The Viral Pin Guide Review

Today I officially doubled my blog’s monthly page views from last month! 

It was a challenge and did take some time and effort, but I am pretty sure I found my strategy for this year! 

The first step I took to change and increase my blogging stats, was reading and using the strategies shown in this amazing ebook –The Viral Pin Guide! 

The Viral Pin Guide is an amazing, informative ebook created by Emily from 

The ebook teaches you all of the steps of creating viral pins! 

If you are interested in reading more about The Viral Pin Guide, and seeing my results with the ebook, keep reading!

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The Viral Pin Guide review

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What’s in the ebook?

Here’s what you’ll learn in the ebook:

  • How to change your design mindset to engage more people on Pinterest 
  • The types of images your blog posts need to go viral 
  • How to create pins with good visual SEO 
  • The secret to writing titles that engage pinners 
  • The best fonts to use and how to pair them with imagery 
  • How to prepare for a viral pin 
  • A pinning strategy to make your pins go viral 
  • Access to lifetime updates

Who is the ebook for?

This ebook is perfect for any blogger that wants to make their pins go viral, increase his/her blog traffic using Pinterest, and would like to grow his Pinterest account! 

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or not, this ebook is perfect for any blogger wanting to grow more on Pinterest!

How much does it cost?

One of my favorite things about the ebook is the fact that it is so affordable! 

You can get it here for only $25!

I love bloggers that sell affordable priced products. I hate thinking for a while wether I really need or want the ebook or not. I also do the same on my shop, so I like seeing other bloggers doing the same.


My results with the ebook

According to the day I am writing this blog post, 2 months has past since I read the ebook and started using the strategies provided in the ebook.

I got it on November 8th, and started using the strategies on November 9th. 

Also, I most mention that November was kind of a tricky month, even though I managed to make $686 that month, It was a tricky month because I switched my blog’s theme, and my blog was shut down for 3 days (which is a lot for a starting blog that is trying to grow).

You will see in my blogging stats, and Pinterest, that there are a few days that my page views are super low – that’s why.

First of all, since using this ebook I’ve learned how to design beautiful pins that converts to link clicks!

Here is an example of one of my old pin and a newer one since using the ebook!

the viral pin guide the viral pin guide

The left one is the newer pin. There is a huge difference isn’t it?

I used to make my pins so unclear and hard to read!

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After I’ve changed my pins design, and used the strategy provided in the ebook, I’ve noticed how my engagment on my pins has increased!

I started getting more saves and link clicks!

Here is my first month’s Pinterest stats since using The Viral Pin Guide!

(Just a reminder, my blog wasn’t working for a few days during the end of November).

Pinterest marketing tips


And here’s my blog’s stats according to Google Analytics

And for the second month, my views went up and more stable.

And for my blog’s stats:


So is The Viral Pin Guide worth it?

For that question I’ll answer definitely yes!

But with that being said, I will mention that the ebook mainly focuses on how to create viral pins, and how to design them. 

There is also a strategy included in the ebook that Emily uses herself for her Pinterest, but the ebook mainly focuses on the design. 

I will give full credit for The Viral Pin Guide because thanks to it I’ve learned how to design my pins in a way that attracts more link clicks. 

Also, one of my pins went viral, and I also started getting much more engagement on my pins than I did before! 

pinterest marketing tips

So is The Viral Pin Guide worth it? definitely. It is affordable, well written, very informative and helped me so much grow my Pinterest account and blog’s traffic!



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    So cool to see blogging tools you buy achieve results – Congratulations for what you’ve achieved from Emily’s Book so far!

    I especially love the sleek design changes you’re now using – they’re stunning!
    Keep up the Super Work! 🙂

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