TOP 30 Travel Gifts For Couples Who Love to Travel!

The Best Travel Gifts For Couples

Looking for some travel gift ideas for that couple who always travels?
Today’s blog post is all about the best travel gifts for couples!

If you are looking for some travel gifts for couples who love to travel – keep reading!

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travel gifts for travel couples

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Mr & Mrs Luggage Tags + Passport Holder

This Mr & Mrs travel gift set is a perfect gift to give a recently married travel couple!

The beautiful gift set comes with “Mr & Mrs” luggage tags and a passport holder (and let’s not forget about the fancy pen) which will make the couple’s travel experience much more luxurious and fun!

Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy having a beautiful passport holder?

travel gifts for couples

Cork Globe

This cute cork globe is the perfect gift for a couple that has been to many states together! 

There are 50 colorful pins that come in this set that they can push into every country they’ve been to!

travel gift ideas for travel couples


A GoPro is a great gift idea for an adventurous travel couple. They can use it to take photos underwater when they are snorkeling or swimming, use it for extreme adventures, and more!

travel gift ideas

His & Her Personalized Passport Holders

Another cute and thoughtful idea is these His & Hers personalized passport holders! You can customize them yourself however you want!

travel gift ideas for travel couples

New York Skyline Whisky Glass

How nice is this New York Skyline Whisky glass? If your travel couple is an alcohol lover and is a New York City lover as well, this can be a nice idea they can use in their daily life or when they have guests over!

travel gift ideas

Scratch Off Map

I’ve been dreaming of getting a scratch-off world map for a loooong time now! This is the perfect gift for any travel lover!

What traveler doesn’t like walking around his house, looking at the map, and seeing how many countries he already visited!

Or the excitement of scratching off a country when you return from a new destination!

This scratch-off world map is definitely one of the best travel gifts for couples and for general travelers as well!

travel gift ideas for travel couples

City Maps Posters

If you are looking for a wanderlust home decor gift, you can get a set of three (or two) city maps posters.

They can be maps of their (the couple) favorite cities/maps of cities they visited or mean something to them/ any other popular cities you’ll think they love!

travel gift ideas for travel couples

Airbnb Gift Card

If you know they are planning a vacation or having an upcoming trip, you can get them an Airbnb gift card!

travel gift ideas for travel couples

Luggage Travel Cup Holder

I think that whoever invented this product is a genius. I hate it when I walk around the airport with my suitcase, and my bag in one hand, my phone in the other, and I just don’t have any hands to barely do anything.

So I think this luggage cup holder is a brilliant solution! You can put your coffee cup inside, your wallet/passport (but it’s important to keep an eye on the important belongings).

travel gift ideas

Reading Light

Another great gift option is a reading light! They can use it while they travel on the plane (if it’s a night flight and everyone around is sleeping and they want to read something/do something in the dark), or while they are traveling.

This reading light works on batteries, and can easily be charged!

travel gift ideas for travel couples

Microfiber Beach Towel

If you don’t know what is a microfiber beach towel is, it’s a quick dry towel that you can take anywhere you go and it will dry quickly!

It is super practical and is definitely a must-have travel essential!

travel gift ideas

Suitcases Set

I can’t think of a traveler who doesn’t need a suitcase, it’s obviously a must-have to travel.

The best kind of suitcases (in my opinion) or the hard-covered ones. They are more guaranteed to keep your belongings safe and not smooshed.

I found this very nice and affordable suitcase set that has three sizes of suitcases! 


Bluetooth Earbuds

These Bluetooth earbuds are a great fit that they can use when they travel and in their everyday life! Because let’s face it, who doesn’t use and don’t need headphones?

travel gift ideas

Travel Neck Pillow

I always talk about how important it is to travel with a travel neck pillow. It’s literally a life-saver on a flight (especially on a long one).

This travel neck pillow set comes with the neck pillow, a sleeping mask, a pair of earplugs, and a bag to put them all in one place!

travel gift ideas

Adventure Fund Box

Help your travel couple to save for their next trip with this cute adventure fund box!

travel gift ideas for travel couples

Our Moments On-The-Go Game

This is the perfect game to play with your partner on a long ride, a flight, or even during a quality time while traveling (or at home).

In the game, you can find 100 thought-provoking conversation starters that are a great jump start to a deep conversation!

travel gift ideas

Mini Clothes Steamer

Taking a mini steamer is always a great decision to make when you travel. It’s important to take care of your clothes when you travel as well 😉

travel gift ideas for travel couples

Couple Travel Mugs

These travel mugs are so cute! There are many travel mug sets for couples that you can find. It’s a nice thoughtful gift to give to your travel couple!

travel gift ideas

Mr. & Mrs. Luggage Tags

These Mr. & Mrs. luggage tags are a cute gift idea that is also very affordable. If they are married, this can be a nice gift to give them to make sure they can’t lose their suitcase 😉

travel gift ideas for travel couples

Sleeping Mask

A sleeping mask is another important travel essential that I never recommend traveling without. There are a lot of cute sleeping masks for men and women, here are my favorite finds:

travel gift ideas

Mr. and Mrs. Robes Set

Spoil your loved ones with this high-quality Mr. and Mrs. robes set! They can take them on their travel, or spoil themselves during their everyday life!

travel gift ideas

Neck and Back Massager

This neck and back massager isn’t necessarily for traveling, but I have this same one at home and this is honestly a lifesaver for after workouts or for other back/neck pains!

In my opinion, this product is definitely a great gift idea they will enjoy receiving and using.

travel gift ideas for travel couples

Photo Album Scrapbook

If your travel couple loves traveling, it also means that they take a lot of pictures and have a lot of memories from each trip.

So why not get them a photo album scrapbook that they can insert all of their memories in!

travel gift ideas


Most Common Words In a Language Book

If you heard your loved ones talk about a language they really want to learn, or if they are planning a trip to a country with a different language, you can get them a “Most Common Words” book to help them out!

travel gift ideas for travel couples

Sushi Making Kit

Usually, people who travel a lot are more familiar with unique traditional food from different countries.

If you know they love sushi, you can get them this affordable sushi-making kit that they can use to host some delicious sushi nights and feel “abroad” when they are at home!

travel gift ideas

Global Kitchen Cooking Book

Once again, if they love traveling, and they love cooking - this cooking book is perfect for them! 

In the Global Kitchen Cooking Book, you receive multiple global traditional recipes that you can easily create at home.

travel gift ideas for travel couples

Dog Travel Bag

If they have a dog, and they travel with him a lot (whether it’s on flights or they take him on road trips), this dog travel bag is the perfect gift for them!

This travel bag has space for all dog accessories. From food pockets to space to store its toys, brush, and little dog accessories.

Also, this dog travel bag is airline-approved, so they can easily take it with them on the flight!

travel gift ideas

Outdoor Camping Dog Bed

Another great travel gift for dog owners. If they love going on road trips, and especially camping, you can get them this outdoor dog bed to make sure their dog is comfortable on any trip!

This dog bed is waterproof, washable, it’s big (so it can be perfect for any sized dog), it’s water-resistant, and portable – it just goes in this little bag and will barely take any space in the car!

travel gift ideas for travel couples

Dog Food & Water Bottle

This product is so cool! They can use it to store dog food and water when they travel with their dog!

They can also use it during their everyday life when they are going for a beach day with their dog.

This bottle can be separated into a food bowl and to a drinking bowl!

travel gift ideas

Dog Carrier for Small Dogs

Last but not least is this dog carrier for small dogs! If they have a tiny dog they love traveling with, or often take on flights, this dog carrier will definitely help them!

travel gift ideas for travel couples

And that’s it! These were my TOP 30 travel gift ideas for travel couples! If you have any other ideas, feel free to share them with us in the comments below!