TOP 6 Best Day Trips From Madrid

Best Day Trips From Madrid

This blog post is all about the best day trips from Madrid!

If you are planning your Madrid vacation, and looking for some fun day trips to take from Madrid, in this blog post, I am going to share with you the TOP 6 most fun and exciting day trips from Madrid!

Let’s get started!

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1. Seville

One of the best day trips from Madrid is to take the speed train to Andalusia’s capital city, Seville. 

The train takes less than 2 hours and 30 minutes and you find yourself in the middle of Moorish heritage and traditional Andalusian culture. 

Your Seville itinerary should include visiting the cathedral, climbing the Giralda for a bird’s eye view of the city, and strolling through the gardens of the Alcazar. 

Then head to Plaza de España, which is the most beautiful of Seville’s attractions. 

There you can explore the tiled benches dedicated to each of Spain’s provinces and take a rowboat in the lagoon before walking through Seville’s green lung, the Maria Louisa Park. 

The best places to eat are in the enchanting Barrio de Santa Cruz neighborhood near the cathedral. 

This is also a wonderful neighborhood to walk around and soak in the sound of loud tapas bars and the scent of sweet orange bloom. 

If you get the time, head to the Guadalquivir River and enjoy the sight of the Torre del Oro guarding the river and cross the Puente de Triana bridge to the Triana neighborhood to check out the Triana Food Market that opened only a few years ago and soon became a new local favorite.

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best day trips from madrid seville

2. Avila

Avila is one of the most happening cities around Madrid which is filled with culture and has best preserved medieval-era walls in the country. 

It makes one of the best day trips from Madrid because of the historical sites it offers. It is also easy to reach Avila from Madrid. 

You can either rent a car to drive there for one and a half hours or take a bus. 

If you have 24 hours in Madrid, you may even visit Avila in the morning and come back in the evening. 

It will offer you the opportunity to explore the sites worth visiting. Within the medieval walls of Seville, you will be able to witness historical buildings and major sites along with restaurants serving Castilian dishes. 

Tip on visiting: While most of the visitors visit here on a day trip, it is even better to stay there overnight. 

It will give you a better chance to explore the best viewpoints. Also, the best time to visit there is in October as the weather is mild and the city enjoys month-long celebrations of Avila’s patron saint. 

On your visit, you can enjoy a lot of things to do. Start with walking along the iconic walls. 

You can start your walk at Alcazar Gate and move to Puente Gate. 

After that, head to Los Cuatro Postes to enjoy the iconic view of the popular walls. This viewpoint is located northwest of the city. 

Following that, you must visit Convento de Santa Teresa that is built where Saint Teresa was born. On your visit, do not miss trying the delicious local dishes and sweets. 

One of the most famous dishes is Barco beans. Also, try out patatas revolconas that give you a flavor of paprika, garlic, and chunks of bacon.

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3. Malaga

Malaga makes a fantastic day trip from Madrid, especially if you want to experience a bit of the coast Spain is so famous for. 

There are several high-speed trains connecting Madrid with Malaga in just over two hours. 

The train station in Malaga is just a 10-15 minutes’ walk from the old town, so you will be exploring pretty much as soon as you get off the train. 

The historic town of Malaga is quite compact, which means that you won’t need to use public transport at all. 

Most of the old town is pedestrian only as well. The biggest touristic attraction in Malaga is the Alcazaba, an old Moorish citadel that overlooks the city from the highest hill. 

In fact, from here you will have some of the best views in Malaga, the coast, and the mountains surrounding the city. 

Another great place to visit in Malaga is the cathedral. It is highly recommended to buy a combined ticket that includes access to the rooftop. 

In the old town you will also find the ruins of the Roman theatre, which is free to visit. You can’t visit Malaga and not experience some of its golden sand beaches. 

The closest beach to town is Malagueta, which is famous for its shallow water and low currents, making it safe for swimming. 

Along the beach there are a few traditional chiringuitos (rustic beach bars with plastic tables and chairs directly on the sand) where you can experience the most famous local dish: espetos – which are grilled sardines.

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4. Barcelona

One of the smartest things I did on my trip to Madrid, is combine that week with a few days in Barcelona.

If you didn’t know, Barcelona is only a 2.5 hours drive by train from Madrid, and it’s super easy to get there!

If you have the option, go to Barcelona for 3 days. If not, try having at least one night in Barcelona (to make that long train drive worth the visit and to get the chance to visit most of the city’s attractions).

My favorite things to do in Barcelona is visiting the La Sagrada and the famous Park Guell. 

Also, there are delicious restaurants around the city, the architecture is so unique and beautiful, and just walking around and getting lost in the city is a fun activity of it’s own.

5. Segovia

While there are many incredible cities scattered around Spain, one of the best spots near Madrid is Segovia. 

The capital of the Province of Segovia, the city of Segovia lies northwest of Madrid. 

From its historic Jewish Quarter to its ancient Roman aqueducts, Segovia is overflowing with history; it’s no surprise that the city was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1985! Needless to say, there are many things to do in Segovia, from visiting the breathtaking Roman Aqueduct of Segovia, touring the Alcázar de Segovia (a castle that inspired Disney’s designs), exploring the Segovia Cathedral, and taking a self-guided Segovia walking tour to visit all these sights and more! 

But its history and sights are not the only reasons why Segovia is one of the best day trips from Madrid; while in Segovia, you have to try their food, including their signature dish of a roasted suckling pig. 

But how do you get to Segovia? Well, Segovia is quite convenient to get to; it takes about an hour and 20 minutes to get there by bus, departing from Moncloa bus station. Roundtrip, this costs around €10. 

However, for a speedier and easier option, the train to Segovia takes around 30 minutes, and costs around €20-€30. 

Regardless of how you get there, make sure to depart early, as there are so many things to see in Segovia!

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6. Toledo

Toledo is a very popular day trip from Madrid and should be at the top of your list of places to explore in the area especially if you’re seeing Madrid on a Budget. 

There is a direct train connection from the city centre of Madrid to Toledo and the journey takes around one hour. 

It’s quick and easy although you should definitely take a train early in the morning to avoid the crowds. 

You can also drive to Toledo which will be around the same travel time but more comfortable. 

In Toledo the historic town is the main attraction including the famous Cathedral Primada, one of the major landmarks of the area. 

This impressive gothic building was constructed in the 13th century and is well worth a visit. 

The Puente de San Martín, a beautiful bridge connecting Toledo to the other side of the river, is another fantastic attraction in Toledo and a great photo spot. 

Since most places of interest in the town are located very close together you can walk around without having to worry about transport. 

During the summer, it can be very hot though so you might want to consider taking a bus instead.

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And that’s it! This blog post was all about the best day trips from Madrid!