The Ultimate 2021 Disney Packing List of Must-Have Disney Essentials!

The Ultimate Disney Packing List

Planning your next Disney trip? Looking for a good Disney packing list?

If you are planning your next trip to Disney World, and you don’t want to forget anything, I’m here to help you out!

In this blog post, I am going to share with you the ultimate Disney packing list with all of the must-have Disney World essentials you can’t forget!

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Disney packing list

1. A Hat

If you are going to Disney World between April-September, when it gets very hot in Orlando (or California), a sun hat is always needed!

Many Disney parks don’t have much natural shade, and too much time in the sun without a hat isn’t always recommended.

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2. Waterproof Backpack

This waterproof backpack is perfect for your next visit to Disney World.

In Disney World, there are many unpredictable rains in Orlando, and there are many water rides in the park – it’s good to have a waterproof bag to keep your belongings safe and not worrying about them getting wet.

I like this backpack because it’s a foldable bag, it’s very lightweight, and doesn’t take up any space when packing!

disney packing list 2021

3. Waterproof Pouch

Once again, we are all about keeping our belongings safe!

If you don’t want an entire waterproof backpack, getting a waterproof pouch is perfect for keeping your belongings safe such as your phone, camera, wallet, keys, etc.

disney packing list

4. Face Masks

As of July 2021, face masks are 100% optional at Disney World outdoor, and at most indoor locations too.

With that being said, you are still required to wear a mask in some places, so it’s good to prepare.

You can bring some Disney vibes and get these cute Disney masks from Amazon!

disney packing list 2021

5. Portable Charger

I always like to travel with a portable charger! I think it’s a lifesaver during long trips and long days, and especially at Disney World!

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want my phone’s battery to die right in the middle of taking a photo of Cinderella’s Castle!

disney packing list 2021

6. Collapsible Water Bottle

If you read all of my other travel essentials blog posts, you probably already know how much I love these collapsible water bottles!

I think it’s brilliant that once the bottle is empty, you can easily throw it in your bag without it taking much space.

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7. Rain Poncho

You can never know when it will rain in Orlando, especially during the spring and summer. Even when it gets extremely hot, a shower of rain can surprise you during the afternoon.

Beyond the weather, there are also water rides in Disney World, so if you don’t want to get wet, getting a lightweight rain poncho is a great idea for both cases!

2021 disney packing list

8. Moleskin Bandages

Even though you are probably going with comfortable walking shoes, I still recommend packing with you a pack of Moleskin Bandages.

While walking around Disney World for so long, it’s pretty common to get some blisters from all of the long walks.

So if you do get a blister, you can put a Moleskin bandage over it and forget about it completely!

disney packing list 2021

9. Sunscreen

I think it is pretty self-explanatory why you can never forget sunscreen when going to Disney World.

It’s Orlando, you are outside all day, there isn’t much shade at the parks, and you don’t want to come back from your visit completely red and burned!

Disney packing list

10. Hand Sanitizer

Beyond the current situation in the world (as for July 2021), Disney World is the best place for germs with all of the people visiting it daily.

And let’s be honest, the last thing you want is to get sick during your Disney World trip!

I like and recommend this travel-sized hand sanitizer pack that comes with 5 hand sanitizers for you to use and keep in your bag!

2021 Disney packing list

11. Picnic Blanket

If you like taking a good spot for parades and the nighttime fireworks show at Disney World, a picnic blanket can be great to catch a good viewing spot.

Since there are limited places to sit, bringing a lightweight picnic blanket like this blanket from Amazon will guarantee you a comfortable sitting experience for all of the shows and parades!

The blanket easily folds up into a tiny bag, so it will barely take space in your bag!

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12. Disney Parks MagicBand

If you don’t know what MagicBands are, they are waterproof wristbands you can buy and easily link them to your Disney World park tickets, Fast Passes, and Photo Pass as well!

If you are staying at an on-property hotel, your MagicBand can also function as a room key and a charge card as well, which is super awesome and convenient.

disney packing list

13. Cooling Towels

If you didn’t hear about cooling towels, I highly recommend adding them to your list ASAP!

Cooling towels are a great way to beat the heat in Disney World. Since it’s Orlando and Florida, and you are outside during the whole day, it can get very hot.

Basically, to use the cooling towels, you just wet them with water, and through the process of evaporation, they instantly provide hours of coolness for you to relax and chill.

disney packing list 2021

14. Comfortable Walking Shoes

If you want to survive a whole day at Disney World, comfortable walking shoes are an absolute MUST-HAVE!

If you don’t go in comfortable shoes, your trip can turn into a terrible experience and you won’t enjoy Disney World as much as you should.

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15. Glow Sticks

Last but not least, are glow sticks for kids! If you are visiting Disney World with kids, you should definitely consider getting a pack of glow sticks in advance.

During the parades and nighttime activities and festivities, vendors walk around selling glow sticks and light-up toys/items at extremely high prices. 

That’s why having a pack of glow sticks in advance can save you a lot of money and also keep your kids the happiest in the happiest place in the world!

disney packing list

And that’s it for today! This was the ultimate Disney packing list with all of the must-have Disney essentials you can’t forget before visiting Disney World!