In this page I collect and share all of the best travel resources out there ! From flights, hotels – everything to plan your trip, to travel blogging resources and more 🙂

This page will be updated and changed through time, as I find new resources you have to know ! 😉 So I recommened checking this page every once in a while, so you won’t miss anything !

*This page may contain affiliate links.

The best flights search engine out there ! I found so many cheap flights on this website.There is also a “How To Find Cheap Flights On Skyscanner Guide” here on my blog !
Skyscanner shows you the best deals on the market ! you can also see when is the best time to travel to a certain destination, or when is it the cheapest to travel, etc. 

Google Flights

Google Flights is also a good way to see price ranges to different destinations around the world. It shows you the best deals that are currently on the market !

Also a great flights searhing engine. They have many good deals, and even sales on different flights ! They also offer many great hotel deals, i’ve booked hotels/flights through their site a few times already, and they do have great deals.


Airbnb is one of the best money saving things you can do on your trip. It is perfect for traveling on a budget. Instead of booking an expensive hotel in the heart of the city, book a cheap and lovely Airbnb apartment that is located in the heart of the city !

Hotels combined

When searching for a hotel, I like to look first at It shows you all of the offered deals that are currently online to the specific hotel you are looking at. It shows you where you can get the cheapest offer. Cool isn’t it ?

One of the most famous hotels booking sites out there. It just shows you all of the hotels/apartments/hostels that are available on the dates you are planning to stay.


This is a briliant website ! When you think about it, every day there are many people canceling pre-paid hotel room reservations and get stuck. So, this briliant site basically sells canceled hotel rooms reservations to other people. It is perfect for the people who canceled their reservations, and even better for the other travelers, that are looking for a nice last minute deal !

This is one of my favorite sites, as well as one of the best money saver websites online !

Through you can buy tickets to multiple attractions/tours all over the world ! You can find even attractions passes (which you guys know I highly recommened), and all of the tickets you buy here are cheaper than buying the ticket at the attraction you are visiting.

Save your money, and get discount tickets to multiple attractions/tours through !!


MegaBus is a great and affordable bus company. They work in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Europe.

I’ve used them a few times, in the United States actually. I drove with them from New York to Philadelphia, and also from New York to Boston and back. I had such a good experience with them, I have to recommend them. They are cheap, quick and have a great service.

Check them out here 🙂


Uber is one of my favorite ways to get to places when I am traveling. I’ve used them many times! In the United States, in Europe. Also, I promise you that using an Uber to get to your hotel/apartment from the airport, is one of the biggest money saving, cheapest things you can do in your trip. I highly recommend.

Check Uber out here 🙂


Travel More, Pay Less FREE email course!


Yup, self promo here. My email course provides all of the best information and resources on how to plan your next trip, how to book cheap flights, stay at nice places for cheap, saving money while traveling, and more!

If you truly want to know how you can travel more, and pay less – this free email course is for you!



The #1 recommended hosting & domain company ! 

I use BlueHost myself for my blog. It is cheap, has a support system almost 24 hours a day that are super heplful, and is highly recommended !



My favorite email marketing company ! It is free up to 1000 subscribers and is so easy to use. They offer campaigns, segmentation, automation, forms and even landing pages. It is so simple, yet so proffesional looking. I love it. Highly recommened !

Free stock photos for your blog

1. – I use this site a lot for some photos in my blog. There are amazing photos, 

especially for a travel blog. I use this website a lot, and it is also completely free!

2. – also a great stock photos website. It offers many beautiful photos from different catagories. 


eBook Best Seller Online Course

Honestly, I am obssesed with “The She Approach” website in general. I think i’ve read 99.9% of the articles in Ana’s blog.

I could tell you one thing – she is amazing, has great tips for starting your own blog/online business, how to promote it, how to earn money from it – every blogging topic you can think about, she got coverd!
That is why I highly and truly recommened The She Approach Ebook Best Seller online course.
She has many ebooks and online courses in her site, but this one is amazing!
This online video course is designed to help bloggers and first-time authors write, format, publish and successfully launch their ebooks. It covers both self-publishing on your own platform and how to get your eBook listed on Amazon.

For more information click here 🙂 

Affiliate Marketing Training Bundle

If you are wishing to see income for your blog, affiliate marketing is an pretty easy way to make passive income from your blog. You can litteraly earn money while you sleep!

This affiliate marketing training bundle is perfect for bloggers who are starting to monetize their blogs but are struggling to create an affiliate marketing strategy that works. 

So, save yourself another headache, and check out this training bundle.

The She Approach To Boosting Your Blog Traffic

This is an amazing eBook that guides new bloggers to increase their blog traffic. You get amazing tips and strategys that are proven to work, as well as a 30$ bonus in the forms of 2 months of Tailwind! Nice isn’t it?

It only costs 25$, so you pay less and get more 😉 check it out here !


$10K Journal Bundle

In the ebook Elise shows how she made $10,000 in her first year of blogging. 


In the book you’ll learn:

  1. The basics on how to get your business running in your first month.
  2. Tips for fast-tracking your growth when starting out.
  3. How to get started with list building + six ways Elise grew her own list quickly.
  4. Best ways to monetize your business with affiliate marketing and affiliate products.
  5. How to plan and create your first digital products.
  6. Eleven of the most effective sales strategies in Elise’s business that grew her income and profit.


I highly recommend purchasing this bundle if you are wishing to grow your blog/business’s income.



Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing

I believe this is one of the most famous blogging courses out there! Michelle from created this amazing affiliate marketing course to help other bloggers make money from affiliate marketing!

Michelle is a full-time blogger who makes $50,000 per month only from affiliate marketing! It’s insane!

In this course Michelle shares her secrets and her own strategies on making this much money a month from affiliate marketing only!

This course is pretty expensive, but it is totally worth the investment if you really do want to know how to make so much money from affiliate marketing.

A month after purchasing the course, I’ve made $686 on my 4th-month blogging! So I would say this course is definitely a success. 

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Amazon Affiliate Affluence

If you’ve joined Amazon’s affiliate program (Amazon Associates), and not seeing even a cent from it, or you do see a few dollars from it but you want to earn more than just a few dollars a month from Amazon, this ebook is for you!


In this ebook, Dale shows her exact strategies for earning 2.5$ a month from Amazon, to making more than 1000$ a month from Amazon only!


Crazy right?!


What you’ll learn:
  • How to get approved as an Amazon affiliate
  • How to write blog posts that actually convert and make sales
  • The right way to keyword research
  • How to get lots of traffic and attract readers who are ready to make a purchase
  • Advanced content and linking strategies guaranteed to increase conversions.
  • Top 5 types of blog posts you can write to make sales + the exact templates for writing them that Dale uses (+examples!)
  • More little-known strategies to making money as an Amazon affiliate.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the ebook!


The Viral Pin Guide

Emily went viral on Pinterest multiple times, and also has a Pinterest service. 

After going viral a few times, she created this amazing ebook and shares all her secrets on how to create viral pins, how to go viral on Pinterest and shares her own Pinterest strategy which is amazing. 

I read this ebook around a month ago, and I’ve already seen a change in my Pinterest stats and blog’s pageviews a few days after implementing her strategy! 

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