11 Private tour London [highest rated in 2023!] 

If you’re looking for the best Private Tour London has to offer, then you’ve come to the right place!

Fancy a cuppa in the Big Smoke? Want to hang out Where Royalty Lives?

And how do you ensure that your experience is one of a kind and that you really get the feel of the city without pesky tourists talking on the phone or being just another number to get through for a tour guide’s endless list?

Well that’s easy of course, you get yourself a private guided tour where you can really experience the sights as your own, to see the city through the eyes of the locals.

That’s why I recommend the Premier Classic London Private Half Day Tour as your optimal experience to visit London privately.

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1.    Premier Classic London Private Half Day Tour

private tour London

⭐Rating: 5 out of 5 stars | Tour Length: 4 Hours

Why choose this tour? 

Did you know that the Premier Classic London Private Half Tour is one of the best luxury London private tours?

With a merited Badge of Excellence, and a ride in the coveted black cab of London, this private custom tour of London in a day will leave you wanting more!

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of overcrowded tourist buses and take a personal tour guide of London – think no further. 

You visit all the great sites such as London Eye and Big Ben but you also visit some “lesser known” locations such as Shakespear’s Globe Theatre and a panoramic view of the Borough Market – making it a premier in luxury private tours London has to offer!

This is precisely why it is featured in our best pick as a supreme pick for a Private Tour London has to offer.

What’s included in this tour? 

  • Personal driver and guide
  • Live commentary
  • Hyde Park and Royal Albert Hall
  • Shakespear’s Globe Theatre and the London Eye
  • Wheelchair accessible, allowing service animals as well

What  past guests have said?

We did this tour with our family of six. Our oldest is 11 and youngest is 5. We had a grand time and Barry was a knowledgeable and entertaining tour guide. We asked all our questions and got our answers. We took fun pictures and saw the whole of London. It was a great overview of the layout, the major sites, history and modern happenings of this huge city. I’ve been here several times, but have never done a tour like this. I wish I’d done one sooner.

Kellie_A (See more reviews)

2.    British Museum Tour – Exclusive Guided Museum Tour

private tour London

⭐Rating: 5 out of 5 stars | ⌛Tour Length: 2 – 2.5 Hours

Why choose this tour? 

If you’re running late on time or if you’ve seen London before and don’t want to go through the whole ordeal again, the private museum tours London  offers are great. And as long as you get to see one thoroughly, better make it the British Museum of London!

At 5 out of 5 stars, and with a Tripadvisor badge of “recommended by 100% of travelers”, this tour of the museum’s 8 million and some items has to make it one of the best   private London tours for families.

Not only do you get to see the various prehistoric artifacts that the British Kingdom lays claim to, but you also get to experience an artistic and cultural experience of the whole world!

I mean, sure, you can go to London on a bus tour, sip a fancy coffee on Piccadilly Street and say you’ve been there – but I have a sense that you want more than that. 

You want to say you’ve been there and actually experienced the CULTURE – learned something.

And trust me, what better way than to experience the Museum of London than with one of the private tours in London that actually leaves you feeling like a local!    

What’s included in this tour? 

  • 2 – 2.5 hour guided tour of the Museum of London
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Optional language – English, French or Spanish
  • Exclusive tour guide, only for you!

What  past guests have said?

Fantastic tour of the British Museum with skillful guidance through the extensive displays by Becky. An entertaining discussion along the way with a thoughtful context of each exhibit.

Nelson R (See more reviews)

3.    Private Tour: Black Taxi Tour of London

private tour London

⭐Rating: 5 out of 5 stars | ⌛Tour Length: 7 Hours

Why choose this tour? 

When you find one of the London private tours by car  which are “Recommended by 99% of travelers”, you know it’s a good one!

Take this Black Taxi Tour of London with a maximum group of 5, allowing you to get your full money’s worth of attention as you hear about the various London attractions such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and many more!

This London private tour is actually a choose-your-own itinerary  kind of tour – making sure you get a specialized one-of-a-kind tour of London that none of your friends will have had!

So what’s not to love? 

You get picked up and dropped off wherever you want, you get a choose-your-own itinerary, you get live commentary from a local taxi driver and you get all of this in the famous black taxi cabs of London. 

And with a “lowest price guarantee” by Tripadvisor – that’s why we rate the Black Taxi Tours of London as one of the best London private tour guides out there!

What’s included in this tour? 

  • Personalized and private 2 hour tour of London in the coveted Black Taxi
  • Real life commentary from a local tour guide and driver
  • Pick up and drop off from any location in the Center of London

What  past guests have said?

Andy was great! Easy going, flexible when we changed our minds and made great suggestions. Very knowledgeable of the city. Would recommend to anyone even if you’ve visited London a few times or it’s your first.

hunter l(See more reviews)

4.    Private Tour, Tower of London

private tour London

⭐Rating: 5 out of 5 stars – Spanning 2054 reviews! | ⌛Tour Length: 3 Hours

Why choose this tour? 

Another Badge of Excellence runner up, of course, is the Private Tour of the Tower of London. 

Again, what if you’re in London for a short time and don’t want to spend your  day frantically trying to SEE everything and DO everything? Well then, you book a one location tour. And if you’re sick of museums, we have just the right thing for you!

On this tour, among the best private walking tours London has, you get to fully experience the rich history that the medieval Tower of London hides behind its great walls. 

The reason this is one of the best private guided tours in London is because the Tower is one of the jewels of London, holding the name as the most secure castle in the land – holding royal possessions and even the Royal family should war or rebellion arise.

A site like that should not be seen as a regular tourist where you get herded through the rooms and disposed of as quickly as possible – no, you want to take a Tower of London VIP tour  that will leave you experiencing the tower fully and not just as another statistic!

So join this Tower of London private tour  today, and with a lowest price guarantee, you KNOW you’re not missing out!

What’s included in this tour? 

  • Professional and friendly Blue Badge certified guide
  • Escort to the front of security queue to save you time
  • See the Tower of London as well as the Jewel House and White Tower
  • Private tour with insider information

What  past guests have said?

I have had two other tours of the Tower and this one was so much better than any I have done. Just our family and our guide, Denisa, who was incredible. Extremely engaging with our family and really got the kids into it.

Kory_K (See more reviews)

5.    Private Tour London Highlights, entries Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London

private tour London

⭐Rating: 5 out of 5 stars – Spanning 2054 reviews! | Tour Length: 8 Hours

Why choose this tour? 

If you feel like walking and don’t want to haul cabs all day, why not walk one of the many private London day tours?

One that caught our eye, in particular, is the Private Tour Highlights Tour with entries into Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London.

While most of the other tours don’t give you entries and admissions into all of the sites – you only get to see them through your cab window, this is a walking tour so not only do you get to see the sites, you get to skip the line! 

That’s why we chose this private tour guide in London.

Not only does it allow you to see Central London in a day, but it also allows you to avoid crowds and not get irritated with your participation in these private London walks.

So if you want to stay healthy and avoid putting on a few pounds with the delicious English muffins and sausages, I suggest you get one of the private walking tours of London.

What’s included in this tour? 

  • Professional and local Blue Badge certified guide
  • See central London in a day
  • Skip the entry line into the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey
  • Learn the nitty gritty details of London’s cultural heritage

What  past guests have said?

“Our guide was fantastic, she made an effort to teach us and show us many different things, and also honed in on our interests. It was well worth the cost, and I would recommend this tour.

Jess_Y(See more reviews)

6.    Private Tour: Harry Potter Black Taxi Tour of London

private tour London

⭐Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars – Spanning 207 reviews (a high amount for a private tour)! | Tour Length: 3 Hours

Why choose this tour? 

Did you know that Harry Potter is highest on most people’s list of things to do in the UK – blowing even Buckingham Palace and the London Eye out of the water?

I know, I was surprised as well, but then again, not that surprising. When you factor in that Harry Potter has had a major cultural effect worldwide, it’s really fitting for it to be among the best private tours in London. 

Take your family to see the famous sites where parts of the movie were filmed with this private Harry Potter Black Taxi Tour and I promise you won’t regret it!

Walk down Diagon Alley, take a look at Platform 9 and ¾, take a ride atop the Knight Bus Bridge and learn all the details directly from a Harry Potter expert in one of the best private guides London can offer!

And on these private tours of London from through the eyes of a Potter fan, you get to experience a Viator exclusive site – the filming of The Order of Phoenix (the fifth book).

What’s included in this tour? 

  • Private tour of the Harry Potter locations
  • Pick up and drop off by black taxi cab
  • Available in both afternoon and morning hours 
  • Local and Harry Potter-expert guide

What  past guests have said?

My two girls and I really enjoyed this trip. The driver was kind and knowledgeable. And funny! He had great spots to park in and joined in on the fun. I highly recommend if you are a Harry Potter fan. My kids loved the Black cab car as well.

Meagen_E (See more reviews)

7.    Bespoke & Fun Black Taxi Tour London Classic Sightseeing

private tour London

⭐Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars – Spanning 2054 reviews! | ⌛Tour Length: 7 Hours

Why choose this tour? 

If you’re looking for something a bit more fun, since all of these private tours can really get a bit “too serious”, why not choose this London private tour guide?

It’s fun, it’s quirky, it’s cheeky, it’s everything you ever wanted with “no strings attached“.

Why get a standard itinerary and have the tour everyone else is having when you can get your own personalized experience with a pick from the list of private car tours London offers.

Besides seeing the main attractions that are Buckingham Palace and Houses of Parliament, get a local guide’s run for your money through the hidden gems nobody else will show you!

With this tour in particular, from the London private guided tours available, you get picked up and dropped off wherever you are in Central London with a private and Air-conditioned vehicle, you get bottled water and a private guide willing to share it all!

You also have zero “hidden fees” – something to look out for with specific tour operators – the price includes a fuel surcharge and parking fees, so you really do have nothing to worry about. And that’s why this is one of our favorite private London day tours.

What’s included in this tour? 

  • Private and personally customized tour of London
  • Big Ben and Tower of London
  • Pickup from any location in Central London 

What  past guests have said?

Keith was fantastic! we would never have read in a book while also making sure that we saw all of the traditional sights. Keith went out of his way for a few special requests as well. He definitely made our London trip extra special!! Thank you Keith… would highly recommend this tour.

Terri_Q (See more reviews)

8.    Private Tour: Traditional Black Cab Tour of London’s Hidden Treasures

private tour London

⭐Rating: 5 out of 5 stars | ⌛Tour Length: 4 Hours

Why choose this tour? 

What if you want to take a private London tour that doesn’t go to all the “mainstream” locations everybody sees? Well, then you take a Traditional Black Cab tour of London’s Hidden Treasures! 

Get a one of a kind private London tour from a local who knows and understands that mainstream can sometimes be, well, boring!

Now, don’t get me wrong, you’ll still pass all the famous landmarks so you can check them off your  “to see” list, but you can also head off the beaten path to join the mavericks that this entry on the private London tours list provides!

What makes this one of the better private London tours by car is that you get picked up at your chosen location in Central London, choose between 3 or 4 hours, morning or afternoon buses – and you get the “hidden treasures” that we mentioned.

And while other London escorted tours will focus on the main jewels of London, it’s worth it for the lesser known “landmarks” you’ll get to visit, such as Winston Churchill’s cigar chair, Henry the 8th’s cowshed and many other cheeky sites!

At $591.15 it can seem a bit pricey, but do remember that it fits up to 6 people and when you split the costs, it is nothing compared to the value you gain from this experience with this tour compared to other London private tours.

What’s included in this tour? 

  • 4 hours of private black cab touring around London
  • Hotel pickup in Central London
  • Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and other traditional landmarks
  • “Hidden jewels” such as Henry VIII’s cowshed and Churchill’s cigar chair
  • Choice between 3 or 4 hour tours in both morning and afternoon hours

What  past guests have said?

Greg met us at our hotel to start the trip. Can’t say enough about how pleasant and knowledgeable Greg was after more than 25 years working in London. We saw all the major sites and even got a Christmas light tour to boot. Wonderful tour experience all due to Greg. Thanks.”

Franklin_D (See more reviews)

9.    Private Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Bath from London

private tour London

⭐Rating: 5 out of 5 stars – Spanning 159 reviews! | Tour Length: 12 Hours

Why choose this tour? 

I know that it can sometimes get tiring to see the same old things around the city, especially if you’ve been there already and have taken all the usual private tours in London, UK . 

So why not take one of the many private day trips from London that will spice up your view of England?

Among the best private tours London, UK has to offer is the Private Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath trip from London.

For approximately 12 hours, you get to see three main attractions in southern England where tourists flock every year! 

But of course, you don’t want to deal with all the commotion that they may cause, am I right?

That’s why we recommend you look at only private day trips from London  such as the one you’re looking at now. 

With a maximum of up to 8 people, you can ensure that you get your peace and quiet while taking in the rich atmosphere of the old architecture!

And what makes this one of the best private day tours from London, is the fact that you get to ride in a private vehicle to places which would be a hassle to get to if you take regular bus rides from London.

You get to visit them in an Air-Conditioned vehicle with free bottled water and 4G Wi-Fi included, ready to pick you up at a moment’s notice from your hotel – what’s not to like? 

This is the tour to take if you’re sick of seeing the same old sights around London on the same old private tours of London, England.  Sometimes, the capital city really can be overrated!

What’s included in this tour? 

  • Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and City of Bath 
  • Private transport with bottled water and 4G Wi-Fi
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off from London 
  • Personalized and private tour, maximum of 8 people

What  past guests have said?

Our driver, Doug, was knowledgeable, adaptable, interesting, helpful, courteous, thoughtful –can’t say enough good about him and the tour experience he provided us.

Esther_M (See more reviews)

10. Full Day London Private Classic Tour

private tour London

⭐Rating: 5 out of 5 stars | Tour Length: 7 Hours

Why choose this tour? 

And if 2-3 hour tours don’t do it for you – why not take one of the many full day private sightseeing tours in London. This one right here packs a mean punch!

For 6 hours, you drive around London in a black taxi cab and view all the famous landmarks such as the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace right from the comfort of your vehicle!

What makes this one of the best private tours of London, UK is its Lowest Price Guarantee – for the price of $639.90 you can take up to 6 people on the trip, and splitting the costs will allow you to see all that you can at a fairly low cost compared to other tours.

What’s included in this tour? 

  • Private guide with personalized tips and attention
  • Black cab transportation
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, London Eye and more!

What  past guests have said?

This tour allowed us to see all of the top hits in London comfortably and with a great commentary from Moses. He not only knew all the history he introduced us to locals at the locations who made the experience so much more memorable. Additionally, Moses was able to incorporate a few visits that were specific to us such as Abbey Road, Paul M’s house, Bourough Market and the central bank. Best way to be introduced to London!

Tanya_B (See more reviews)

11.London by Night Sightseeing Tour – Open top bus

private tour London

⭐Rating: 4 out of 5 stars – Spanning 533 reviews! | ⌛Tour Length: 1.5 Hours

Why choose this tour? 

So what are you to do if you want to take a private bus tour in London?

 Well, I haven’t heard of any tours where you can rent out the whole bus, nor would I know why you would want to, but  what you can do is take a night bus and do away with all that icky traffic stopping you from seeing what you want to see!

While when compared to the other private tours of London, England on this list, it might not sound very “private” – trust me, it is. 

The night is usually a time where most people are out and about and not thinking of seeing the sites they saw during the day.

This is a perfect opportunity for a savvy traveler like yourself to snag at!

It might not be like the private London tour guide  you expected, but fewer people means you get more personalized attention from the tour guide, and at a price point of $35.35, that’s pretty good value if you ask me!

What’s included in this tour? 

  • Open air double decker bus ticket
  • Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Houses of Parliament
  • Fully guided tours in English
  • Optional audio guides in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin and Japanese

What  past guests have said?

A very enjoyable tour around London at night. It was snowing quite heavily during the tour and although it was very cold, the snow added a magical touch. Michael our tour guide, was very knowledgeable and quite witty and we enjoyed his stories.”

Lorraine_P (See more reviews)

If you’ve ever visited a city as big or as multifaceted as London, you know that trying to see everything on your own is an uphill battle you do NOT want to lose time on.

So, whether you’re visiting for fun and adventure, or were sent here on a business trip to learn the “British ways” – London is a city you do not want to miss a tour on!

So, what are you waiting for? 

Get on top of things right now and book that fancy posh Private Tour London will thank you for booking! One that you’ll come to talk about at dinner parties for years to come!