The Best Things to do in Dubai For First Time Visitors!

Best Things to do in Dubai

After an insanely fun trip to Dubai, I am here to share with you the best things to do in Dubai!

If you are planning your trip to Dubai, and looking for things to do in Dubai and fun Dubai attractions, in this Dubai travel guide I am going to share with you the best attractions and sightseeing places to visit in Dubai!

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best things to do in dubai

Walk Around Al Seef 

To be honest, the Al Seef neighborhood is my favorite place in Dubai. It gives the best Emirates vibes and is such an authentic place to visit! 

In Al Seef, you can find many gift shops, restaurants, and also the iconic Starbucks place. 

Also, if you are a photography lover or love taking Instagramable photos, you can find many beautiful photo spots in Al Seef! 

Traditional Lunch/Dinner Cruise 

Another authentic activity to do in Dubai is to go on a dinner cruise in a traditional boat! 

I went on this dinner cruise experience, and had such a great time! We ate traditional Emirates food, heard traditional music, saw the beautiful views of Dubai from the river, and also got a henna tattoo on my hand! 



Honestly, the United Arab Emirates has some of the prettiest beaches I’ve been to! You can’t skip the beach while visiting Dubai. 

One of the prettiest beaches in Dubai is the Palm West Beach. Highly recommended! 

More beautiful beaches in Dubai: 

  • JBR Beach
  • Marina Beach 
  • Jumeriah Beach 
  • La Mer Beach 

Visit The Burj Khalifa 

If you didn’t hear about the Burj Khalifa tower, you should know that it’s the most famous tower in the Emirates, and is also the tallest building in THE WORLD! 

You can visit the 124 & 125 floors of Burj Khalifa when you buy tickets from this website. 

The view is beautiful, you can see the whole view of this futuristic desert city. Also, the Burj Khalifa is connected to the Dubai Mall, which we are going to talk about next. 

best things to do in dubai

Dubai Mall 

Honestly, I didn’t go shopping in Dubai, but if you love shopping and have a few hours you want to spend, the Dubai Mall is definitely a must-visit. 

The Dubai Mall is the biggest mall in the UAE and you can literally get lost in it a few times during your shopping trip. 

As I mentioned earlier, the Burj Khalifa tower is connected to the Dubai Mall, so I recommend combining the two in one visit. 

Camel Ride in The Desert 

One of the coolest experiences in Dubai is going on a sunset camel ride in the Dubai Desert! 

We went on this experience with this company, and we had such a good time! First, the experience includes a sunset camel ride of 30 minutes. 

It sounds very short, but after 30 minutes you usually feel like it’s enough. 

Then, you go to a bedouin camp where you can eat Emirates snacks, drink Arab tea, smoke hookah, take pictures, shop for some souvenirs, and more. 

Afterward, the real fun begins! You can either get the package that includes dinner, or you can get the one that only includes the camel ride and the traditional performances. 

We chose to eat there a traditional Emirates dinner, which was so delicious! It’s an Emirates buffet, and it was SO GOOD. 

While we ate, we got to see a traditional dance performance and also a fire performance. Both were very nice. 

This experience is very authentic and fun, and you should definitely consider spending an evening in the desert! 

Visit The Old Souk 

Visiting the Old Souk is definitely a unique experience. Honestly, it isn’t a completely easy experience and can be very hectic, but looking back I would still not miss it. 

It isn’t an easy experience since the salesmen are A LOT. And by that I mean that they will do anything to make you come in to their shop. 

For example, except for the moment they catch you looking at their shop, they would immediately go after you if you kept walking and would try to convince you and will pressure you to come to their shop. 

These men are the gentle kind. 

The other kind of salesmen would literally block you and make you come into their shop, or they will grab you by the hand and try to convince you to get inside their shop. 

Beyond that experience, I still think it’s worth visiting and you can find there a lot of unique finds. 

Sadly, I don’t have a picture of the Old Souk since I wasn’t able to take one because of the salesmen.. 

Walk Around The Marina 

The Marina in Dubai is a beautiful area you should visit during your trip to Dubai. 

There are many stores and restaurants for you to eat at, and it’s also just fun walking around and taking photos. 

Visit The Miracle Gardens 

The Miracle Gardens is one of the most cutest and Instagramable places to visit in Dubai! 

Basically, it’s a huge park with huge statues that are covered in colorful flowers of all kinds. 

This is a fun experience to visit, and you can take there some beautiful photos for your Instagram!

 Go on an Abu Dhabi Day Trip 

If you have some extra time, I highly recommend going on an Abu Dhabi Day Trip

In general, ideally, I recommend combining Dubai and Abu Dhabi in your UAE trip. 

I recommend visiting Abu Dhabi for 2 nights to make the most out of this unique city. 

But if you don’t have the time, it’s fine. I still recommend visiting Abu Dhabi for a day and visiting its best places;

And that’s it! These were the best things to do in Dubai! What are you most excited to visit in Dubai? Let us know in the comments below!