How to Choose Travel Blog Names For Your Blog!

Travel Blog Names – How to Choose The Perfect Name

Let’s talk about travel blog names! How do you choose a travel blog name? What travel blog names tips you need to know?

If you are planning on starting your own travel blog, make sure to read this blog post, get some ideas, and check out this blog post as well!

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Choosing the right travel blog name is very important, because your travel blog name is the first impression you’ll make on potnetial readers.

To make a good impression, you’ll need a memorable, catchy, and unique name that will stand out and will be memorable in people’s mind.

If you want to start a blog, and start the blog building process first, it’s definitely possible and very easy!

You can start a blog now and choose a name later once you are setteled with the perfect name.

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Travel Blog Names Tips:

1. Use a .com Domain

Let’s be honest, most of us remember websites with a .com at the end since it is more popular more than choosing a .org, .co, .net, etc. 

But of course, if a .com domain isn’t available, you can choose the other endings too, but try to find a .com domain since it’s the most common and standered domain name which looks the most professional.

2. Don’t use numbers or hyphens

By this I mean to actually not use numbers or hyphens in your travel blog name since it looks very unproffessional and confusing to your audience.

For example, as you can tell, my domain name is, originally I wanted but that domain was taken. So instead of doing for example, I chose my domain to be since it looks more professional.

3. Make sure your name is available on social media

Before you register your domain, make sure it is available on social media platforms. This isn’t a complete dealbreaker, but if your name isn’t available it might be harder for people to find you.

But once again, in my opnion this isn’t a deal breaker and I wouldn’t give up a name if it’s taken on social media.

4. Avoid choosing an overused name

Since the travel blogging industry contains many bloggers and influencers, there are a lot of blogs with similar names.

Even though it can get hard, because there are many bloggers and many travel blog names taken, try avoiding using an overused name and try picking something more unique that will stand out.

5. Keep your travel blog name simple

Once again, make sure your travel blog name is simple, catchy, and memorable. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s also not too long and that it’s an easy to remember and to pronounce name.

6. Choose a kind of general travel blog name

If you start your travel blog as an affordable travel blog, don’t name your blog “Affordable Traveling” for example, because maybe in the future you’ll grow to a luxury travel blog, and then the “Affordable Traveling” blog name won’t fit anymore.

Pick a name that you can grow with from the start, and that doesn’t limit you with your niche or in general with your blog.

I hope these travel blog names tips helped you! But if they didn’t, and you are here for the travel blog name ideas, here are some words you can use to build your travel blog name:

A: Airplane, Abroad, Away, Anywhere, Adventures, Adventorus, Arrivals

B: Backpacking, Bucket List, Backpack, Backpacker, Budget, Bus, Beyond

C: Car, Cruise, Coconut, Check-in, Chasing, Compass, Couple, Couch Surf

D: Dream, Destination, Dreams, Departures

E: Explore, Everywhere, Exploring, Escape,Earth

F: First class, Fly, Flip Flops, Flight, Far,

G: Global, Globe, Getaway, Guide

H: Holiday, Hiking, Hike, Honeymoon

I: Island, Itinerary, International

J: Journal, Journey, Jet, Jet Set

K: Know, Knowledge, Kosher

L: Luxury, Luxurious, Luggage, Location, Lost, Leisure

M: Maps, Miles, Metro, Memento

N: Nomad, Nomadic,

O: On The Road, Ocean, Oasis, Outside, One Way,

P: Plane, Passport, Paradise, Planet, 

Q: Quest

R: Round-Trip, RV, Route, Round The World, Runaway,

S: Solo, Suitcase, Souvenirs, Sunshine, Sunscreen, Stamps, Safari, Sun, Sand

T: Travel, Traveler, Ticket, Tourist, Tropical, Trip, Tour, Trek

U: Unknown

V: Vacation, Vacay, Voyage, Visa

W: Wander, Wanderlust, Wandering, Wonderland, World, Wonder, Waves

Z: Zone

And if that’s not enough, I actually created a list of 100 travel blog names ideas that are available to use!

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What to do After You Chose a Travel Blog Name?

Now the fun part begins! Finally, starting your blog! Once you have your travel blog name, it’s time to start building your blog!

If after this blog post, and the travel blog name ideas list you still haven’t found the perfect travel blog name, that’s fine too! Don’t stress about it.

You can actually set up your blog name, then pick a name later once you decide on the perfect name.

Your next step at the beginning of your blogging journey is to register your domain name (if you’ve decided on one) and get web hosting for it.

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That’s it! This was the ultimate travel blog name choosing guide and the best travel blog names ideas and tips!

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