11 Honeymoon Gift Basket Ideas [Fun & Affordable!] 2023

Did your best friend or sibling, or someone really close to you just get engaged, and you are looking for ideas to give them the sweetest most thoughtful honeymoon gift basket? 

While engagement and wedding gifts are more traditional, are you looking for the unexpected? 

Are you looking for honeymoon gift basket ideas that are outside the box?

You are definitely in the right place!

Gifting a honeymoon basket is uncommon, and will really catch the new bride and groom off-guard. 

A lot of thoughtfulness, effort and time goes into selecting the perfect product for the type of honeymoon the newlyweds are planning for.

But don’t worry, I have taken the time to curate a list of 11 honeymoon gift basket ideas that are fun and affordable! 

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11 Honeymoon Gift Basket Ideas 

1. The Perfect “Basket”

First and foremost, you will need the perfect carrier to put all the items together for the lucky couple. There are many beautiful options, and here are my top picks:

  • Wicker style basket the traditional picnic style basket that can be reused in the kitchen later
  • Woven style hamper – this can hold large items, and can easily be repurposed for storage in the future
  • Seagrass basket – this hand woven texture is pretty and can be used as a plant potter too
Honeymoon gift basket

2. Honeymoon Keepsake

Capturing pictures for memories while on their honeymoon may be good for visual reflection later on, however add another dimension to their honeymoon memories with this idea. 

Here are my top picks:

  • Honeymoon Sand Jar – This glass jar is personalized with the words “Honeymoon” and the year. This is great to keep the sand from the beach they were at for a small reminder later.
  • Scrapbook Photo Album – This is another way for the couple to journal their honeymoon and attach pictures with notes while they are there.
  • Keepsake Memory Box – This wooden box can be storage for the little items from their honeymoon, which they can revisit together in years to come.
Honeymoon gift basket

3. Personalized Hats

This is not just a pretty gift, but a very useful one especially if the couple is going to be enjoying the sun somewhere tropical. Here are my top picks for personalized hats or caps:

  • Floppy Beach Sun Hat – This one comes with the words “Just Married” for the bride. While she wears it with pride, she will be sure to receive the best service at the resort!
  • Mr & Mrs Bucket Hats – This one comes in a pair and labeled Mr and Mrs. The newlyweds will be all cute and matchy together! 
  • Mr & Mrs Baseball Caps – If they are more sporty, and will be trekking or going somewhere other than the beach, these are perfect for the couple to enjoy together.
Honeymoon gift basket

4. Personalized Towels/Scarves

I absolutely love the idea of giving luscious towels to newlyweds, because every household needs towels and they are never enough! 

Depending on where they are going for their honeymoon, these are my favorites:

  • Mr & Mrs Beach Towels – There are plenty of options out there, but this one is my pick because it’s 2 towels sewn together side by side! A huge towel to share and cuddle is absolutely what a honeymoon should be about!
  • Mr Right & Mrs Always Right Bath Towels – OK so they are not going to the beach, but they will still need beautiful towels at home when they get home from the trip – who says the honeymoon ends then? These home bath towels are fluffy and perfect!
  • Women and Men 6-piece Scarves, Gloves, Hat – If they are going somewhere cold, this matching set for him and her is perfect and will make sure they stay warm, while complementing each other’s outfits of course!

5. Matching Passport Holders

These are really fun additions to the Honeymoon Gift Basket, and will be used for every single trip beyond the honeymoon. I love gifts that last, and so would you! These are my top picks:

  • Mr & Mrs Passport Holders – The newlyweds are at their peak of excitement from their marriage, so why not get them Mr & Mrs matching passport holders? These are waterproof which is awesome!
  • Bridal Passport Covers – These are more muted (no labels) however still come in the traditional black (for him) and white (for her) colors.
  • 2-Pack Passport Holder set – These come in vibrant colors AND with RFID blocking travel wallets so their credit cards are protected!
Honeymoon gift basket

6. Matching Luggage Tags

Well if you’re gonna give them matching passport holders, you might as well throw some matching luggage tags into the basket! 

Corny, fun yet useful right? These are my favorites:

  • Honeymoon Bound Tags – This set of black and white luggage tags labeled in gold with “Honeymoon Bound” are irresistible! 
  • His, Hers & Ours Tags – This set is perfect for if the newlyweds have more than 1 luggage each and are sharing. I foresee this will be much used in the years to come.
  • Miss to Mrs Tag – Such a pretty tag that scratches of the Miss and replaces the word with Mrs. 
Honeymoon gift basket

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7. His and Hers Wine Tumblers

Wine tumblers are a great addition to the honeymoon gift baskets – because they can be chilled in the hotel room fridge, and then filled with wine to carry wherever the couple is planning to relax for the day. My favorites are:

  • Married AF Tumblers – This pair is labeled with “Married AF” and comes in a 20 oz tumbler for Him and a 12 oz tumbler for Her. 
  • Funny Wine Tumbler Set – This set comes with a “I Like His Beard” and “I Like Her Butt” label on each wine tumbler. Cute and funny!
Honeymoon gift basket

8. Sensual Kit

The honeymoon gift basket should have at least one element celebrating the couple’s joint matrimony. Fun and sexy items that I have chosen are:

  • Lavender Massage Oil – This comes in a bottle with a roller ball and is handy for the couple to give each massages. The lavender oil produces soothing, calming and romantic energy. 
  • 50 Shades of Grey Book – This book will give ideas to the couple in a fun way, and will be a fun read in bed without any distraction of the real world.
  • Kama Sutra Travel Kit – This is a fun kit with small travel sized items scents and oils to get the honeymoon started right.
Honeymoon gift basket

9. Snuggle Socks

When there is travel involved, there are lots of walking, sleeping, and waiting. Hence adding a good pair of snuggly socks in the honeymoon gift basket is one way of making sure the couple is comforted while traveling to their destination and back.

  • Slipper Socks – These are ultra plush with non-slip soles, perfect for that long flight.
  • Thick Winter Socks – These pairs come insulated, and cozy with thermal for extreme cold weather
Honeymoon gift basket

10. Travel Pillow

Another item to add to the couples’ comfort while traveling to their honeymoon is a travel pillow. 

A good comfortable neck pillow will do wonders for the body while on the road. My top picks are:

  • Memory Foam Neck Pillow – Breathable and machine washable, this set comes with eye masks, earplugs and a luxury bag to keep them all.

11. Couple Journal 

With all the other 10 items focused on the newlyweds’ preparation for their honeymoon, this final item in the honeymoon gift basket is for their future plans together as husband and wife. 

The great thing about honeymoons is that the new couple is away from the distractions of everyday life, and can spend 24/7 with each other. What better time and place to start discussing the immediate and long term plans together? 

My favorite picks for the journal are:

  • As We Grow Memory Book – The author has created templates and spaces for new couples to celebrate and remember details and plan ahead.
  • You & Me Bucket List – Instead of creating individual bucket lists, this journal helps the couple plan together on the milestones they want to achieve together.
Honeymoon gift basket

A few factors to consider when putting together the perfect honeymoon gift basket:

1. Weight Of The Items In The Basket

Do consider how they newlyweds will be traveling to their honeymoon, and what their luggage requirements would be. 

If they are traveling by air, you would want to purchase sample size items, or miniatures so they do not overfill their luggage. 

Also do consider if these would be check in or carry on items, and meet with the airline regulations.

2. Location Of The Honeymoon

My gift basket ideas are based on the destinations of the honeymoon, whether it may be a beach holiday, a trekking adventure or a ski-holiday somewhere cold. 

Try to find out from the newlyweds on where they are planning to honeymoon and customize the right products for their romantic getaway!

3. Your Relationship With The Newlyweds

Depending on the relationship you have with them, you may want to customize the level of raunchiness in the honeymoon gift basket 😉 Feel free to add a little spice into the gift baskets, or keep it low key where you see fit!

With all of these considerations, I have curated the most perfect 11 Honeymoon Gift Basket Ideas which are fun and affordable so you don’t have to! 

Honeymoon gift basket

FAQ for 11 Honeymoon Gift Basket Ideas

What Do You Put In A Honeymoon Gift Basket?

You can put many things in a honeymoon basket like:

What Is A Good Honeymoon Gift?

A good honeymoon gift would be items that the newlyweds can enjoy on their honeymoon like:

What Is A Honeymoon Bag?

A Honeymoon Bag is a bag/basket/tote filled with “essentials” for the newlyweds to enjoy on their honeymoon. It can be something that can get wet, easy to carry and can hold all their pool, beach or lake items. 

I hope all 11 items on the Honeymoon Gift Basket idea list were useful, and the options for each item made it easy for you to purchase.

No matter the content, the bride and groom will truly appreciate your thought and effort into curating the perfect honeymoon gift basket for their trip! 

Gift baskets can be a fun and cute way to show loved ones how much you care, and since they are personalized, the items in the basket will be useful and appreciated by the receivers.

I am sure you can’t wait to see their surprised faces when you gift them the basket – such a fun and exciting way to send off your loved ones on their new adventure! 

Let me know which baskets you curated in the comments.

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