How to Have The Perfect Staycation

Honestly, I have never thought I would be writing a post like this. And I have never thought I would see this worldwide situation in my life. It’s crazy. 

But, I am trying to be optimistic as I can, and make lemonade from this big lemons life gave us all this year. 

Sadly, we can not travel during this time (COVID-19), but it doesn’t mean we can’t have a nice time staying at home. 

It is hard being at quarantine, but we must do it! Stay at home, and be safe. This is the only way we can end this insane time of our life, and to stop this virus and get back to our normal life as quickly as possible! 

Here are the best things you can do at home, to have the best staycation!

What to do during quarantine

Treat yourself

Now, when many countries around the world had literally stopped, and everyone is at home (hopefully), we have all the time in the world! Treat yourself! 

Give your self a manicure, pedicure, have a relaxing bath and use that face mask you’ve been wanting to try for a while!


As for myself, I can go crazy staying so much at home! Especially that I got used to working out at least three times a week before this whole quarantine situation. 

Now that the gyms are closed too (at least they are in Israel), I started looking for different workout videos on Youtube. 

So, move a little bit and workout! It’s not only good for your body, but it is also great for your soul and will help prevent depression.

Plan your next trip!

You know, the “day after to Coronavirus” will come (hopefully soon), and life will get back to normal. 

And when life will get back to normal, we will also get back to traveling! 

Now I know it may seem stupid to others, but if you truly love traveling (as myself), its hard not planning your next trip for a while, even if you don’t know exactly when that trip will be, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your time by researching destinations and planning future trips! 

What I personally did is started creating personal Pinterest boards of the trips I am planning, when each board includes beautiful photos from the destinations I am planning to visit. 

Eventually, I may create collages of these pictures, just to have something nice to look at when I feel sad during this time.

Create a blog and make money online!

During this time, a lot of workplaces are closed, and people are paid or not. But anyways, making money online is a great way to survive this difficult time and also by entertaining yourself. 

If you have always wanted to start a blog about something you are passionate about, and never had the time – well, now you have the time for sure πŸ˜‰ 

I love blogging, starting a blog was one of the best decisions I made in my short life. I love creating content, writing, designing my pins on Pinterest, promoting my blog, meeting new bloggers from all over the world, and so much more! 

Also, what I like even more about blogging is the fact that you can make money from it and work from any place in the world! 

Even during this time, while my extra jobs had been canceled due to this mess, I am still able to work on my blog from home, and make money from it as well! 


Re-organize and clean your home!

Now is the perfect time to put into action all of your plans on reorganizing your closet, or cleaning the house, or deep clean your kitchen! 

We are all stuck at home, we have all the time in the world – and now is the perfect time to do all the house chores you’ve been planning on doing for a while.

Educate yourself!

By that I mean get an ebook, or enroll in an online course about a subject you are interested in. 

If you are a travel lover, I would recommend the travel ebooks that I am selling here on my blog! 

They are both on sale for 40% OFF! Usually, they don’t go on any sales, but due to this time, I decided to make them more affordable to everyone, so anyone can spend their time during quarantine! 

The Secrets to Traveling Like a Pro – my best selling ebook that shares the best hacks and travel tips to travel the world for cheap! 

What’s In The eBook? 
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  • Important tips on renting a car 
  • A completed guide on how to plan a good full trip 
  • How to save money on your trip? (tips, hacks, and resources) 
  • Travel resources 
  • Travel planning template 
Who is this book for? 
  • You are a true travel addict, or even if you just love to travel and want to do it more often, or just learn how to do it for cheap, this book is for you. 
  • You’ll learn the best travel tips, hacks, and get all the travel resources you’ll need to plan the best cheapest trip without missing out on anything! 


Europe on a budget – Europe will be free! And when this huge mess will end, you want to be prepared to travel Europe fully, without emptying out your bank account! 

What you’ll learn in the ebook? 
  • How to book cheap flights to Europe Booking cheap but nice accommodation 
  • Transportation money-saving tips + ways to travel Europe using public transportation 
  • How to save money on attractions 
  • How to save money on food and still eat everything you desire 
  • Money-saving tips while traveling 
  • The best travel resources 
Who is this book for? 
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  • You want to learn the best travel hacks and tips for traveling the world on a budget 


Learn a new language!

Like I mentioned before, we have all the time in the world right now, being stuck at home.

So, why not upgrade ourselves? 

As for myself, I know a little bit of French, and for a long time, I didn’t have the time to keep learning! 

So, download Duolingo, watch some movies, and stay tuned for some more guides on how to learn a new language, that will be up on my blog soon!

Go on a virtual museum tour!

Some of the most famous museums in the world has opened a virtual museum tour option for their museum! 

And the best part is – it’s completely free! 

You just go on a virtual tour and wander around the best museums in the world without getting out of bed! 

Honestly, I would like to get out of bed and just travel, but.. you know.. we have some sacrifices to do. 

In the list of the virtual tours, you can find the Louvre MuseumThe Vatican Museum, China’s Forbidden City Palace MuseumSao Paulo Museum of Art


Plan the future

Wow, I am being very honest and personal in this post, but this is actually a thing I am having trouble with doing right now, even though I am trying very hard to do so! 

It is hard living a life where you have no idea what the future holds for you. 

I am a very optimistic person, I try to make the most out of everything that happens to me. 

But I also hate when things are out of my control, I hate letting time “do its thing”. 

But we must, there is no other option unless you are a doctor or a scientist. 

Honestly, it’s hard for me to plan future plans, if I have no idea what the future holds for us. But, things will get better! It’s 2020, and we got this, and things will get better! 

So, why not plan your future? 

Make a bucket list, plan trips, plan future events – everything! Life will be better and great, so make sure you are prepared for that πŸ˜‰

Learn to cook!

You can either learn how to cook if you don’t already, or if you do know how to cook, learn some new recipes and experiment at home!



What to do during quarantine What to do during quarantine What to do during quarantine