How I Increased My Blog’s Income And Traffic With These Ebooks

Blogging can be pretty confusing and overwhelming at the beginning. 

And if to be honest, you never get to a point where you “know everything”. You always need to learn more, discover new things and experiment on new strategies, and there is always more to learn! 

I’ve taken a few courses and read a few ebooks these past few months and I would love to recommend my favorite ones that helped me the most! 

To be honest (once again), at the beginning of my blogging journey I didn’t want to purchase any ebooks or courses. 

I wanted to learn everything by myself. Well, I’ve discovered it’s a waste of money not to purchase anything that could help me grow my blog because, through all of that time that I hardly learn how to do certain stuff, I could’ve earned money already.

 So, slowly and carefully I’ve picked a few ebooks or courses (one at each time) and read them. 

But before we get started, if you are planning on starting your own blog, read my completed guide on how to create your on blog!

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$10K Journal Bundle

I love this course! it is actually a bundle of the 10K In 12 Months ebook and the Journal Yourself To Wealth Ebook.

In this post, I want to focus on the 10K In 12 Months Ebook. It helped me so much and brought me many ideas to implement in my blog.

In the ebook Elise shows how she made 10,000 $ in her first year of blogging. 

In the book you’ll learn:

  1. The basics on how to get your business running in your first month.
  2. Tips for fast-tracking your growth when starting out.
  3. How to get started with list building + six ways Elise grew her own list quickly.
  4. Best ways to monetize your business with affiliate marketing and affiliate products.
  5. How to plan and create your first digital products.
  6. Eleven of the most effective sales strategies in Elise’s business that grew her income and profit.

I highly recommend purchasing this bundle if you are wishing to grow your blog/business’s income.

CLICK HERE to purchase the book that grew my income!

Get Paid To Pin

This is also a great ebook if you want to learn how to make money from Pinterest! (yes it’s possible!!)

In this ebook Dale shows her exact strategy to make an extra $500+ per month directly from Pinterest!

The best thing about this ebook, and her strategy as well, is that you don’t have to own a blog, all you need is a Pinterest account!

Here’s what you’ll learn in the book:

  1. The basics of affiliate marketing and how to succeed in it.
  2. How to optimize your Pinterest account to make money.
  3. SEO tips to help you get found on Pinterest
  4. Dale’s exact pinning strategy that gives her passive income every day, including how to set it up on your own account.
  5. 2 bonuses – the first one is her list of 40+ high-paying affiliate programs you can join. The second was is a list of 430+ popular Pinterest group boards to join!

I highly recommend this course. It is so informative and well written. 

And thanks to this ebook I’ve already made my first sale through Pinterest!

Click here to start making money from Pinterest as well!

Make Your First Affiliate Sale Video Course – FREE!

Affiliate marketing is a full subject to explore and learn about by itself.

When I first got into affiliate marketing, I wanted to learn everything there is to know, but for free. And just a reminder, this course is completely FREE!


What you’ll learn in the course:

  • What affiliate marketing is and why it’s the best way to make money blogging.
  • The first 3 steps you need to take when starting with affiliate marketing.
  • How to find profitable affiliate programs in your niche that you can promote.
  • How to increase your clicks and boost your traffic to make your first affiliate sale.

This free course provides all of the important information you need to know about affiliate marketing. 

The course is perfect for beginners or even if you want to refresh your knowledge and see if there is something you still didn’t know about affiliate marketing.

Click here to enroll the course for FREE!

From Zero To Super Hero Affiliate Marketing Training Bundle

If you truly want to learn how to earn money from affiliate marketing and want to become successful with it, I highly recommend this bundle.

This bundle comes with:


  • The She Approach To Making Your First Affiliate Sale Ebook – the book includes all the information and secrets to affiliate marketing a beginner should know. You will learn affiliate marketing terms, advice on how to find and pick the right affiliate programs for you, tips on where to insert your affiliate links and drive traffic to them, as well as the legal implications of affiliate marketing and much more!
  • The Affiliate Programs Masterlist – a collection of 500+ affiliate programs, categorized by niche, that will help you find the right affiliate programs for your blog. And as a bonus, you’ll get a free tracking spreadsheet to mark the ones you join and to keep track of your affiliate links.
  • Short Video Tutorials – a short library of step-by-step approach video tutorials to navigating your affiliate dashboard, finding your affiliate links and inserting them on your blog. There also tutorials on Amazon Associates, AWIN, Share A Sale, SendOwl.
  • Affiliate Marketing Case Studies – an insight into Ana’s ( strategy to see what worked and what didn’t, what steps she took and their order. You will get a full breakdown of how she made 1000$ by promoting a 25$ product, as well as how she made 2500$ in one week with a small email list!
  • Private Facebook Community – and if all of this wasn’t enough, you’ll also receive an invitation to join a private facebook community! If you want advice, social accountability, exclusive insights into Ana’s affiliate strategy and get to know more bloggers, this Facebook group is totally for you!

Click here to boost your blogging career and start making the real money!

Amazon Affiliate Affluence

This ebook is my most recent purchase, and I am so happy with it. 

If you’ve joined Amazon’s affiliate program (Amazon Associates), and not seeing even a cent from it, or you do see a few dollars from it but you want to earn more than just a few dollars a month from Amazon, this ebook is for you!

In this ebook, Dale shows her exact strategies for earning 2.5$ a month from Amazon, to making more than 1000$ a month from Amazon only!

Crazy right?!

What you’ll learn:
  • How to get approved as an Amazon affiliate
  • How to write blog posts that actually convert and make sales
  • The right way to keyword research
  • How to get lots of traffic and attract readers who are ready to make a purchase
  • Advanced content and linking strategies guaranteed to increase conversions.
  • Top 5 types of blog posts you can write to make sales + the exact templates for writing them that Dale uses (+examples!)
  • More little-known strategies to making money as an Amazon affiliate.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the ebook!

I got so excited about reading this ebook, since I am working on increasing my Amazon affiliate income. 

I’ve written down notes and tips from the ebook, and I’ve already made a sale on Amazon by using one of the strategies!

To boost your Amazon affiliate income from 2.5$ to more than 1000$ CLICK HERE!

Boosting Your Blog Traffic Ebook

As bloggers, we always look for different ways to attract more traffic to our blog. 

A blog won’t be successful if you don’t have traffic, right?

This ebook is perfect for bloggers in all niches, who are getting under 10K page views a month and would like to boost their traffic.

What you’ll get in the ebook:


  • 100+ pages of blog traffic tips and strategies
  • An easy SEO tutorial
  • A social media strategy breakdown
  • An in-depth Pinterest tutorial and resources
  • BONUS: 2 FREE months With Tailwind (worth 30$)
  • BONUS: 100 Places to promote your blog checklist
  • 100 Facebook Promo Groups For Bloggers List
  • Free Access To Ana’s Resource Library For Bloggers

Pretty cool isn’t it?

I highly recommend purchasing this ebook because of how good and useful it is.

 Also, If you truly want to succeed on Pinterest, Tailwind is a must for bloggers, and getting a 30$ worth credit is very helpful (especially when the ebook costs 25$).

CLICK HERE to boost your traffic and start seeing good changes in your blog!

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Last but definitely not least, I would like to recommend the most famous blogging course out there – Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle from

I won’t talk much about it, because I’ve only purchased this course this week (and I am planning on writing a full review on it), but I will tell you that this is one the best courses out there. 

Michelle shows all of her strategies to making more than 50,000$ a month only from affiliate marketing! IT’S INSANE.

She goes through everything you need to know about affiliate marketing! 

The course is perfect both for beginners and not. If you really want to know how to rock affiliate marketing, this course is for you. 

It is an investment, 197$ isn’t the cheapest. But, I promise you that this course is worth every cent you’ll pay for it.

Stay tuned for an upcoming review on this course!

Click here to purchase this blog-life changing course!

These were my top 6 favorite blogging courses! I must say if it wasn’t clear, all opinions are my own, and I truly believe in these courses/ebooks.

Also, if you purchase one of these courses/ebooks through the links in this post, send me the receipt to my email –, and receive a free “My Travel Planner” copy!

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