or even a hard cover planner.

This week I’ve launched my “2020 Printable Blog Planner” which is perfect for any blogger in any niche!

Also, it is currently on SALE for 30% OFF using the discount code: tbm30 (valid until 11/30/19).

CLICK HERE for more information about this must-have blog planner!

5. Email Tools

An email list is a must-have for any blogger. It is the one thing a blogger really owns and can really do what ever he wants with it.

It is the best way for a blogger to connect with his loyal subscribers and develop a relationship with them, and even increase his monthly income through his email list!

I currently use MailerLite, and I LOVE IT. It is easy to use, has many features and also completely FREE until you reach 1000 subscribers. 

Your gift will be considered a gift when your blogger friend will reach more than 1000 subscribers (which be amazing for him).

When you invest in a blogger, it means you believe in him, and that is the best feeling for any blogger out there.

CLICK HERE to read more about MailerLite!


6. Desk Accessories For Their Home Office

There is nothing more motivating as a blogger, or in any other job, than working from a motivating place. 

Motivate your blogger friend and buy them an office/desk accessories set!


7. Blogging Books

Like I said earlier, there is no such thing as “learning too much”. As a blogger you should as know as much as you can to grow your blog’s traffic, income, and turn your hobby to a career.

Check out these life changing blogging books!

8. Ring Light

To take good pictures for your blog, good lighting is a MUST-HAVE. Especially if we are talking about food blogs/makeup/home decor/etc.

Winter is coming, and natural lighting isn’t the best anymore. So, do your friend a favor, and help them get through this winter with good lighting for their pictures!

Check out this cool ring light set


9. Or Maybe An Ipad?

An Ipad is great for bloggers. You can take it anywhere, use it everywhere, and work on your blog no matter where you are – even on the bus!

An Ipad is cheaper than a laptop obviously, and it works on the same idea (working from everywhere).

Get the new Ipad here!

10. A Tailwind Subscription

Tailwind is one of a blogger’s best friends. It’s a scheduling system that pins your pins on Pinterest on the best hours to post.

I’ve seen a big difference in my Pinterest account and even blog’s traffic before using Tailwind and after.

A Tailwind subscription can be the perfect gift for a blogger!

CLICK HERE to make a change and increase your friend’s blog traffic and income!


11. Girl Boss Items

Boost your blogger’s spirit with these cute blogging items!

* Click on the picture of the product you’d like to purchase *



12. Selfie Ring Light

This selfie ring light is perfect for any blogger that is strong on social media, likes to take selfies, and if they are beauty bloggers. 

With this mobile accessorie, they could have good lighting all the time!


13. Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

To be honest, I’ve got my eye on this for a few years now and I just never got around to purchasing it. 

This is a wireless mobile photo mini printer, you can print photos from your phone anywhere in the world!

This isn’t just for a blogger, this is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to take pictures, craft, and print them.


14. Upgrade Their Canva Account

Canva is another MUST-HAVE for any blogger that uses Pinterest to grow their blog’s traffic.

Not all of knows how to use Photoshop, and Canva is the best website to design your pins properly and drive traffic to your blog with pretty pins!

Canva is completely FREE, but as a gift you can upgrade their account to the pro version! this will unlock many fonts, stock photos, elements and much more options on Canva that will make your pins/ebooks/anything you decide to create with Canva (it’s not just creating pins on Canva) AMAZING.

CLICK HERE for more information about upgrading Canva!

15. Laptop Bags/Cases

If you decided to get your blogger friend/family member a laptop, this will be a perfect match for the gift. And even if you didn’t, and they have a laptop, this is a very practical gift.

There are many pretty laptop cases and bags for you to choose from!

New Apple MacBook Air cases:

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This were my 15 practical gift ideas for bloggers!

Once again, if you are wishing for quick delivery, and receiving your gifts before the holidays, join Amazon Prime 30-day FREE trial!




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  1. Oh, I love this list! I love planners myself and would definitely love to receive one as a gift (if I hadn’t bought one yet, which I had, haha). I think laptop accessories like bags and cases are good too, but only if you know a person really well! Those kinds of things can be quite personal, I find. Laptops and iPads… man, maybe I’m just cheap but I’m not sure if I’m ever giving those out to anyone for Christmas, except my own kids someday, maybe! πŸ™‚

  2. As a blogger,these are stuff I can use for myself and some I can give to friends.IT`s good to see you do not only recommend physical products, but stuff like Michelle`s making sense of affiliate marketing is also something I could get a friend because I already bought the course and know the value inside.

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