How I Made $686 on My 4th-Month Blogging?!

Honestly, I didn’t know I will make this blog post so soon. My blogging journey wasn’t and still isn’t the easiest.

Even though I am familiar with the “blogging world” (I had a Youtube channel back in the very early days of 2007-2010 and had a few blogs since), I’ve never blogged for the purpose of making it my full-time job, so on this blog I’ve been learning a lot of stuff I didn’t know about before.

So, except for the basics of blogging, I’ve learned so much these past 4 months and I couldn’t be happier!

Today I’m going to share with you how I made  $686 on my 4th-month blogging! 

YEP. You read that right! I’m so happy!

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Like I just said, my blogging journey wasn’t the easiest, and it still isn’t. It is mainly because I’m a very ambitious person, and sometimes my expectations from myself are too high from reality, and it’s hard for me to accept the fact that there are things in life that don’t follow up with my lead.

With that being said, even if I’m “not cool” with my reality, I still do everything I can to reach my goals, and that’s exactly what I am doing with my blog.

I had ups and downs with my blog, and even though I made this much money only on my 4th-month blogging, I am still not up to my expectations. But I’m working on it, no worries 😉 

On my 4th month blogging, I made $686! Which is insane for me, especially because my views weren’t that great, and I had a few problems with my blog, also there were a few days my blog wasn’t working because I had switched themes and did a complete makeover to my blog. 

My main goal is to make my blog my full-time job, and November was the month I’ve really got into the idea of making it happen, the quickest as possible. 

During November I made a few investments; I bought a few courses that helped me learn even more about blogging, and also to upgrade my blog and helped me grow. But I will get into that later. 

This is my first income report, I was thinking a lot whether I should or shouldn’t post an income report. Honestly, I wasn’t too comfortable thinking about the idea of sharing how much I make and talking about it. 

But on the other hand, this isn’t my full income, I work in other stuff as well in my everyday life, so it is only sharing a part of my income. That made the idea better. 

I am sharing this income report for all of my fellow beginners, to show you that it is possible, and to share with you the things I did to earn this amount of money only on my 4th-month blogging. 

According to my blog’s stats, it hasn’t been great. 

At the beginning of November, I had around 3,000 + monthly page views, but the rest of November was pretty tough and my page views decreased. 

The only thing I can think of is a few problems I had with my website and a few things I did on Pinterest that later that month, after taking a few blogging courses, I discovered that were hurting my blog and not helping it.

On Pinterest, I had 189K monthly page views and 780 followers. Later that month, after changing my Pinterest strategy I ended the month with 210K and 800 followers! (and according today the stats are only increasing. YAY)

What helped me increase my Pinterest stats?

This month I took two amazing Pinterest courses that helped me so much! 

The first one I actually received on a giveaway, was “The Viral Pin Guide” by Emily from I love this ebook! 

Emily went viral on Pinterest multiple times, and also has a Pinterest service. 

After going viral a few times, she created this amazing ebook and shares all her secrets on how to create viral pins, how to go viral on Pinterest and shares her own Pinterest strategy which is amazing. 

I took this course around a month ago, and I’ve already seen a change in my Pinterest stats and blog’s pageviews a few days after implementing her strategy! 

CLICK HERE to go viral on Pinterest as well! 

The second course I took was Pinterest Strategies by Carly from! I think Carly is considered as the queen of Pinterest. 

After “cracking the code” of how to succeed on Pinterest and drive massive traffic to your own blog, Carly created this amazing Pinterest course that is being updated every year or so and shares her own secrets and strategies on driving massive traffic to her blog. 

Well, I’ll tell you this – I took this course 2 weeks ago, and I’ve seen a massive increase in my Pinterest stats and on my blog’s page views! 

From the 189K monthly views, I had on Pinterest by the end of November, in these past 10 days I’ve reached 240K monthly views, and I am seeing much more engagement on my pins without even working too hard on them! 


I highly recommend taking both courses. On The Viral Pin Guide, Emily shows you exactly how to create viral pins, how to go viral on Pinterest and shares her own great Pinterest strategy. 

With the combination of taking the Pinterest Strategies course, you’ll learn how to work with Pinterest, how to drive massive traffic to your blog and learn all of the best tips on how to grow on Pinterest and grow your own blog. 

Both courses are super affordable, and are highly worth the investment!

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PRO TIP: A while ago I launched a 2020 blogging planner and also started using it myself!

Honestly, I will tell you that using a blogging planner has changed my blogging life forever. It is so nice to have everything organized, have all my blog posts planned, use to-do lists and just have everything layed out infront of me!

If you are serious about blogging and your aim is to make blogging your part/full-time job I highly recommend investing in a blog planner and organize everything inside!

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How I Made $686 on my 4th-month blogging?!

Affiliate Marketing: $662

This was the biggest part of my income this month, and most of it is actually from the HotelsCombined affiliate program!

Hotelscombined – $615

Like you can tell Hotelscombined was the biggest affiliate income of the month.  

If you are a travel blogger, I highly recommend joining Hotelscombined’s affiliate program!

This affiliate program works as a pay-per-click, which at first I thought sucked, but that month I discovered how profitable it can get.

In order to earn money,  your viewers need to click your link and only search for hotels, that’s it!

The payment range is between $0.50-$2.00 per click, which sounds a little, but if you drive a lot of traffic to your links, it can get pretty good.

A few of my pins went viral on October-November, so I guess it was the main reason I earned that amount of money.

Amazon – $9

Even though it’s only $9, I am happy with it because in October I earned only a few cents.

At the end of October, I bought Dale’s Amazon Affiliate Affluence ebook. After feeling so frustrated with Amazon’s affiliate program, I thought I was missing out on something, and I had to get better.

So, first month after using her ebook’s strategies, I made $9 after making only a few cents on the month before. 

I was hoping to make more, but like I said before, sometimes my expectations are higher than what reality gives me.

Anyways, I have a full review on the Amazon Affiliate Affluence ebook,CLICK HERE to read it! – $18

Cj is an affiliate network that offers many affiliate programs! 

I’m signed with a few, but these $18 are actually from the Skyscanner affiliate program!

They are also a pay-per-click affiliate program, and this is what I made with them 🙂

House Of Barzen – $11

I’m an affiliate of the House Of Barzen’s ebooks and courses, and on November I made $11 with it:)

I’ve actually only talked about the ebook I’m promoting once on my Favorite Blogging eBooks and Courses blog post, so I guess it did go well.

With that being said, I still highly recommend checking out the $10K Journal Bundle!

It’s a bundle of the 10K In 12 Months ebook and the Journal Yourself To Wealth Ebook.

I mainly bought it because I wanted the 10K in 12 Months ebook, which I talked about more deeply in this blog post!


Skimlinks – $9

Even though I didn’t see much money from this affiliate program, I still love it and highly recommend it, because I definitely see the potential.

Skimlinks automate your affiliate links, which means that if I inserted a link to Uber, for example, they will make the link an affiliate link and I will receive the money from Skimlinks.

I hope I explained that right. Anyways, I highly recommend checking Skimlinks out! 

I believe  my affiliate income was increasing (again, comparing it to the $5 I made on October) thanks to this amazing course I took on October, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle from

I truly give this course the credit, because before I took it, I did know what affiliate marketing was and how can I make money with it, but after taking this course I learned that I wasn’t doing it right, and I’ve learned a lot of new strategies and things I should do to really see money from affiliate marketing. 

Apparently throwing links all over your blog isn’t enough 😉

Digital Products – $24

I am so happy to say that I’ve made money from my own digital products. 

If you didn’t know or notice, I have a little shop section with a few digital products I’ve created in the past 2 months.

I believe I’ve only seen income from them in November because before that I wasn’t promoting them right. 

I recommend checking out the Get Paid To Pin ebook by Dale from

In the ebook she shows her own strategy on how to make money from Pinterest, I took this course in October, but only started implementing her strategy last month.

I can tell you this course was a success because one of the sales was from Pinterest!

CLICK HERE to make money from Pinterest!


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  2. Well done with you’re blogging journey so far. It’s really good to see that it is still possible to earn from a new blog as a lot of bloggers who earn seem to have been an established blogger for a very long time.

  3. Loved reading this as a new blogger! So many great tips that I will be using with my blog when it launches in January. I struggle with making goals that may seem too big at first and then have a hard time when I don’t meet those expectations so I feel you there! Definitely feeling it with the goals I am making for the blog already lol. Keep it up you’re doing great! Getting income in only 4 months is awesome!

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