A bit about “Travel By Maya”

Hi my name is Maya, and I dream, live and breathe traveling. Especially around the globe !

I’m a travel addict, what can I do ? I am addicted to traveling, travel planning, finding cheap plane tickets, buying the plane tickets – I am totaly addicted to everything that comes with the travel lifestyle.

Wow, I do sound like an addict. But I believe that if you are here, at my blog, reading my posts, you definitely understand what I am saying here.

That amazing feeling I get when I buy the plane ticket, when I arrive at the airport ( and I absolutely love having early-middle of the night flights that makes you wake up at the middle of the night and go to the airport!), and of course, when I arrive to the destination. That mixed feeling of excitment and confusion when you just got of the plane, arriving to the new destination, trying to understand the signs at the airport, learning the locals body language, and the best feeling I get is when I arrive at the city I am visiting ! feeling the locals life, walking around like a local, discovering and exploring the new cultural, the streets/nature of the new destination, just feeling like I am in a dream.

There is a beautiful travel quote I found a few months ago and totaly live by it and believe it 100% – “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. 

So, as I told you, my name is Maya and I am 20 years old. I was born in the United States, at a small town near “the big” Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My parents are Israelis, so since I can remember myself I’m on airplanes. At the beginning I mainly traveled to Israel, to visit our family here, and after we moved to Israel, my trips were mainly to the states to visit our other family and friends.

The Bahamas was the first country I visited that wasent the U.S or Israel. It was the first time I saw a different country, an island, a different cultural, first time I heared a new language, and the first time I saw turquoise clear water !

I loved flights, to travel, to take pictures and explore new and different culturals. But the love became an obsession when I was 11 years old, lived in Israel and flew to Florida to my family. We went on a cruise from Miami to the Bahamas. It was amazing. And from the moment I got off the ship, and started walking on the island, my travel obsession began.

When we got off the ship, that “high”, amazing feeling I explaned before, totaly got in to me. And since then, I am an  travel addict.  

I traveled to a variety of countries, always have and check my “Countries wish list” on my phone’s notes. I work a lot and save up money for my trips. Honestly, it’s all I can think of doing at the moment, traveling and exploring the world.

In the past few years I started planning trips for myself, family, and my relatives. Planning trips is one of my favourite things to do. I love learning about countries, love learning what different countries has to offer. I also love learning new languages, currently studying French, which is one of my biggest dreams to accomplish.

Last but not least, my favorite quote I absolutely live for – “Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can by you a plane ticket, and that is kind of the same thing…”