How To Save Money In London [Use My Hack!]

How To Save Money In London- Get The London Pass!

2 months ago I visited London on the most beautiful time of the year – Christmas!

I was on a tight budget, and I was 100% sure I can travel London on a budget and even get back home with extra cash!

Guess what? I did it!

Not only that I found a $96 flight from Tel Aviv to London, and also found an amazing boutique hotel in London for pretty cheap, I also managed to travel London on a budget without missing out on anything!

I did everything I wanted and planned, ate at nice places, shopped a bit, and went to every attraction/sightseeing place I was planning on!

One of the reasons I was able to travel London on such a low budget was thanks to the London Pass, which I am going to review for you today!

So, is the London Pass worth it? Let’s find out!

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How To Save Money In London: Use the London Pass!

The London Pass is a sightseeing pass that includes free admission to multiple attractions and tours in London!

The best thing about the London Pass, and the reason people decide to purchase it, is the fact that it can save you up to 70% on what it would cost to purchase each tickets to these attractions individually.

What I also love about this pass, is that with the pass you also get skip-the-line tickets to many attractions.

And, you get free bus rides all around London, including a cruise ride tour! (which is one of my favorite things to do when exploring a city that has a river. Such a different way and view point of the city. So much fun!)

You can purchase the London Pass for how many days you need, we personally decided to use the London Pass for only 3 days.


What’s Included In The London Pass?

Here are the attractions and tours included in the pass:

Tower Of London (£27.50) – Take a tour of the historical tower, part of British history since the 11th century.

Tower Bridge (£9.80) – Visit the most famous bridge of London and go on top of the tower to see a breathtaking view of London!

Westminster Abbey (£23.50) – Feast your eyes on imperious Gothic architecture and some of the most beautiful stained glass in the UK as you explore this monumental site in British history

The View from the Shard (£32.00) – See the best panoramic views of London inside!

London Bridge Experience (£28.95) – Explore the underground tombs of London Bridge and  the haunting tales of the city’s notorious past!

Hop On-Hop Off Bus Tour (£34.50) – Take an exlusive tour of London from a Hop-On, Hop-Off bus tour! There are 110 stops & 8 routes around the top attractions and sightseeing places! 

Thames River Boat Cruise (£19.25) – One of the best ways to explore a city that has a river, is through a river cruise. It’s a different and more exciting point of view of the city!

Jewel Tower (£6.30) – If you are visiting the Tower Of London through the London Pass, you also get a free entry to the Jewel Tower!

Take a look at the queen’s jewels! One of the best experiences I had in London.

London Bicycle Tour (£26.95) – What’s more fun than exploring London through a bicycle tour of the city? Enjoy the ride and the views!

Chelsea FC Stadium Tour (£24.00) – If you are interested in sports, the Chelsea FC stadium tour is definitely for you!

The Queen’s Gallery (£13.50) – View all of the beautiful paintings that are inside the Queens’ Gallery. This is a popular site for London visitors who want to immerse themselves in the heritage of the city

Originally created over 40 years ago on the west front of Buckingham Palace, The Queen’s Gallery London was built out of the bomb-damaged ruins of a former private chapel and has recently undergone redevelopment.


London Pass Pricing:

I am giving you A HUGE travel tip here – and this tip includes any attractions pass you are purchasing to any country you are visiting.

Like I said earlier, the London Pass is worth buying because you get an up to 70% off discount when buying the pass instead of purchasing every entry ticket individually.

BUT, what if I tell you that you can get an extra discount on the pass?!

What I usually do is purchase the pass (for any country, not only London) through this website.

If you don’t know, it is a website that offers discount tickets to multiple attractions and tours all over the world.

They also offer discount priced attractions passes to multiple cities! London included!

So, when you purchase the London Pass through this website, you get around an extra 30% off discount for the pass after the already lowered price of the pass itself.

Cool right?!

If you are purchasing the pass through, here are the pricing:


  • 1 day – $100
  • 2 days – $130
  • 3 days – $155
  • 4 days – $185
  • 5 days – $198.90
  • 6 days – $195
  • 10 days – $238.90


  • 1 day – $73
  • 2 days – $100
  • 3 days – $112
  • 4 days – $136
  • 5 days – $149
  • 6 days – $145
  • 10 days – $178.90

How to Purchase the London Pass?

Purchasing the London Pass is super easy!

If you are using my travel hack (and I hope you are ;)) then you start by going to this website to purchase the London Pass.

How To Save Money In London

Now click “Book Now” and purchase!

How To Save Money In London

You can either collect your pass from a pickup location in London, or receive it immediatly via the London Pass app.

Also, there is an option to have the pass delivered to your house before the trip for an extra fee.

Personaly, I used the digital delivery via the mobile app.

It’s the easiest, and you can also never lose or forget it anywhere, because it’s on your phone, it’s 2020, and 99% of humanity don’t leave their house without their phone.

Also, it’s the easiest to use beacuse you just scan the ticket at the entrance of each attractions.

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Who Is the London Pass For?

I highly recommend purchasing the London pass if:

  • You are visiting London for the first time
  • If you are traveling as a family
  • If there are multiple attractions in London you are planning on visiting
  • If you are traveling on a budget

Who ISN’T the London Pass For?

The London pass isn’t for you if you are not planning on visiting many touristy attractions that are included in the London pass.

For example, if you are planning on visiting the Tower of London and the Queen’s Galary, but you are not interested in any other attraction, I wouldn’t recommend investing in the London Pass.

Is the London Pass really worth it?

If you are thinking whether you should or shouldn’t purchase the London Pass, I highly recommend calculating whether it’s going to bring you value or not.

I recommend making a list of the attractions you are planning on visiting, and comparing it to the price of the pass.

For example, if you are planning on:

  • Visiting the Tower of London (£27.50)
  • Going on a Thames River Boat Cruise (£19.25)
  • Have a panoramic view of London from the Shard (£32.00)
  • Go on the London Bridge Experience (£28.95)
  • Go on a Hop On-Hop Off London Bus Tour (£34.50)

All together that would be £142 (or $187) if you purchase all the tickets individually for a full price.

Your second (and much better honestly) option is to get the 2 days pass for only $130 and save $57. Or even spread it out and purchase the 3 days pass for $155 and save $32.

If this list is your type of plan, the London pass is definitely worth it.

How To Save Money In London: FAQS

What are the main benefits of the London Pass?

The London Pass gives you access to over 80 of the best tourist attractions in London, plus a hop on hop off bus tour, as well as other benefits like Fast Track Entry at selected busy attractions.

Each London Pass comes with a free guidebook and also entitles you to a range of great offers and discounts at restaurants, shops and entertainment options around the city.

Can I skip lines?

Yes, at selected attractions marked in your guidebook. Take your London Pass to the prepaid ticket desk where the operator will swipe your card in a special reader and you will be shown straight through.

How much can I save with the London pass?

The more you see the more you save! You only need to visit a few attractions before you start saving money. 

Can I visit the same attractions twice with my london pass?

You can only visit each attraction included on the London Pass once. Repeat entry is not allowed.

How does the london pass work?

The London Pass is simple and easy to use, check out the Guidebook, app or website to choose where you wish to visit. 

Show the London Pass card at the entrance or ticket office of any attraction included, they will scan the card and give you entrance at no further cost. 

Show your card and head straight inside – it’s as easy as that!

What happens if I change the date of my trip to London?

Your London Pass (as well as your email confirmation voucher if you planned to collect your order in London) is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

How To Save Money In London

So, is the London Pass Worth it?

The London Pass is definitely worth it if you are a first time visitor, or even if you are just planning on visiting a lot of touristy things and you want to save money.

Also, if you are a family with kids, the pass is definitely worth it. 


How To Save Money In London