Honeymoon Kit for Bride – 15 Practical and Affordable Items! [2023]

If you are searching for honeymoon kits for brides, then congratulations are in order! 

Here comes the bride! You must be glowing from the excitement for the wedding that is coming really soon… and the exhilaration of the honeymoon that is coming right after.

Like all brides, you must be thinking ahead of what to pack for that romantic honeymoon to maintain that newlywed blush and glow. 

Get your girlfriends together because all hands on deck are necessary! 

What to wear, how much to pack, how many dresses, how many shoes? You have so much on your mind already, don’t you?

While you figure out how much clothes, bikinis, shoes and makeup to bring along, I have curated a list of THE Honeymoon Kit for the bride which consist of 15 very practical AND affordable items! You are welcome 🙂 

Now calm down, breathe in and out… I got you, girl!

Honeymoon kit for bride

My Top 3 recommended Honeymoon Kits for the Bride are:

Honeymoon Kit for Bride- The Most Luxurious Kit (Above $500 total)

Honeymoon kit for bride
Honeymoon kit for bride
Honeymoon kit for bride
Honeymoon kit for bride
Honeymoon kit for bride

Honeymoon Kit for Bride- The Most Affordable Kit (Below $70 total)

Honeymoon kit for bride
Honeymoon kit for bride
Honeymoon kit for bride
Honeymoon kit for bride
Honeymoon kit for bride

Honeymoon Kit for Bride- The Happy Compromise Kit (Between $100-$150 total)

Honeymoon kit for bride
Honeymoon kit for bride
Honeymoon kit for bride
Honeymoon kit for bride
Honeymoon kit for bride

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Honeymoon Kit for Brides – 15 Practical and Affordable Items! [2023]

1. Lips, Eyes and Cheek 3-in-1

To save you room in your luggage, a lip, eyes and cheek combination is perfect to give you that natural glow during your honeymoon. It can be carried everywhere and fit into your purse for a quick touch up.

Recommended: This one from HAN is cruelty-free, vegan and comes in a range of shades that is perfect with that tan you will grow into.

Honeymoon kit for bride

2. Face Mask

Whether you are planning to honeymoon in the mountaintops or by the beach, you will need to keep your face hydrated and a pack of face masks is easy to be packed and used as many times as needed.

Practical yet essential for a honeymoon kit for brides, right?

Recommended: This 7-pack triple-layer face mask sheets that come in a bundle of 7 different scents are super cute and light! Perfect for a week of honeymooning!   

Honeymoon kit for bride

3. Self Tanning Oil

Make sure you are glowing and ready for those gorgeous honeymoon sun-kissed looked pictures by bringing a bottle of trusted self-tanning oil. A bronzed and oiled body must never be taken for granted!

Recommended: This Argan Oil self tanner gives the skin an immediate glow and the DHA helps to give a natural-looking tan that also moisturizes. 

Honeymoon kit for bride

4. Moisturizer

To avoid getting cold blisters while skiing, or dried skin for being in the sun too long, a moisturizer is a must-have item in the honeymoon kit for a bride. 

Recommended: The First Aid repair cream and intense hydration moisturizer for face and body bundle is perfect for travel and takes care of your whole body’s needs.

Honeymoon kit for bride

5. Hair Epilator

Yes, you have done your wax appointments before the honeymoon, but girl, hair grows over time! If you are planning to be on vacation for more than 5 days, then an epilator is essential to bring along.

Recommended: This 2-in-1 Hair Removal Epilator with a portable shaver comes in handy for face, bikini and legs for both men and women.

Honeymoon kit for bride

6. Bikini

A self-explanatory must-have for any location for a honeymoon, a cheeky little bikini can be used outdoors (in the sun) or indoors (saunas and hot tubs). 

You probably have quite a few bikinis in your closet right now, but buy yourself a new one for the honeymoon. Perhaps one in white?

Recommended: This sexy but supportive bikini set comes in many colors and removable padded cups.

Honeymoon kit for bride

7. Lingerie

Need I say more dear Bride? While you may have received many lingerie pieces from your Bridal Shower as gifts, do pick out a few on your own. Only you know your new husband’s desires…

Recommended: This lace kimono lingerie mesh will be a knock-out for sure!

Honeymoon kit for bride

8. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must for daily use. But prolonged exposure in the sun requires extra care and strength.

Check the temperature and weather of the honeymoon location in advance so you know how much sun protection is needed!

Recommended: This melt-in Milk Body and Face sunscreen is SPF100 and is good for sensitive skin too. Untinted and unscented, it will not make you look like a block of clay all day.

Honeymoon kit for bride

9. Honeymoon Games

Aside from the body and face care, bring something fun along to play with your new husband in the vicinity of your hotel room. Maybe after a long day, all you want to do is reconnect and have some fun on your own.

Recommended: This deck of 110 cards with questions and challenges is light enough to carry with you in your luggage to have some fun with each other.

Honeymoon kit for bride

10. Wine Tumbler

Maybe you want to bring some of that good wine you got at the hotel or the duty free shops with you to the beach. Easily fits into your beach bag, bring your wine in cool vacuumed tumblers to sip anytime you want to.

Recommended: This set of 2 tumblers hold 8.5 ounces of wine each and can be freezed in your hotel fridge so it stays cool when you bring it out.

Honeymoon kit for bride

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11. Protein Snack

You may have the hotel pool and bar waiter to serve you all day, but chances are, they do not have high protein snacks on their menu. Do carry some trail mix, or protein bars with you so you have easy access to keep those protein intakes even on vacation.

Recommended: These dairy free, high protein, low sugar bars are handy and light for your daily protein macro needs. 

Honeymoon kit for bride

12. Travel Hair Curler/Straightener

To avoid looking like a squirrel, bringing along a lightweight dual hair curler and straightener is essential. Expect romantic dinners and Instagramable pictures to be taken as part of your honeymoon.

Do also lookup online if the resort you are staying at have any specific requirements for voltage or adapters so you can check and bring the right specifications.

Recommended: This affordable 2-in-1 curler and straightener is lightweight and does its job well according to the reviews.

Honeymoon kit for bride

13. Perfume

Smelling great throughout the honeymoon is non-negotiable, and it is recommended to bring along small bottles of scents so you can mix it up according to the itinerary of the honeymoon. 

Something floral and light for the day, and something heavier and musky for the night, perhaps? I don’t know about you, but I can’t bring just 1 scent along for a whole trip. I need variety to suit my mood!

Recommended: This 5-piece various brand sampler is perfect for travel size, and gives you options to change up the scents as needed.

Honeymoon kit for bride

14. Beach Throw/Shawl

Assuming you will be spending your honeymoon somewhere warm and sandy, bringing along a pretty throw or shawl will help set up that Instagramable shot throughout the holiday.

Dual use as a throw on the sand, or to cozy up with your new husband under the cool stars at night that could lead to something sexy…

Recommended: This pure satin silk summer shawl comes in a variety of bright colors and patterns and adds the perfect vibe to any outfit.

Honeymoon kit for bride

15. Something For Him

And last but not least… you are on a honeymoon with your other half, so why not pack something for him too? A sweet touch to the honeymoon, you’re already playing the role of the loving wife!

You could consider bringing something for the flight for him, or surprise him at the hotel when you get there. Whatever you decide, I’m sure it will be appreciated!

Recommended: This sensual lavender massage ball is soothing for the skin, and also plays into some romance before bed time…

Honeymoon kit for bride

FAQ For Honeymoon Kit for Brides 

What Should I Get My Bride For Our Honeymoon?

You should get some of these for your bride for your honeymoon:

What Do You Put In A Wedding Night Gift Basket?

You can put many things in a wedding night gift basket. Some of the things can be:

What Do You Put In A Honeymoon Basket?

You can put many things in a honeymoon basket like:

What Is A Honeymoon Bag?

A Honeymoon Bag is a bag/basket/tote filled with “essentials” for the newlyweds to enjoy on their honeymoon. It can be something that can get wet, easy to carry and can hold all their pool, beach or lake items. 

What Should I Gift My Husband On Honeymoon?

You should gift your husband some of these on your honeymoon as a honeymoon kit for bride:

Focus on the wedding planning and don’t let the stress of the honeymoon packing get to you!

 Whether you are off to a honeymoon in sunny Santorini, or a cold ski trip to the Alps, these essential products will be helpful to carry along. 

The travel size items as well as the fun elements that can be enjoyed by both the bride and groom will reduce the stress of traveling so you can focus on the experience, and capture those memories for life!

As a bonus, don’t forget to leave these behind with family members or closed ones before you go trotting off somewhere:

  • Your Travel Itinerary
  • The Details Of Your Hotel (Phone, Address and Location)
  • Photocopies Of Your Personal Identities and Travel Documents

Do let me know which is the best part of this Honeymoon Kit for Brides – 15 Practical and Affordable Items! [2023] in the comments below!

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